Sunday, January 4, 2009

A CALL TO ARMS !!!!!!!!!!

As is my experience as a man I have seen in my Women's Studies Class and in society, I would like to make feminists aware of their methods of presenting men to women and men alike and how taking the stance of male as oppressor and female as victim is not only a lie but will serve to divide us and create and incite violence and hate. I want them to understand that their view and presentation of men is very deeply hurtful. That I believe they willfully and consciously use this ploy to illicit male protective response to their benefit and male need for female approval to their benefit and the demise of men. I believe they are attempting to disarm and emasculate men by using damsel in distress and victim tactics and follow up with "shame on you" tactics that only women can get away with and only men inherently respond to. I believe they use these tactics to assert not equality but female supremacy. I believe that they know that the balance of power in society are infact equal. I believe that if the truth were revealed of the social consequences of the balance of power moving to being in female favor there would be much resistance on behalf of men. That there is no way to take inherent female biological value from her but biologically selective traits of male value can infact be taken away from him. I believe that women and women alone have to gift of mending and forming our social fabric and communities. I believe you have created a "hook up" culture between men and women and driven us apart from love and respect and need of eachother.

My primary argument against feminism is the assertion that all gender roles and society throughout evolutionary history is the product of collective and conscious intention of men to oppress women. It's assertion that every difference between men and women and the reasons we have arrived to this point is purely the product of a social construct and furthermore that of human reasoning alone and as much, independent of biological differences, necessities of a division of labor and thus physiological and psychological differences that have arisen from these evolutionary pressures and the complete denial that men and women indeed have sexually selective traits that they seek in the opposite sex that exist to this day. That these sexually selective traits that we seek in a mate further illustrate our biological gender roles. That as much as feminists seek to eliminate male biological resource provisionary purpose, courtship behavior and mate selection of males by females will still be subject to his ability to do so and demonstrate such to her.

Either directly in the form of monetary payment in the case of whoredom or indirectly though more natural forms of courtship and pair bonding males will always need to provide resources in some respect to gain access to reproductive rights. This will not change no matter how much economic equality women achieve. As she is unable to stop seeking such things in him, as I believe she will, through courtship and other means, equality can not be achieved. If she does indeed still look for these things in him I believe he will become increasingly resentful. If the ostrasization and rejection of men from the family continues as it has, our children will be harmed most of all and our society will suffer with great pain, violence and destruction. The sanctity of marriage will and has fallen by the wayside for self serving, selfish desire and mistrust of men and the demonization of our intentions of good will then and now.

The one hope for us all is that women will see that men are willing to sacrifice and bind ourselves to you and in servitude to family (AS WE ALWAYS HAVE). That we have and always will seek to serve you humbly and with great pride. That your claims of oppression in marriage are a lie. As the path of least resistance is always the path to equalization in all mathmatical and natural equations, my hope is that women will seek what is easiest to perform the inevitable function of rearing young and other forms of fulfillment. If you refuse my offer I will respond with full retreat from any obligation to you in the form of resources in and out of marriage. I urge you to stop perpetuating the lie that women are willing to perform the role of provider and let men stay at home to care for children. This is unacceptable to women and feminists know it. I urge them to realize that women will not stop seeking gifting of resources, status and dominance of men and indeed increasingly so over yourselves and other men for such in the workforce and in society. Women will not pay for our meals and provide and protect us. They will not compete for resources and provide them to us. As such she will continue to place pressure on him to do so at or above her own ability.

If you want independence and to shed your need of all men you can have your life alone and as current as a single mother in the workforce(39% of all mothers and growing). I will stay alone in my apartment and be forced to give you my money and so much that I can not afford to have another family. I as any man oppressed will lash out against myself and for some this will be in very violent form of suicide and other forms of self destruction when he turns inward. I am afraid to say and as any pathologist will tell you that male biology is given toward turning outwards. Men will turn outward in great numbers. If he does not see the enemy he will pick one real or imagined and men will attack and kill. He will do this everywhere!! Please know that the ultimate goal of feminism is the nullification for need or even the want of men by women. To dissolve marriage, family and society. To shun, shame and reject men and portray us as pedophiles and oppressors of women. To portray us as animals and your arch enemy. Feminine powers turned against us will destroy our society.

I urge them to understand that unless they are able to understand that this is not a social construct but biological they will fail to see that despite becomming economic eqauls with men, their own biology will continue to seek men of equal if not more resource potential or at very least the continued and mandated resource provision by men. That in the truest sense, if men are still required to do so in any form, in or out of marriage, directly in whoredom or naturally in courtship and pair bonding then true equality can not be achieved.

In fact males will become unequal to females by the very premise that her biological value to him is inherent and his biological value to her is produced. That the true goal of feminism is female supremacy and the control, domination and oppression of men. I am very afraid that this will not be tolerated and man will become increasingly violent and in fact turn against women in the most horrid of ways.
At very least he will withdraw from wanting to support her, to provide and protect her. I believe this is happening now and much of men's rights revolves around the dissolution of marriage and a withdraw from her. Men want to be fathers and not support women and children that are not apart of his life.

At very least I am willing to accept female ability in modern society to acquire resources on her own. However I am unwilling in this case to continue to be subject to her desire of my elevated status and resource potential. I will not be subject to providing for or protecting her or my country to any more degree than she should be required to. I am unwilling to be subject to demonstrating this through paying for meals, opening doors or anything else for that matter. I am unwilling to pay alimony AT ALL. I will not subsidize whoredom. If abandoned from women I will abandon them.

