Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Draft

"My body my choice" is the slogan feminists use for abortion. However much I agree with this is another issue but the issue at hand is that the same rights can and should be applied to men in terms of being drafted to war and to their deaths. "my body my choice"

If anything we should do away with the draft and if not, as far as feminism has taken things, women should be required to enlist to be drafted. The real matter is that if women want the benefits of the soveriegn territory and resources of our country, our tribe, The United States then they need to pay the cost of those rights. That is, up to and including fighting the enemy on the battlefield in any means required. Women must understand that unless they do this they will not be seen nor be as equals to men especially in men's eyes. Women have to understand that defense of our territory and resources is a part of the right to access such. This idea is very inherently understood by men and is what we expect of each other. We expect each other to defend our tribe, THE UNITED STATES.

However right or wrong feminism might be, unless women take on this obligation they will not be equals to men. The fact is that we are not equals but compliment each others weakness and desires. Feminism has tought women not to compliment the weakness of men and so we as men are suffering.

IT MUST BE KNOWN that I think feminism is an aboration and a radical ideology that takes none of our essential natures into account and went from equal rights and opportunities to "women's complete and utter independence from any need of the human male". They have achieved this by systemic transference of his resources and governmental husbandry. In essence women DO need men but not in this synthetic system we have created that relegates him to solitude, isolation and feelings of uselessness. This, "I don't need a man" attitude is how modern women define themselves. I believe they define themselves by acquiring the very things they seek in him while exploiting him for more resources at the same time. I believe they have been taught to shun, disrespect and reject men. They have been taught not to nurture us AT ALL, to infact bring nothing to the table. I long for women to respect me as a man so that I may respect them once again. I long for the day in which we are seen as opposites that come together to make the equal and not separate and equal.

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