Sunday, January 4, 2009

male male competition and female choice.

In this blog I will demonstrate that men will continue to be subject to the laws of male male competition and resource aquisition from other men and increasingly so are challenged by women. I will demonstrate that equlity is impossible because men will continue to have to pay for access to reproductive rights. I will demonstrate that his need to aquire resources will always be greater than womens by necessity as this is what she requires of him to be worthy. Dr. Warren Farrell has illustrated that men over all pull in more money but most of it is spent on women. Women overall have a higher net worth. Women must understand that these are the things that you seek in us and that the more she does so herself the more he will be subject to fight you over these things in order to gain your acceptance. It is infact the very things that you seek in us that we seek control over. To fight for dominance over resources and in the very next instant spend them on you, give them to you or display his accomplishments of financial status to garner mating opportunities. That it is your requirements of him and what you continue to seek in him that force him to do it. That it is your choice that drives him and that this expectation of him will not change. Men will always battle for access to resources over other men and now women. We will not stop and are willing to do whatever it takes.

The modern man in his current form is the product of millions of years of evolution or if you prefer (sexual selection of females). He is infact everything women want and need him to be. It is in fact proven, and many women I am sure know, that men with status and resources have many more mating opportunities with females than less successful males. Women are attracted to wealthy powerful men and the same can not be said of men. This will not change. Women are able to get these things through men and men can not get resources through women. They were not designed to provide and protect us.

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