I am unwilling to accept her emancipation from my servitude to her and doing so by placing the child in an institutionalized child care facility and advocating the abandonment of child rearing at 12 weeks old as is the case with unpaid maternity\paternity leave laws. I am unwilling for breast milk to be substituted for formula. I am unwilling for her to lobby for more pay when it is equal for doing the same work. I am unwilling for her not to lobby for better family law for our families. I do not respect her abandonment of all that is sacred for her selfish desires.

I am unwilling to accept the deterioration of our social fabric and communal bonds of community to be broken by female abandonment of traditional community and the subsequent formation of a social fabric of women and the myriad of women's groups solely consumed with acquiring resources, taking care of their own health and nurturing eachother.

I am unwilling to condone the continued polarization of men and women. I am unwilling to condone the increasing amount of social infrastructure women have turned to serve them and them only, up to and including women's business groups who's sole purpose is to infiltrate and ursurp male management within a business environment as I have witnessed first hand. I am unwilling to accept women's increasing developement of our social fabric to focus on themselves and themselves only in all other obligations of social reguard. I am unwilling for you to not recognize that you are not only seeking this for yourselves but demanding more and more of men to provide and protect you more than ever before. You are isolating him and pushing him to the brink.

I am unwilling to accept the alienation and exploitation of men and fathers in the form of parternity\custody rights and alimony (woman support). I am unwilling to accept the lack of community and "block parties" and other social customs that have vanished as well as the estrangement from our neighbors.

I believe the increasing sense of social isolation and disolution of our communities is a product of female abandonment of our social fabric, our children, family and community. I am unwilling to leave the streets of my neighborhood vacant of women conferring and speaking of our local community. I want and need you to create a voice in my neighborhood and a dialog that is not just a corporate HOA. I ask that you bring our neighborhood back and create activity of community again. I ask you not to use your gift of communal and social abilities to be self serving. I ask you to make family a priority and fight for family, women, men and children alike and not women.

I am unwilling to accept the abandonment of any duty to children and family in even so much as the basic form of preparation of food or nurturing, from breast feeding to preparation of actual meals. The attendance to our childrens needs and gathering of physical needs, and performing arrons that no one has time for anymore. PTA meetings, cloths, food, sustainence and every other need. I am unwilling for this to only be the privilege of rich and upper class families. I am unwilling for corporations to take the place of unprocessed and whole sustainence with Easy-Mac and cheese etc. and all other highly processed, high preservative, nutrient devoid food. I am unwilling to loose our cultural substance and value of cooking to go by the wayside and toward the homogeny of corporate slop on the shelves to fill the trough.

I am unwilling to believe you when you say that women would just as easily let men stay home and not devalue them in terms of their biologically sexually selective traits of resource acquisition and provision. I believe that it is you and not men who inherently are incapable of allowing men to play this role. I refuse to believe you want equality. I refuse to take on this role because your ideas have made family life harder on the both of us. YOUR ACTIONS ARE SELFISH. I believe your ideas have lead to divorce and the destruction of our familes. I believe that it is a lie that men are and were and are not in as much utter servitude to women as you were and are supposed to be to us. I believe it is false that we should not need eachohter but to be independent and unwilling to share the burdens of life and family together.

I refuse to support you after leaving me through the bonds of ALIMONY (See Alimony). I refuse to let you take my last vestige of love in my life that is my dear children and my right to see them and to be a father. I refuse to let you take my home away from me and the resources that I have worked hard to give to you in the sanctity and bond of marriage. I will stand up and fight and refuse to be cast out from society. I will refuse for my essential biology to be used and raped for your benefit. I will withdraw and will not commit to any woman for my freedom and liberty to be taken from me. I will refuse and resist to take you onto the battlefield of men and I will fight in every other way that I can along side my fellow men who know,feel,want and in our love of you do the same. I will do so in honorable protest and will not destroy you. I am asking for your help to not abandon our men and boys, family and community. For if my true power were to turn against you as many men will, all that is holy, truthful in our binding as man and woman on this earth will be lost.

Indeed I myself have never been married but know well enough to protect myself legally from marriage and women. I have seen what has happend to my father, my brother, my friends and fellow men. I have seen the hellish pain and utter anguish in a fathers face when he realized his baby son did not remember and recognize him. I will not commit to this and must protect myself unless you build trust with me once again. I will not commit to you and seek you only for quick and easy sex. As men withdraw from you then you will be available for easy and shallow sex as you are now. I SEE IT. IT IS EASY NOW A DAYS AND I AM PAINED BY THIS!! PLEASE COME BACK TO US!! WOMEN PLEASE REBUILD OUR SHATTERED SOCIAL FABRIC! YOU ARE OUR ONLY HOPE!!! WOMEN AND WOMEN CAN SAVE US FROM THIS TYPE OF DESTRUCTION!! DEMAND CHANGE AND MEN WILL DO YOUR BIDDING TO PROVIDE THE MEANS!! DEMAND CHANGE AND OUR FAMILIES WILL HAVE RIGHTS AND BECOME WHOLE ONCE AGAIN!! FIGHT FOR OUR FAMILIES AND NOT WOMEN ALONE.

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