Sunday, January 4, 2009


I AM ASKING MEN AND WOMEN ALIKE TO HELP IN SOCIAL CHANGE. THE AMERICAN EMPIRE NOW HOUSES MORE DISSOLVED FAMILY'S than any other civilization in history. We now have a divorce rate above 50%. We have more fathers that can only see their children 4 days a month. They are expected to support women and children that they can not be a husband or father to. This is against our civil rights. Single mothers also increasingly rely on public funds and government husbandry to support them. This is ill and it is wrong. WE NEED ACTION NOW TO SAVE US ALL!! The devaluation of men in our society needs to stop. The attacks and the fighting over resources needs to stop. The systemic support system for single mothers needs to stop.

What I show here on this blog is likely to make you very angry and resentful. I've seen in the news my countrymen shooting their ex-wifes and her entire family execution style and burning down their house dressed as Santa Claus no less. I've seen our boys take arms and shoot other young children. I've seen lawyers and judges shot and executed at long range by sniper fire. Today a man was cast out from his family by his wife and court order. In many case VAWA entitlement are enacted and upon order of the woman the man is removed from the home immediately, his family firearms removed and held inside of a cage, guilty until proven innocent, this is unconstitutional. Lawyer call VAWA "the silver bullet" to start a divorce process and regardless of the truth an Orwellian state exists where the man must admit to anything charged against him to gain rights to see his children(Please see my VAWA video under VAWA blog post.) This will not solve the problem! This is a social issue that requires action and the help of women. YES INDEED THIS IS A NEW PHENOMENON IN OUR AMERICAN CULTURE. THIS NEVER EVER EVER USED TO HAPPEN IN AMERICA. OUR BOYS AND MEN ARE HURTING AND WE ARE FALLING APART AT THE SEAMS FROM THE DEEP DIVIDE AND RIFF THAT FEMINISTS HAVE CREATED.

It is your responsibility to take leadership BACK to young boys, girls, men and women and teach them that feminists are wrong. That essential male identity loves, respects and reveres women. That male biological purpose sacrifices for women and children at the expense of his very life. That if male need for resource provision to the female is nullified then it must be made just that through laws that protect men from alimony. Social change in which men are no longer expected to pay in courtship of females. That men, to their very core are meant to compliment their opposite that is woman. That you are indeed everything that a woman is not. Your role is to take the torch from me to create communication among men and women and our government. It is up to you to take your country back by speaking out and organizing. As has been the case with FATHERS FOR JUSTICE public civil protest will bring attention to our cause.

Please be good to yourselves and all humanity. DO NOT RESPOND TO FEMINISM WITH RADICAL HATERED OF WOMEN. YOU MUST SHOW WOMEN YOUNG BOYS, GIRLS AND MEN AS WELL THE MEANING OF LEADERSHIP, HONOR AND INTEGRITY while bringing honor back to your families, our women and our children. It is up to you not to react to all this by attacking women. If you can not find sanctity, love, acceptance in her arms then all is lost. If she is such an enemy that you can not remove your armor from battle and become trusting, vulnerable and rest your weary head in her breast then all is lost. Marriage is not a business contract yet to be married you must enter it. Prepare a prenuptial agreement that allows you to decide your own terms of divorce should it happen. If decided on EQUAL terms a prenuptial agreement can build trust. Remember that you are a natural leader and it is up to you to draw the line with this. Feel free to send me your stories or any attachments such as video clips etc that would be helpful to our cause. I will try to assimilate them into my site. Email:

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Anonymous said...

Good luck, but I have to say...


We are in a war. Regrettable, and one that men did not start, but a war nonetheless. And, when one is engaged this way, one does not fight to stalemate; one must fight to win if they are to survive.

Taking the higher road only gives the enemy strength. If you do not fight in the same manner, with an equal amount of force, the war is over and you are lost.

You call this hatred of women. I call it a justified anger and distrust of women. Anger and distrust are valid responses to outrage.

Do I advocate violent reprisal? In general, no.

I advocate the same exact tactics that the feminazis have deployed for four decades. Fight fire with fire.