Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Traditionalism & Feminism, The Great Gynocentrisms of Our Time

Traditionalism, especially the relic of it that remains is the most detrimental thing men contend with in our time. Feminism seeks to maintain the gynocentric constructs of traditionalism as it benefits them while absolving women from liabilities. If women have the benefits without the costs, if women have choices and men liabilities....where is the answer for men? 

Monday, February 18, 2013

State of The Union Address: FATHERHOOD

You say that men are the cause of fatherless children. You say “what makes you a man isn’t just the ability to conceive a child but having the courage to raise one” Mr. President, women are 2/3 of those who divorce and abandon their families. Women are also choosing to get pregnant by uncommitted men they are not married to and who are above their station, men who are quite happy to fuck the women who are attracted to them. Women are doing this by choice and they are also getting pregnant by choice and sometimes without the consent of the man by way of birth control fraud. Our single mother birth rate is now at 52% of all births.

Mr. President, family courts alienate children from their fathers by default as a matter of course and the VAWA legislation has provisions that separate children from their fathers without due process of law. Women have default access to men’s bodies and the fruits of its labor regardless of their actions, they have default access to government husbandry welfare regardless of their actions and choices as to with who and in what instance they choose to conceive. We must make changes that expect responsibility from women by creating at least one or more liabilities for their whoredom.   
 To increase the amount of fathers in the home we must reform marriage and family law by ending or increasing standards on grants of no-fault divorce, mandate shared custody of children so that men can “raise a child” as you say and do so equally. By granting shared custody women will have less incentive to abandon their families. Or…. we can simply return to father-right custody altogether. When father-right custody existed, contrary to the mother-right we have now, men vary rarely divorced and abandoned their family. Even still, it is not men in the majority who do so.  
 We must also give men reproductive rights to abortion so that men who do not consent to fatherhood in the first place may abort from the ramifications of conception just as women can. Women may decide for the child to be fatherless in this instance or choose to abort. Sex, as it is for women, is not consent to conceive a child nor should it be for men who wish not to become fathers. We must reform VAWA to give rights to the accused and at very least give men equal protection as is granted us by The Constitution so that we may spuriously use VAWA against women in attempt to gain custody of our children in such fashion as is used against men. As is current, the women's union wants to include all citizens and non citizens with the exception of heterosexual males. If this legislation is not intended to give all citizens equal protection under law what is it's real intent? If it was a just law that provided due process, why is the women's union so adamant to exclude men from accessing the provisions of supposed justice therein?

We must decrease incentive for women to get knocked up by a man above her station by choosing to get pregnant outside of marriage by way of a man that is not committed to her. We must do this by limiting her default ability to gain resources from this man by child support as well as bar access to government subsidies if she is not married to the man she chooses to get pregnant from. If a man is not committed, and the couple not mutually consenting through the mutual agreement implied by marriage, a woman should have a liability in choosing to get pregnant by him. We must remember that pregnancy is 100% a woman's choice.  

 This will have exponential effect upon future father involvement as it is the case that boys who themselves grew up without a father are more likely not to commit to fatherhood themselves. Mr. President, fatherlessness creates fatherlessness and fathers create fathers.

Mr. President, studies show that boys without fathers fare much worse in overall health, education, well being and general life outcome than girls from the same home. They have lower academic achievement, higher crime rates, higher gang membership rates and suicide rates. A society of underachieving young men from fatherless homes do not make adequate husbands for the nations daughters. Strengthening fatherhood strengthens the nation’s sons and by doing so adds to the above listed exponential effect of laying the foundation for strong families and the growth of father inclusion and marriage. Strong young men make strong families. Implimenting pro fatherhood laws will both increase the quality of men to choose from in terms of boosting overall male health and thus acievement but also improve the likelihood that these men will invest in fatherhood themselves seeing as it is they had a father present in their lives.    

 You say you wish to “remove the financial deterrents to marriage for low income couples” What do you mean by this? I believe this would entail providing tax incentives to maintain a marriage as well as welfare reform to a system that currently provides government husbandry to single mothers leading them to choose the government over a husband and fatherhood for children and grants them default access to these provisions regardless of her behavior and her choices.  

