Saturday, January 3, 2009

Women in Technical and Engineering Fields

If feminist want women to aspire to technical and engineering fields women need to start taking an active interest in the material. I never hear women standing around and talking about the finer points of technology in lcd or plasma screen televisions. I never hear them talking about the workings of anything as men do. I mean how many women do you see subscribing to popular mechanics magazine, popular science, woodworking, model building and the list goes on. It is my impression that women don't really care how things work or care to fix or build them as long as they work and this is OK because women have different interests that are just as valuable to society. Stop saying that women are under represented and discriminated against. I mean how many full scholarships are out there now trying to get women to become these things. Leave women alone for crying out loud.. Just a thought but did it not occur to any feminist that women may like working with people more than machines...

I've noticed that the Feminist Party agenda has more to do with getting women into positions of economic power than it does with fostering their natural potential and talents as popularly proported. I know this because there is no speaking of the underrepresentation or the supposed discrimination of women in car and machinery mechanics, construction, electrician, plumber etc. What is of primary focus to feminists is economic power and that, as much over men.
Scientific studies suggest that:

"For example, we've always known that people choose different things to read in the newsagent on the railway platform or in the airport departure lounge. Women are more likely to go to the magazine rack featuring fashion, romance, beauty, intimacy, emotional problems and agony-aunts, counselling, relationship advice, and parenting. Men are more likely to go to a magazine rack featuring computers, cars, boats, photogra phy, DIY, sport, hi-fi, action, guns, tools, and the outdoors."

"Men are more likely to spend hours happily engaged in car or motorbike maintenance, light aircraft piloting, sailing, bird- or trainspotting, mathematics, tweaking their sound systems, computer games and programming. Women are more likely to spend hours happily engaged in coffee mornings or pot-luck suppers, advising friends on relationship problems, or caring for friends, neighbours, or pets."

oooooh yes and maybe just maybe men are drawn more to engineering and technical fields such as computer science! Really you mean men and women are different?? Come on your kidding right...Feminists will have you believe we are all the same. They do not admit to any differences if not in ability then in sheer preferences. They won't admit that women by enlarge are not drawn to engineering or computer science or even car mechanics.

I truly believe feminism teaches women to define their identity by the identity, abilities, accomplishments and actions of men, it is plagued with an inferiority and victim complex that is so hurtful to women. It teaches women that they are not different than men. That there are no inherent differences or biological gender role propensities or differences. I teaches them that they can and should want to do everything men do or can do. They teach women that femininity and women are inherently weak and have no strengths over men's abilities and this is a LIE! WOMEN ARE STRONGER THAN US in the areas where men are WEAK!

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