Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My own Quips, Quotes, Sayings famous and non & converstaions with a feminist


"Men's rights is a response to "women's independence"

"Increasingly, men feel resentful to pay for meals, open doors, pay alimony and child support to women that are not their wives and children they can't see. Men feel resentful to provide or protect women in any way. You can get a glimpse of this by reading my article on "chivalry is dead". You get a glimpse of the double standard of what women are looking for in men and what feminism is pushing women towards." Some but not all of Men's Rights regards the premise "If you don't need us then we don't want you to need us"

"The conflict is obvious, women state they don't need us yet still look for the very things they now do for themselves. They do this in elements of courtship and mate selection and in all forms including prostitution" They will not stop this behavior and they can not stop it. The message is, "we don't need you but are glad to take"."
"We don't need you but still want you to express protective and provisionary masculine expressions ie. opening doors, pay for meals, gifting of resources to demonstrate devotion etc."

"Women already are dominant if you really think about it everything men do is for women, she does not have to lift a finger. Just because there are men in government does not make it so that they are not doing her bidding. Women hold 54% of the vote.

"If women did not exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning." Aristotle Onassis"

What this means is that men do what we do not to dominate women but for women. Men willingly give the fruits of our labor to women. This man knew that women are just as powerful as men. Feminism teaches women to overpower men and this is not necessary. Females have essential strength that compliment a man. We compliment each others weakness and together we make the whole. When left to their decisions they prefer a man to take charge. Even when we take charge we are doing them a service. Feminism does not appreciate the labor of men and our sacrifice and as such we as men are suffering. They do not realize that they do in fact have just as much power as men do"

"I believe unless a larger social movement of understanding is created men will continue to be shunned by and seen as oppressors and enemies of women. Men will not only be cast out but withdraw from women and family. The core of our society will crumble under the tyranny of feminism.(feminism has done good things in the past) Every philosopher knows that anger and hate come from falsehoods and love and beauty from truth. Use this to guide us. Men and women need to love eachother and to fall into EACHOTHERS ARMS.!! ONLY TRUTH BRINGS UNDERSTANDING AND UNDERSTANDING, LOVE. USE THIS TO GUIDE YOUR understanding of the opposite sex."

"Men LOVE women more than feminists will ever give us credit for. Men and women are not equals but infact exact opposites which come together to make the equal. We are supposed to compliment the weakness of the other and not ursurp the others strength. We are infact supposed to need each other. Feminism teaches contempt, anger and hate of men. It teaches that he by his very nature seeks to hurt women. It denies that all his intentions are out of revalence of that which is woman and in that of servitude to her. That he does not seek to hurt her but infact perform the bidding for her needs so that she will not have to. It uses our love and need of woman against us, our love of eachother against us. It teaches that our strengths are our weaknesses and thus pits the strength of women against men. It creates division, resentment and destruction."

"Yes I agree that Warren fails to realize that men are also a class divided against itself through natural male male competition and female choice in sexual selection. Any political scientist will tell you that a class divided will fail. Power over the very things that divide the class will be taken by another. This problem is compounded by male instinct to protect and provide for women and children. Feminists know this and exploit it. Warren fails to realize the depth of our subjugation to women in this regard and both men and women fail to realize that we are eachothers slaves and this is ok. Feminists breed hate of men and hate of the sexes of eachother. They do not know better for there is not hate in truth or truth in hate."

"PLEASE READ THIS BOOK.(THE MYTH OF MALE POWER)by Warren Farrell Please realize that men need woman to love us, nurture us, and heal us. Please read it and realize our struggle and our pain that will lead us to destroy other men, ourselves and mankind if feminism continues to deny the essence of our truths" Although Warren seems to think that everything we do is a product of reason and a social construct he points out the subjugation of men and the higher truth that feminism is only one side of the story and as much a very divisive and hurtful one.

"Violence against women is a crime, violence against men is entertainment"

"A lot of women are secretly delighted when a woman clobbers a man. In commercials and movies and prime time television. Probably every time I watch TV,there are multiple portrayals of men getting slapped or kicked or tripped or suffering some incidental violence. And you're supposed to laugh and buy whatever product their selling. In fact earlier today I saw a V8 commercial and they always show a man getting slapped on the forehead by a woman. They'll never show a man slapping a woman."


Headed over to Yahoo answers the other day and found an interesting question.A FEMALE SUPREMACISTS ASKS: -(NOTE!:MOST WOMEN DO NOT THINK LIKE THIS WOMAN!)