   I propose by enacting the above changes to marriage law, divorce law, VAWA and by granting reproductive rights to men we can not only reduce men’s reluctance to marry but decrease women’s propensity to abandon and divorce their families in the numbers they do as well as drastically reduce the out of wedlock single mother hypergamous whore birth rate (Graph). The changes women made to law during The Cultural Revolution must be reformed so that they are once again adults with not only responsibilities for their choices but liabilities for their choices as well. By enacting these pro family, pro marriage and pro fatherhood initiatives men are more likely to be continued members of the family and included in it in the first place. Women are more likely not to conceive a child outside marriage as they would lose default access to both men's resources and that of the collective tax base by way of government welfare. 

  Mr. President, Please observe the graph below as well. Do you see the reset in the trend momentum of single mother births beginning in 1993? This is when welfare reform took place and government actually created incentives for women not to be supported by government husband and to get a job. With the added burden of having to work, women created relationships with men to do so for them instead, men that could potentially be fathers to their children sir. I ask you this, imagine if we created more responsibilities and liabilities for women both as to with who and in what circumstances they choose to conceive a child? I propose that giving women the responsibilities of an adult and liabilities for their choices we could further reduce the single mother birth rate and in fact possibly create a declining trend momentum in female deadbeats who divorce and abandon their family, lechery, irresponsibility and overall whoredom. We can thereby reduce fatherlessness as well.  


 As far as an overall gender "wage gap". This figure is not calculated by "the same job" but rather is the raw wage gap measured by all men and women in the workforce. To speculate that the raw disparity in net earnings stems from discrimination is a mistake.

Mr. President, young women make on average 8% more than young men and this is from the calculated average from every state in the union. Time Magazine has also concluded that young women out earn their potential husbands in every state in the union. They comprise 60% of college degrees as well. A contributing factor to male underachievement as compared to women can be attributed to fatherlessness. As you can see from the graph above as well, it is only when women marry (or as is commonly the case) they decide to become a single mother and have an out of wedlock birth do they make less than men. If you want women to earn more then your proposal for govt. funded child care facilities will help that. Children must be turned over to these facilities at a young age i.e. 2-4yrs old. Their education can be determined by The People's Dept. of Education as the Soviets did. However, I believe implementing the soviet model i.e. centralized funding and government controlled educational content is not a viable solution for our families.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Adaptive Servility To Female Hypoagency and Fisherian Runaway Traits


I agree with Stardusk's  notion that servility to female hypoagency as an adaptive trait in men is a Fisherian Runaway Trait. With the relationship created between women and the State it has compounded the problem of serving all things female. It has now become a destructive force against men and ultimately....women.

I believe the rise of the State to service and deliver to female hypoagency \ hypergamous nature is a direct result of the creation of their relationship with the State. Women and their union directly stated at the time of the Cultural Revolution "the personal is political" & "women need men like a fish needs a bicycle" Their intentions are perfectly clear and this relationship to State has been accomplished. Indeed, the personal is now political and thus the political....personal. Now men must decide how to survive what women have done to us through the State and as a social class within the family as well.

I attribute the decline in male suicide beginning in 1993 to the recognition by both the government and the psychological community that male suicide in the U.S. was reaching epidemic levels. The National Suicide Hotline came to be as well as research and development of anti depression drugs. However, this effort though helpful only addressed the effect not the cause. Stardusk as well as the MRM has arisen to address the cause so that men can remedy the situation for ourselves....with or without women. At the present...preferably without them. As outlined by the videos above...they are not so noble towards us.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Proposed Reauthorization of VAWA

  VAWA is up for renewal. Women want protection for illegal immigrants, Native Americans, gay men, lesbian women and heterosexual women but not heterosexual men. If VAWA is a just law we must ask ourselves what the impetus is behind excluding certain classes of citizen from the equal protection clause of The Constitution of The United States.

   The reason they want this is because VAWA is not a just law and thus by excluding citizens based on gender and sexual orientation they seek to leverage the advantage of the removal of due process and removal of equal protection against the excluded class of American i.e. heterosexual men. One can only conclude that women are willing to trade the Liberty and Justice of others to benefit themselves. I do not respect women or their union for pushing such a proposal. As women are the most powerful special interest group and the largest voting block in the nation, I believe they will succeed in their endeavor against the rights of our people.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Woman Laments Men Going Their Own Way On T.V.

