Friday, January 30, 2009

Feminists demand a Women's Office at Cabinet-Level in the highest element of government!

N.O.W. and feminists urge Obama to Establish a "Women's Office" at Cabinet-Level in the highest office of the nation.

N.O.W Statement:

"Imagine an Office on Women in the Obama-Biden administration -- not just any old office, but one at the Cabinet level, putting women "at the table" in a very tangible way. We can make it happen!

Recently NOW helped organize a coalition of nearly 50 national groups which sent a letter to President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden urging gender balance in executive appointments and advocating the creation of this new Office on Women. This office would address not only the status of women, but also the many inequities that women face in our society"

Below is the Official Letter that is being sent to The President of The United States:

"This Office on Women should seek new ways to foster the full potential of tens of millions of women and girls of all races and from all walks of life -- through policies, budgeting, inter-agency coordination and special initiatives.

Because women, especially women of color, are differently affected by so many laws and policies -- from health care to the economy -- it is critical that women be taken into account as your administration makes key decisions. Women need an advocate at the policy-making table whose specific responsibility is considering and weighing in on the possible impact of these decisions on women's opportunities for advancement. A Cabinet-level office is the most effective way to accomplish this goal.

This office should address not only the status of women, but also the many inequities that women face in our society, our nation, and our world. The director should hold cabinet rank and report directly to the president. Establishing this office would be another historic first for your administration and a giant leap toward equality.

I also call on you to restore and strengthen the White House Office for Women's Initiatives and Outreach and the Interagency Council on Women, both of which existed under the Clinton administration but could stand a few upgrades this time around, and include both of these entities under the cabinet-level leadership of an Office on Women.

The women of the United States and the world are counting on your leadership to reverse the damage of the last eight years and move women closer to full equality."

Further more women's groups along with NOW are angry that Obama hasn't picked more women to his cabinet.

Though his cabinet choices are 5 women, 4 African-Americas, 3 Latinos, 2 Asians, 2 in GOP: This goes to show you the voracious appetite for power and greed!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Feminism has driven men, women and family apart. A Cabinet post created in the highest element of government for the benefit of one gender alone, laws and representation to the president for one gender alone or any race or religion alone will divide and destroy my nation.

I am afraid that with all the issues facing our nation my President made his first mode of actions and first executive order regarding abortion and next order the "FAIR PAY ACT". I am afraid my leader has the ear of special interest and is in their pocket. I am waiting to find out more about the FAIR PAY ACT to see if there are any inequalities by gender or by inequitable gender circumstance that gives women authority over that of the rights of men in such circumstance.

Men like the President of Harvard University, Dr. (Lawrence) Larry Summers are publicly executed for discussing scientific data illustrating human dimorphisms between males and females. This EXTREMELY intelligent man was relegated to the back alleys of our civilization. I am thankful that the situation was brought to my Presidents attention and Dr. Summers was taken under my Presidents wing in the highest office of our land. He has been given the most prestigious position in these trying times of Top Economic Advisor of the United States. I am so thankful for this. Free speech and private discourse in the highest of our chambers of academia has been outlawed by social order of the feminist party. Any man who makes scientific conversation on human dimorphisms is destroyed both publicly and personally. One need only to review FMRI and PET scans of the male brain and latest research journals to understand that our gender differences and dimorphisms extend beyond our physical gender differences. That indeed perhaps the male sex is different somehow and this difference may extend into our social construct causing differing choices and abilities in certain areas. That differences do not extend from the deliberate discrimination of women.

It is imperative that the voice of science not be hidden, outlawed or convoluted to suit the agenda of The Feminist Party. Men and women alike must stand together to defeat them. Our voices must not be silenced. To allow such is to support the infrastructure of any fascist ideology. What happened to Lawrence Summers is the death of liberty, freedom of thought and speech and the individual soverenty that is the hallmark of our founding beliefs as a nation. We must stand up to The Feminist Party and those who stand with them or be silenced and defeated. We must fight this. Do your part!

No one can make a greater mistake than an individual who did nothing because they could do only a little. I ask my country men and women, I ask my British, Canadian and European brothers in arms to remember what is at stake. I ask you now to fight with me!


yankee6 said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree, this is absurd. We need to reduce N.O.W's influence over Obama.

Anonymous said...

The writer of has written a superior article. I got your point and there is nothing to argue about. It is like the following universal truth that you can not disagree with: Blind compliance or compulsive non-compliance of anything are like the two sides of the same coin due to ignorance. I will be back.

Anonymous said...

Feminists suck!