"Do you believe that Women are inherently superior to men? I believe in the natural superiority of the female. Women were made to rule over men, who exist only to serve and please. A woman may do whatever she pleases with her "boy toy" and use him in any way she wishes. He is essentially a slave, enslaved by her mesmeric femininity, forever kneeling at her beautiful and delicate feet, awaiting her orders which she speaks from those soft pouty lips. He must treat her like the Goddess she is. A woman has amazing seductive power and control over a man, because Nature intended for women to be the dominant sex.Your thoughts..?

"MY REPLY: LOL "Well you see men and women hold power over the other. Men have things women want and women have things men want. The truth being that the things we want are not our own but natures wants. If you have not noticed we both placate to each other. We are infact enslaved to each other. You must realize that women will not have control over the things they seek from men for the very reason that these things are of value to women. Being that female biological value is inherent and the males is produced men will dominate and control the things women want. They will do this through male male competition. The males that are best at getting what women want, get to be a females choice in sexual selection. --------Ultimately embodied in the male and female is natures desire to perpetuate itself and there are specific sexually selective traits that women look for in males and vice versa and as much as a female supremacist would like to believe, her desires in him can not be perverted on a large scale and over all men.This leads to a balance. As such males fight for dominance for these things to give to the female. Soooo as the path of least resistance is always the path to equalization in all mathematical and natural equations women will always seek these things out through men because it is easier, energy efficient and because they can.This is also the falacy of feminism in that women seek the very things in men that they aspire to have control over for themselves. As such men will always have control of the things that women want. This leads to an eqaul power dynamic between the sexes.----- Not only are men more motivated than women to do this but we are more capable and posses innate abilities to utilize resources ie understand how things work, build repair and fix them. As such we will always maintain dominance over the sexually selective trait that you seek in us and the high paying fields that do so. Men are also represented at the top and bottom of the IQ curve and this is consistent with dimorphisms due to the heavy selective pressures on us. (look it up>

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_and_intelligence) http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2006/09/29/5118.aspx---- http://cosmiclog.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2006/09/07/3075.aspx. The fact is that women will always look for tall, strong, intelligent, high status, symmetrical,dominant and resourcefully successful males.

The premise of feminism is to ursurp male power over the things she wants but this can only go so far as it nullifies the basic principals of nature and the selective process. It teaches that women's strengths are in fact their weakness and their weakness is in fact their strength. Ultimately It will always come down to resources and will never be perverted as say "having men jump hoops in a circus for mating opportunity." I do believe that on an individual level a man can be dominated and female desires perverted and expressed in the most wretched of forms. Man however is aware of this and will not allow himself to be dominated just as women are aware of male power and will not allow the same. Contrary to your belief men do have control over their sexuality and their desire and are not mindless drones.

However the individual females power to dominate is evident but the process relies on female desires of men as a whole of the female population and innate programing of sexually selective traits. In other words by enlarge women as a whole can't change what they look for in men to something other than what nature has programed them to look for in us." Individual and Ideologic abominations such as feminism can not change things in the long term to this vision of yours. At very most a paradoxial shift would occur and sex roles would not become androgynous as feminists hope but simply reverse. For instance older women looking for younger men and men becoming more effeminate. Now that I think of it, this resembles our new cultural phenomenon of the "Urban Cougar" and her preferred pretty boy metro sexual counterpart. In either case this is an abomination of nature and will correct itself and sometimes violently to re equalize.

Nature is a specialist for a reason and as such knows that the opposites are the equal. (I think you would enjoy study of eastern religion to help you grasp this concept better)

At this point men and women are specialized for the current power dynamic and gender roles and this can not be changed by human reason alone or radical ideology alone.

Hypotheticly if feminism were to succeed and if women controlled the sexually selective traits they are programmed to look for, men and women would indeed simply switch roles and males would select females based of the same essential traits they look for in us now. The requirements of sexual selection will remain the same. One must understand that nature prefers specialist and men and women have specialized roles to the pair bond, equal but different. Truth is that nature always wins in the end and we are it's pawns. Men and women fundamentally will always be equal as this is the path to least energy expenditure. Nature knows best, We are nature, your feminist views that this is all a social construct and that gender roles are socialized is a failed principal and your plans to rule all men and the world will fail.

I believe in fact that you are acting out from male power that has been used to in fact dominate you, or at least your perception of men's power over you. Power is always balanced by weakness. Of which both sexes have. These weaknesses should not be exploited but complimented by the other sex. This is how you will find harmony with men. I hope I've helped you feel empowered and see the whole picture.

Returning to your narrow and singular approach of the power of sex (not trying to be mean here) I do think that it is very wonderful that men and women can play off this power dynamic within the sex act. Remember opposites make the equal and when men and women truly come together in a mutual union it is a beautiful thing. It is the eternal.

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