   I enjoyed Barbarossaaaa's take on it. To me he clarifies some of the difference in MRA and MGTOW thinking. He takes a clear MGTOW standpoint. The conservative effort to belittle men for not "manning up" to solve what women have destroyed is insulting. They are trying to shame men out of the path to our own solution. He makes the argument that men as a class can not contend with the female political class nor the State. The two operate in synergy and serve to compound the ends to which the MRA believes can be contended with and resolved. MGTOW advocates for the independence and liberation of men. Male independence and liberation may not be what women want...(as evidenced by the myriad of "man up" "child man" type articles in mainstream news outlets) but it is certainly what they asked for.

What men are increasingly realizing and what the articles suggest to me is that men realize that there is nothing offered us worthy to "man up" to in relation to the traditional construct and as such the only person we owe anything to is ourselves. MGTOW takes the view that the family and men's place within it has been destroyed both structurally in the requisites designed to invoke the creation of it but also within it. MGTOW is male sovereignty. As he stated, many men are not even aware of the MRA or MGTOW but they are making decisions in their lives related to male liberation philosophy. As he said, the male withdraw is organic and for many, though they may not be aware of the source of the problem, nor attempt to understand and resolve the issues facing us as the MRA and even MGTOW attempt to are voting with their feet.    

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Unplanned Pregnancy

In the United States, 52% of all births to women under 30 are to unmarried women.
Of these: "Fully 7 in 10 pregnancies among unmarried women age 18-29 are described by women themselves as unplanned - one of the highest levels in the developed world." -United States Ad Council

Sunday, June 17, 2012

White House Women Insist They Are Pieces of Meat

Obama's White House is a 'hostile environment for females that treats women like meat'

      Women should not be allowed to discuss important matters in the White House for this reason. Women identify through their entitlement complex as a woman first and as an adult second. This is manifested through the classic female victimhood moniker they stamp and certify on every statement from their mouths through damsel in distress hypoagency. It is how women get what they want. 
As soon as they open their mouths to complain simply have them removed from the room. When they attempt to say something simply say AHHHH to interrupt and inform the complaining womanchild that "the men are talking".... point your finger to the door and with firm authority say "OUT". Tell them to attend their own female council, draw up their long list of female complaints as to what it is that women want now and the men will consider whether the female demands are gynocentric nonsense or something men should address. Always attend to the most pressing matters first then what ever it is that women are complaining about now.
   Tell them you will be more than happy to treat them as a piece of meat later but for now the men are discussing business and do not have time to acknowledge moody, under serviced hussy bitchiness. You will be more than happy to take them to a nice dinner and give em a good pounding later.
 Left Wants To Arrest Men Who Pee Standing!
   Shit testing men to see how far we will go for them is female nature. It's how they test you for beta male tendencies. Give women political and State power and this is what happens. Sweden is one of if not THE most ardent gynocracy on the face of the planet. Women insisted and even succeed in removing the penis from a lion symbol of a Swedish military brigade's mascot. I shit you not.  
Basically this behavior is one of the more primitive aspects of the female primordial hind brain. If you are willing to hand over your wallet and your left nut for the opportunity to reproduce you have desperate beta male written on your forehead. When women are given power directly, there is not alpha male checks and balances to keep their demands in check. The State can't say NO to female hypergamous shit tests. Women are biologically programmed to keep pushing and pushing and pushing. It is a filter mechanism for female hypergamy to weed out beta male pussy begging supplicators. This behavior when manifested through the State and by collective female political agency is nothing less than disastrous.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hark! Why Come The Here Woman!

-"Be kind to yourself and others...Just because their eyes don't tear up, doesn't mean their heart doesn't cry"-

Do not be fooled...The child like face of women along with their child like voice is a weapon, this picture is frightening and violent. The caption mentions 'just because there are no tears' doesn't mean woman is not vulnerable, entitled and becomes so in actuality. Her power of manipulation and deception are validated. "Women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weaknesses." ~Marie de Vichy-Chamrond 

If this woman ever came for me armed as she is, you would hear the sound of a long metal sheen resonate as I draw a sword and point it in defense. I'd keep her approach and her healthy distance firmly directed toward the point.
Hark! Why come the here woman, what is thy bidding of me? "I want your courtship and undying love, your dedication to me so that we may bear fruits of our trust, we may have children and live sovereign and consecrate ever after. I want you to place me high upon your steed, to shoulder the burden that is me.....I revel to enthrall thee, to implore your will to call to me, convince you to lay it all to me, that what I offer ye for all to see is worthy of sacrifice and this is why I act so nice"
There is no consecrate mutual trust here. the tyrant upon the hill, he is your husband now. Leave me, leave me upon this grassy knoll where the birds still sing, the fruits of labor bared forth by my body are still my own and the dalliances of children mine still run through the dreams of my heart. It is there they are real.

