Friday, January 2, 2009

Dualities of male mating stategy and the conception that all men want is sex.

Feminists portray male sexuality as coarse, crude and over all less respectable. They like to say that "all men want is sex" in an attempt to devalue male sexuality. In western culture we view sex and making love as something that is done to a woman. Attempts at reciprocation during sex is seen by feminists as demeaning to women. Oral sex given to men is specifically portrayed as demeaning to women.

Male sexuality is not wrong or bad. Male sexuality isn't WRONG, it's just different misrepresented and misunderstood. Men should not be shamed for their desire of women. Please understand our depravity and lack of control in obtaining your affections. Please understand that despite this, most all men do not take it from you as they please and in the violent manner in which you speak.(Please see 1 and 4 raped?) Please have compassion for his desire and his lack of ability to willingly fulfill it. Please understand it's undieing ferocity and as a driving force in our everyday lives. Please understand lifes stubborn virility embodied in him and the ways it is expressed. Please understand male male competition, female choice and the burdens, sorrows, and hardships it places on our shoulders. Please understand the duality of short term and long term mating strategies of men. Please understand our struggle. In the rarest occurrences of any deplorable expressions of this, please forgive him.

Dualities of male mating stategy and the conception that all men want is sex: Singularities of female mating strategy:

I will dispell the myth that men are incapable of feeling a deep and meaningful emotional connection and expresssion of love in the sex act. I will illustrate how his biology allows for and is able to separate the two depending on the context of opportunities to mate. I will show how this biology makes sense in evolutionary terms. Genetic fitness potential, cost/benefit and quality\quantitative risk strategy depending on opportunities. Unchecked regulatory mechanisms in male sexuality due to exlusive female-choice and sexually selective pressures.

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