Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reproductive Rights of Men

It must be made clear that sex and making love is not something a man does to a woman. Women must be encouraged to partake in the sex act and making love. To take an active role and understand that men do not make love to women it is something that is shared, reciprocated and mutual.

A man's body and spirit needs kisses and caresses, massage and loving attention. The only socially acceptable form of female to male attention is a blow job. There is much more to making love to a man and we long for this touch and exclusive attention just as women must enjoy the exclusive attention given to you by a man.

Women are told that the act of making love is something done to them and this makes for a very singular experience. It is acceptable to lay there. Men are not given or are socially allowed to be receptive of touch or love made to them in any way. Our singular and one way approach to the sex or love act is very disappointing. Women are under the impression that it is an entirely fulfilling experience just for him to make love to you. That it is a privilege he is so grateful for that he does not desire any attention in return.

Just so you know, this is the secret to making a man happy and fulfilled in bed. Undivided unselfish attention to him. The idea that a man can relax, focus on himself and be receptive to caresses, touch, kisses on his body or any feeling what so ever is something many men might actually feel uncomfortable or unable to do. Men are not used to be allowed to focus on ourselves in making love. We are not used to being paid attention to but long for this in our love lives. When men and women truely come together in such as beautiful way they are indeed selfless, one and become the eternal.

And now onto another subject. Our cultural views of making love and the sex act and how it relates to responsibility of conception and choices allowed to each sex after conception.

By taking the stance that sex and making love is not something a man does to a woman we will allow women to take responsibility for conception. I will not make the argument whether I agree or disagree with abortion. I would however like to say that given that abortion is allowed in our culture I will make the following argument:

Just as she has the right to kill the fetus and relinquish responsibility a man should have the right to abort other aspects (which I will get to in a moment) and do the same. It must be made clear that as harsh as the idea of BOTH male and female choice to abort sounds the concept of aborting responsibility after conception is legal only for the woman at this point in time. She can at this point decide or not decide to conceive the child. A man has no such choice and yet is no more responsible for the conception than the women. They are equally responsible!

A man should have the right to completely and entirely relinquish support of the child. Knowing his decision to abort, should she continue to decide to bring the child to term it will be her sole responsibility to raise it.

Responsibility of choice to abort would still be hers as it is now but she would then be able to take into account whether the man has decided to abort or not.

Again I would like to say for the sake of this argument I will remain neutral on whether I agree or disagree with abortion. The idea of male abortion rights in the form of relinquishment of financial obligation is no more objectionable in my view than a woman's choice to abort and relinquish the actual life of the child by killing it. My point being that the right to both sexes to abort accomplishes the same function of relinquishment only by different methods. If a woman has the right to relinquishment after conception so to should a man.

However morally objectionable the methods to reach this means to an end, is a whole different subject for discussion.

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