You are a farse to me now, the hollow whore of the tyrant. Your vows lay there within the commiserate vacuous heart of the tyrants greed. Go now woman, to the cold outstretched arms of the tyrant upon the hill...he is your husband now.  You have surrendered all of our mutual consecrate trust to him. The sovereign bond of which you speak is not here. Follow your weakness woman, follow it to he to whom you've laid yourself bare, to he to whom you've so willfully bequeathed your vulnerability, your burden.....upon the alter of my sacrifice, follow it until you reach his arms. 
It is his bed in which you sleep and by his sword through which you reap. I will not place you upon my steed, it is his children of which you breed. In you I will not plant my seed, my loins, my labor you will not feed, I will not honor your unfaithful deed, I will not fill your consummate greed, a vanquished bond we share indeed. 
Go to him upon the hill, seek your needs he doth fulfill, lay with him in sacrosanct, it is he with whom your heart has banked. Stay with him upon the hill, bridle your soul to the unfulfilled. Surrendered to be the matron of State, a slave of me you seek to make, in the tyrant's fields you consummate, a whore of you hath ye doth make. The toils of mine you will not rake, in this, in you I have no, in yore and ever more...Your betrayal hast begotten you, a sullied fruit that rots in you, a virtue that is lost in, in yore and ever more.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Come..Take My Hand Oh Children of The Western Whore..I Will Help You.

Good news... I've found a better way to employ my convictions. I will soon be working to train horses to work with troubled children who have come of age from the family of a single mother whore and those from govt. foster care who were given up for adoption.....many of them at birth. These young people are the primary demographic referred to the program. I stopped by and things look good. Should be able to volunteer in 2 more weeks. Unplanned and even planned pregnancy from uncommitted alpha cock is the norm under matriarchy. 
Women can't help but follow the gina tingles much of the entirety of their fertile years. Near 30 years old they will look for a committed "beta" i.e. a man on their level who is committed to them. However, I believe they may not be looking for this on a conscious level, they are simply forced to face their actual market value and settle. Many have a fatherless bastard in tow at this point. Don't date them...let em rot.

I remember reading an article from a female dating coach \ match service specialist. She informed the women, I know you were getting with 8-10s in your prime but you are getting older and now you will have to settle for a partner you actually qualify for and this means a 5-6 and if you continue to wait....a 2-3. We have to understand that the numbers of measurement are all relative. This is to say that all women can get with an 8-10 relative to their mate value in their prime years. Many repeat this pattern over and over and don't understand why they can't secure a commitment.
Remember, women want genes and resources. Feminism is simply base female animal nature given license. When feminism becomes the values of a society... abortion, fatherless children, single mother whores along with divorced and broken homes under the new marriage 2.0 laws becomes normalized.

The deluded women in this society do not understand why above par men show interest in them, maintain relationships with them and f**k them on a regular basis but won't commit. Many a deluded woman will get knocked up or deceptively commit paternity fraud by telling an unwitting man she is on birth control because she may hope for more or simply want what she 8-10....or at very least his genes. "Single mother by choice" is empowering. Many don't give the bastard child up for adoption or have an abortion because they know which gender is fully responsible for sex and conception and who will have to pay for it. Others, having some sort of conscience, (not a moral conscience mind you)  after their plan to secure such a man fails they have an abortion or give the child up for adoption. Abortion is the perfect solution to many female behaviors, it gives them license.

