Thursday, January 8, 2009

To late for traditional gender roles or motherhood?

It is no mistake that most American families, both men and women work harder and longer than ever before in the past. That our standard of living now requires two wage earners just to make ends meet. In the effort of feminism to give women a "choice" a dichotomy has been created in which many American middle class women no longer have a choice, they no longer have a choice to work but must. I HEAR NO WOMEN LOBBYING FOR BETTER FAMILY LEAVE LAWS! INSTEAD THEIR BIGGEST ISSUE IS MORE PAY!! GOD HELP OUR WOMEN AND FAMILIES!! WE NEED TIME FOR BOTH MOTHERS AND FATHERS TO TAKE OF WORK TO REAR OUR INFANTS.

We are indeed in a situation in which our only entitlement to perform domestic tasks and parenting lasts only 12 unpaid weeks of paternity leave by law in the United States. WOMEN ARE TOLD TO SHIT OUT A BABY AND RETURN TO WORK! WOMEN, MEN, CHILDREN AND FAMILIES DESERVE BETTER! We eat fast food and TV dinners and other garbage food instead of cooked meals. Do we as American's even know how to cook anymore? What is your story? What are we supposed to do? In Canada both women and men have 6 months each and paid to be with their child. All comments are welcome from both men and women. Tell me and share with others what your needs are and what you would like to see to make change in America.

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