Saturday, January 3, 2009


Alimony is based on a family model and time when women devoted their lives to their family, husband, children and the greater community as well as the general health and social fabric of our society and community. It is from a time when men had an obligation to care for her in and out of the marriage so as not to be reliant on him or bound to him by economic dependence. It is now the case that women have the best of both worlds when it comes to marriage. Alimony is a relic of a time when women were content to be mothers to their child and the core provider of maintainence and nurturer of the family.

Like the women in the videos above, many proponents of reform in alimony law are the new wives of husbands who are forced to devote their resources to an ex-wife. Only women can help change the law as women control the courts, especially in family law. Even though it is in a wider context women still maintain, mend and change our social fabric as a society. Active involvement of women is important. As is evident in many aspects of American society women hold many a special privledge. It must be made clear that in video two and three the man illustrates how he is a slave of feminist doctrine that has been instituted as law. Many men by law must make woman support payments for the rest of their lives. When my step-father passed away a portion of his social security that was earned during his marriage some 20 years ago was made into a check and sent to his ex-wife. By law any earnings a man makes during marriage is the property, whole or in part of the woman he was married to.

If this were not enough the amount of alimony is decided based on how much and what type of standard of living the man was able to provide within the relationship and not formulated to provide a basic or median standard of living. If payments are not made he is subject to prison and back payments at interest. In my brothers case, he was out of work for 6 months. During this time the government OUR government threatened him with imprisonment. Though somehow he managed not to rot in prison and found a job he has now been ordered to pay $14,000 at 22% interest. She is the direct beneficiary of his punishment. With the money my brother has given her she has bought a brand new car, a house, as well as many spa treatments, vacations to Europe and the list goes on. One must realize that Alimony is unfair and unjust. Alimony creates resentment and anger toward women. It is my belief when under attack male biology invokes a fight response. A man is given toward picking an enemy real or arbitrary and to attack and kill it. I belive that unjust treatment of men and systematic raping of men's resources will and indeed has created a wide spread disrespect for women and if anything has increased violence toward women. Feminist create a self fulfiilng doctrine of makeing enemies of men and then saying "see I told you so"
This is a growing cancer in our society and the division of men from women, children and family must be stopped.

Below are excerpts from the high profile Santa murder that took place in California on Christmas eve. A man walked into his ex-wifes parents house and murdered the entire family and set the house on fire. Despite this being such a horrendous thing I would like to illustrate on the second picture down, the most highly rated comment on the message board with 73 thumbs up. Of all things people are talking about the consensus of discussion is how our justice system needs reform and others illustrate that it is biased toward harming men. Also are the links to the story so you can form your own opinion. What do you think this says about our society?.....;_ylt=As7ddIn6ZS2vIJIfdIQW1lo7vJZ4



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One of the best posts I've actually ever looked over with this subject. Many thanks!

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Family law courts are not about family. They are feminist entities. My ex owns her own company and she was awarded alimony. Alimony is indentured servitude hidden behind the words of the legislature that the one spouse (the man) owes a duty to his ex wife. Misandry leads to more mysogine. Feminists and liberals should understand why the become targets.