They become jaded and bitter against men as a result of these relationships. Many of the potential ramifications of these relationships thankfully are avoided when the relationship is ended but sadly, to many do not end before an unfortunate life is brought into the world. Hypergamously induced pump and dump becomes the norm and in many of these cases it is the woman who eventually ends the relationship because men are quite content to maintain and even seek and create such relationships. She eventually gets the idea.
 Look lower liberated woman, look to your level and you will find those men you think you are above.  Your artificial ability to control conception along with the artificial leverage the resulting sex dynamic brings places you firmly into the cold arms of the consummate man that meets that leverage. 
Remember, alpha male is relative. In this respect all men are alpha relative to the mind of the women who are currently f**king them. So, the pattern I've outlined is something myself and the majority of men experience with women.
The female primordial brain hasn't caught up to our artificially and technologically enabled dystopian reality. Human reason, particularly among women, does not account for the advent of contraception and how it changes relationships and the mating dynamic within our new paradigm. Believe it or not, without contraception men are choosy who we will have sex with and who we will maintain relationships with. Women would know quite clearly who they qualify for. The same is true when women avoid promiscuity. 
Sadly though, it is now a race to the bottom for women. The pussy flood gates are open and many women contrary to ascertaining a man's true interests in her are instead willing to lower the bar and do so quickly thinking they must in order to keep a man. In other instances women will spread right away on the first date for other reasons. This has happened to myself and enough friends of mine to know what it looks like out there. Abstaining from calling these men alphas....including myself, I will say that it is well known in the manosphere that women will forgo commitment from a "beta" for 1 minute of alpha cock i.e. alpha being a relative term this means any man above their station. Today's woman is blinded between the desirable man they are dating and that bangs them on a regular basis and a man who they can actually obtain and who they are actually eligible to secure commitment from. 
Today's woman is caught in a paradox between who their gina tingles lead them to and who they are actually eligible for. It is their one and only filter to ascertain their value on the mating market. That filter is way past gone now a days.

You have opened the gates of your own delusion woman and for this you will suffer...Entitlement induced by delusion is your guide and your demeanor. Women do not know their own station, their own actual mate value. You are now flying blind in the mating game. However, I believe your bastard children once turned out into the world and reaching the point where they are referred to this therapy program should not have to suffer any longer. 
Come discarded ones, you ailing wounded children of whoredom. Take my hand, find beauty and connection to the love left for you. I will not betray you and neither will the beautiful soul of these animals. We will not abandon you oh children of whores.

These lives might as well have been aborted but since they are still breathing I want to help them. Many have trouble holding jobs and deal with a world they view as hostile, cold and unloving. I will open my heart to you discarded children of whores. I will not speak of the horror I speak of here on my blog to you. I will bring you hope and love. We will bring each other hope for a better world. 
These young children and young adults coming into this world see the world as an unloving place where even their own mother will abandon them. Men should know that in many states when the mother decides to give the child up you can not plead to take the about that you sperm donor, you walking wallet piece of shit. This society does not honor fatherhood. I will do my best to help them. I will love them and give them confidence in a world of women that separate them from their father or were abandoned all together into foster care.  I will help them and so will the horses. They deserve a fighting chance. It is not their fault they were born into such a world. God willing let me bring good to their lives.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

One of Many Simple Reasons I Do Not Respect Marriage Nor Fatherhood

  My brother is doing his child support worksheet right here as we speak. The more children his ex has with her new husband the more my brother has to pay her every month. Let this sink into your mind for a moment......

I will make it perfectly clear....I do not value the institution of marriage and the liability a man bears to a woman. I will not commit to such a thing and I do not respect women nor fatherhood. I am a Men's Rights Activist and I do not stand alone in this. I am MGTOW. I fight for my countrymen and I fight for my country. I fight for our very dignity. I fight for Independence, Liberty and Freedom. I fight for the right to our bodies and the fruits of its labor. I will never surrender. 
Just so you know, my brother emptied his life savings of $120,000 to gain 51% parental time with his son. He provides child support by being a father....yet he owes this w****. Women you have made yourselves devalued, you have made yourselves prostitutes. You have reduced marriage to whoredom and I do not respect you. What have we here? What has my nation become? What is there to believe in? Men....know now what to believe in. Men know now what we must do and do it together.

