Monday, January 12, 2009

Feminist Cliches & Sayings and influence on American culture

List of cliches that are propagated by feminists and are now mainstream that devalue and emasculate men.

The fragile male ego
Men are dogs
Men are pigs
Men are male chauvinist pigs
Men are jerks
Dead Beat Dad
Disney Land Dad
All men want is sex
Male sexuality is wrong, vulgar and perverted
Men don't know how to treat a woman
Men are brutes and the oppressors of women
Men are selfish
Men are afraid of commitment

My favorite feminist cliche is "the fragile male ego" This is a way of manipulating us to believe that in all instances that men demand responsibility in ANY regard in society and especially a responsibility toward and for women, or simply an appreciation of his needs, wants and desires is portrayed as "his fragile male ego"

Suffice as to say that the phrase can really be stated "the fragile males needs"
One can see that this is intended to deliberately suggest "a man who is easily hurt by his own needs" or lack of those needs being fufilled and as calling men weak and lacking in strength is an insult to men such statements are very damaging, demeaning and deeply hurtful. It is an attempt to make him feel shame for his needs and thus not resist. If he did stand up for these needs he would be proving that he is infact weak.


Caroline said...

The idea of "rebuking feminism" is incredibly offensive. I don't think you understand what feminism really is. Women are a minority group who've had to fight for rights for hundreds of years. Lashing out against them will never accomplish anything. This blog isn't very well thought out or researched. For example, in the 1970's feminists fought for adequate childcare. I can absolutely assure you that in today's world most men leave childcare up to their wives. You don't broach any "real world" topics such as that on this blog.

ellie praxis said...

Hmmm...where is the feminism? This is just a bunch of sayings that any woman (feminist or not) might say.

The person who started this blog did not do any research on what feminism is!

For real info check out my blog:

It's based on my experiences of hitting my mid-thirties sexual peak! It's racy! But, it's got a whole feminist section as well.

Anyway, feminism is a political movement. Feminist history is categorized by waves.

The 1st wave was the fight for the right to vote.

The 2nd wave was the fight to work out of the home and of course the fight for adequate childcare.

This blog doesn't have any facts, figures, references to books or quotes from famous feminists. It's just a bunch of sayings from bathroom walls!

This title of this blog should be changed to something like "Men have feelings too." Or "Hurtful sayings to men."

But none of this has anything, at all, in anyway, to do with feminism.

I'll tell you what does: feminism is the fight to help women in African countries flee from female circumcision. To help women who have been raped, in Rwanda it was mass rapes. To protect young women such as Johanna Justin-Jinich not to be gunned down in the middle of a cafe at lunchtime.

If you email me I can suggest some books that will be helpful.

Do your research!!

TotalMeltdown2 said...
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O Antagonista said...

lol feminist rage just because you dare mention their shitty cliches

Girls, you are the mainstream, you are the public opinion, you are the privileged class and the aristocracy. You are like french monarchists in the 18th century. Its ridiculous to keep pretending to be opressed just to get more and more privileges to rich white girls. Ugly girls will always be disadvantaged in a society where we can choose our partners, just like poor men.

Girls keep comparing themselves with guys that are way richer and way more well born to conclude they are opressed. Compare yourself with a guy on your league and you will see he is way worse off than you. A black ghetto girl is more opressed than Donald Trump, thats for sure. But she is way less fucked than a ghetto black guy of her level.

Power in the West is about beauty and money like it always was, not about gender. Well it is a litle bit about gender now with so many rigged laws to favor women but apart from that, its still about money and beauty.

No good looking woman is ever opressed.

Outside america, europe and latin america, its a whole other story. But you dont live there, or you wouldnt even be here.