Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prevailence of territory and resource aquisition simulators (video games) for boys and effect

Hmmm actual societal socialization structures for boys have mostly disappeared and suffer from lack of funding and support. I remember back in the 80's you would at least see Boy Scouts of America commercials and YMCA commercials...

Now boys are socialized within artificial and virtual worlds and their socialization
for male male competition and competitive advantage is satisfied through artificial and violent means. Please see my blog post below entitled "MALE BRAINS-FUNCTIONAL MRI SCAN-TERRITORY" to see how the uniquely male reward circuits in the brain as revealed by FMRI brain scans help illustrate how video games satisfy and artificially hinder a boys motivation to do so in other aspects of their lives and in social organizations that foster the proper development of masculinity and socialization. Make no mistake, it stands to my common sense that if a significant socialization and uniquely male reward circuits are fulfilled, stimulated and reinforced by these games and what takes place in them what makes anyone think this can not become a problem and at very least passify a young man's desire to fulfill these reward centers in a healthier way?

For every 100 tenth grade girls who play video or computer games one or more hours per day 322 boys play video or computer games one or more hours per day.

I will be listing proper socialization organizations for boys as they become available to me. It is imperative with 39% of boys coming from single mother homes
with little or no contact in all forms of socialization with other males we must make
an effort to rescue boys from the situation I will inform of throughout my blog. I want to make it clear that this feminist and malformed socialization of boys will grow exponentially if something is not done NOW! It is your duty to rescue our women and our children, our boys from the poisoned view of men.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America


Christian J. said...

Well done Bro, I just came across your blog and have included it on mine..

Long live the MRA's..

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Anonymous said...

This is very interesting. Boys virtualize resource-seeking (video games) and they virtualize mate-seeking (porn).