Update: I found this video that supports the feminist \ default female viewpoint on why the above occurs: So, what women are saying is that men must pay for women to increase their genetic fitness. It is now true that by marriage 2.0 laws women enacted that they bear no liability to men. You are kept as a guest within the matriarchal family so long as you are useful. When disposed of you must pay to subsidize any  offspring she has in the future as well. This is the price men must pay if they want to reproduce. They must submit. 
To women, it is only rightful since it is a privilege to be selected for a mere male to have access to reproduction. He should consider himself lucky. This is the one and only thing women bring to the table i.e. the right to have a fatherless bastard. It is purported as worth it for men to support the matriarchal family for this reason. This is all very interesting and gives us insight into how women think and likewise how the female majority have instructed the system to enact these laws.    
 It also gives us insight into what constitutes "alpha" in the primordial female mind. Any prior male she mates with is beta and any current male is "alpha". In the female mind, any man that reproduces is the "alpha" of the moment and not so once he is discarded. In other words, it is relative. I find this interesting since it has been my observation that female reasoning is based in the relative and subjective realm. It is manifested as something that is always relative to the self and not objective by any measure. One central tenet of Matriarchy is the advent of subsidized serial polyandry. This is what is of central value to a matriarchal construct. If the matriline is unable to support itself the burden is then placed upon men who have been discarded from the family and also the burden of government. Again, this is the central value of a matriarchal society, to support the increase of the female organisms genetic fitness by way of serial polyandry.  

Fatherhood is non existent under matriarchy. To learn more about what women are building please see Anatomy of Matriarchy.

Friday, May 18, 2012


 House passes VAWA reforms!

WASHINGTON / May 17, 2012 – The House of Representatives has passed the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act by a 222-205 margin. Responding to public discontent, H.R. 4970 contains a number of measures designed to curb widespread waste and fraud in the domestic violence field.
A recent U.S. News poll found a strong majority of persons are opposed to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) in its current form: See Here Many women have questioned the effectiveness and fairness of the existing VAWA law: See Here

Reforms contained H.R. 4970 include strong accountability measures, gender-inclusive language, and provisions to stem fraudulent claims of abuse by immigrants. The current VAWA law has invited immigration fraud by not allowing the US citizen accused of abuse to submit evidence that could refute the accusation.

The White House played an active role in opposing the bill. The Obama Administration issued a Statement of Administration Policy on Tuesday stating it would veto any bill that was modeled on H.R. 4970.
During Wednesday’s floor debate, sponsor Sandy Adams (R-FL) withstood numerous challenges. When informed by John Conyers (D-MI) that numerous organizations opposed her bill, she retorted, “Shame on them!”

Following passage of the bill, a number of established domestic violence organizations have reacted with anger and implied threats. The National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women called the bill “dangerous.” The National Organization for Women charged that Representatives who voted for the bill “will be judged in the public arena and at the polls in November.”
According to SAVE spokesman Philip W. Cook, “H.R. 4970 certainly is not a perfect bill. Still, passage of the House measure is a victory for victims who have been refused service in the past. It removes most sex discriminatory language.  It is also a victory for taxpayers who are tired of the ongoing reports of waste and fraud.”

From the comments section: Anonymous said:

"Hold on there, Sparky. Our president is an open feminist. He has promised to veto the bill.I hope he does it and very soon,so people have one more reason to not vote for him.

This was a step in the right direction,but we ain't out of the woods yet.We're going to have a lot of painful ups and downs between here and there,but we'll make it. We're salty. And we're not going away any time soon."

   Update: This is very true. The opposition has stated openly that it detests the idea that heterosexual males will be given equal protection under law. They seek to remove them from protection and instead add other classes of American i.e. gay\lesbian, illegal immigrant \non citizen immigrant and Native Americans. We will see if this happens.

 Women's Party leader of The Council On Women and Girls "slammed the Hutchison-Grassley version for substituting “gender-neutral language”  The feminists and their president will do everything they can to prevent men from being covered under the equal protection clause of our Constitution.

SAVE thanks the many organizations and individuals who have supported VAWA reform efforts. SAVE will continue to work for ways to reform and strengthen the Violence Against Women Act: .

Stop Abusive and Violent Environments is a victim-advocacy organization working for evidence-based solutions to partner abuse: 

A sincere thank you goes out to all Men's Rights activists who spread the word and took action during our raising awareness campaign! This was a tremendous effort and our work paid off. Feminists are so angry I can't even tell you how angry they are. Thank you all for your support.

Liability Based Wage Controls and Socialization of Wage

If the Fair Pay Act is ever passed here is my suggestion to those of you who own a business. First, I suppose the wage socialization bill will not cover men. In this case it will be a liability for employers to give men raises or to hire them at a fair market competitive wage. Any company that pays men on merit, work ethic or prior and thus existing fair market wage value will pay the price for it. It will be a liability to attempt this.

