Saturday, January 3, 2009

Women are more equal than men

In this blog I will illustrate that feminist promote the lie that women are not equal to men in that they have less choices, get paid less for the same work, less legal protections, less organizations to fund and support their needs. Women in America have not only won their rights, They have more social graces and privleges than men. (draft, alimony, child custody, laws for female business contracts and owners, special funding scholarships, higher representation in schools, affirmative action, free drinks, doors opened for them, men are expendible for the sake of women and children, unjust VAWA & RAPE laws, sexual relations seen as love being made to them, inherent biological value and thus male attention and companionship at any time, specialized medical care facilities, not made to take responsibility for their feelings or actions, All kinds of money, funding, institutions and groups are built for women only.

Men are left to rot in the streets, our health is ignored, our boys and men are told they are pedophiles for being attracted to pubescent girls (see 1 in 4 raped) we are bombarded constantly on To Catch a Predator. Men are viewed as dangerous to children and pedophiles. Men are shown in commercials as not only not taking responsibilities for themselves but responsibilities for their families. They are portrayed as bumbling idiots while women are the sensible, responsible and capable ones. We are portrayed as beer drinking, sports watching, video game playing children and cave men brutes who are incapable, emasculated husbands and fathers with no purpose. He is portrayed as another child to a woman and then chastised when he needs to be nurtured by women. Nurturing and caring for men is seen as placating to this "grown up child". This is a horrible way to portray his needs. Men are taught to feel shame for being a man. We are taught that we are seen as jerks by women by default. We are taught to feel guilty. We are taught that we are oppressors, brutes and rapists. We are taught these things, then behave this way, and then told how useless we are. IF THIS IS HOW MEN THINK OF THEMSELVES THEN THEY WILL BEHAVE THIS WAY. Feminism has attempted to destroy masculinity and male identity.

The feminist idea of creating an androgynous society has caused tremendous damage. Men and boys are suffering and male suicide and violence is an epidemic in this country. Our boys and men have become ill and need help NOW! They are loosing traction in school and college, suicide is an epidemic among men and boys but no one says anything. Our men and boys are hurting in this country, our men and boys have the highest rates of depression and suicide, drug use and alcoholism, men are dying sooner than ever before. Our children are taken away from us and we are increasingly relagated to empty apartments to support women and children that are not a part of our lives. We need help, we need to rebuild our families, we need to save our men. Social ills plauge my country. I believe women can create community again. I believe that women can reclaim feminism and womanhood. To understand that they can not continue to define themselves by the demise of men, as victims of men. It is breaking our hearts. They must define their own identities and understand that women ARE STRONGER THAN MEN IN MANY THINGS. They are taught that femininity is not only weak but that it is used against them by men. So women have attacked us. THIS IS SO TERRIBLE. THEY HAVE BEEN TAUGHT NOT JUST TO EDUCATE AND ENTER THE WORKFORCE BUT TO "BE INDEPENDENT" AND NOT NEED A MAN. THIS IS A HORRIBLE WAY TO DEFINE FEMININITY AND THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF WOMEN. WOMEN ARE TAUGHT TO COMPARE THEMSELVES TO MEN AND MEASURE THEIR SUCCESS BY THAT OF MEN. WOMEN NEED TO ACCEPT THEIR STRENGTHS AND BE PROUD OF BEING WOMEN. THEY DEFINE FATHERHOOD AS ANYONE THAT CAN BE "A POSITIVE MALE ROLE MODEL" in many cases boyfriends and friday night fucks that drift in and out of the house. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! This is a vicious cycle and raises another generation of ill people. MY PEOPLE, MY COUNTRYMEN, MY WOMEN AND CHILDREN. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!

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