In the future, if you do not mitigate your risk then the incentive is for wages to be collectively confiscated from men then socialized and redistributed to women. This redistribution is an applicable way to mitigate risk BUT it is not competitive and thus not tenable. You will be paying workers based on liability and not free market principal. To do so is not good for business. It is essential to recognize that men and male production are no longer applicable to the free market.

So in order to maintaining a free market is important to recognize there will be NO liability for employers to pay women competitive wages, to give them raises or to pay them differently Therefore, in order to maintain a free market paradigm it is best that no male workers be hired and if they are, keep them outsourced. This will allow you to remain competitive. In no short order however the entire male labor pool will experience a lowering of their wages after the bill is passed. This will take time. At this time you can then begin to extract this labor value by paying them less than a female worker. Feel free to hire males at this point but never allow them to be compensated based on free market principals.  Men will accept lower wages over time. Their experience of compensation is relative.

However, if your core infrastructure is in a typically male field of business and men are essential to populate the ranks of core infrastructure, make sure to outsource your female workers so as to maintain gender segregation. This will lower your liabilities and raise your ability for free market competition for the male worker base you maintain.

My best suggestion to employers would be to stratify their labor pool among outsource companies according to which gender predominates your sector of business. In the beginning, after this law is passed, any workers brought into the core infrastructure as direct hire must be female if at all possible. The reason being is that you can pay your female direct hire employees different wages according to merit, work ethic and free market value. As stated before however, when the market catches up to the liability placed on giving males free market wages, this will make male workers cheaper to hire for the same work. It is at this point that male wages will be lowered overall INCLUDING in relation to your female workers who are still compensated according to free market principals.

 Until the stabilization and redistribution of wealth to females takes place, do not hire males. Maintaining free market economics within your core infrastructure is crucial for productivity and market competition. The principals of free market economics and efficiencies will only apply to the female labor pool. This must be used to your advantage. Remember that applying free market value to male production before the redistribution takes place it is not good for business. After the redistribution of wealth to females takes place and male wages are driven down across the labor market you may begin to hire the newly created male underclass of workers at a lower price than the non marginalized female labor pool.  More on liability based socialization of wages can be found in the complimentary article HERE 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nice Men's Rights Rap: For Those Who Oppose Us


Below: A poem to all the walking wounded, to the dead, to the fallout from feminist utopia, the brainwashed boys, the lost generations, the neglect of the nations young men, the destruction of family, discarded and exploited men, death of marriage and fatherhood, the execution and death of masculine identity and masculine culture, masculine value, the disrespect and death of male honor, fatherless boys, the feminist school system, the false guilt, the self hatred, the poisoned minds, the lies, the desecrated self made female sex object, the disease, the new lives extinguished, the female hedons, the vile, the feminist government, to the vile single mother crafted emasculated masculinity, to the lost and confused, the fatherless wanderers on the feminist battlefield. To the dead, latchkey kids, the suicides and school shooters. To the death of commitment and a sacred bond desecrated and destroyed, the forced male laborers, the feminist gulags of the enslaved...the death camp society of feminist utopia, the feminist prison and the abyss.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Government Husband Vs. Actual Husband & The Female Vote

I was reading some Gallup Poll data. I find it interesting that the largest differentiating factor in how much women support the current democratic President is defined by whether women are married or single. The majority of single or divorced women support the president where as the majority of married women do not support him. This tells us much about women. There are many possible things that can be inferred from this.

As we know, he is of course women's white knight, the great provider of women. In line with the lobbying of the women's union, he has increasingly advocated for devoting ever more resources to women. The single \ divorced \feminist women's union even managed to successfully lobby for the president to devote the Stimulus Package away from men and toward women. The president and the democratic party in general are the feminist party, they are the supporters of the Marxist class struggle for "equality".
  Important to note is that the same separation of support was also found by women's varying support between Republican \ Independent and Democratic parties based on the same variable, single or married. Suffice as to say that one can conclude the single largest difference in women's voting disposition is directly related to who shows more promise in providing to them at the moment, an actual husband or government husband and furthermore which party provides to them the most.

  Suffice as to say that I believe the difference relates directly to whomever is providing them protections, provisions and resources. Divorced women are in the middle. They are single again but feel more reliant on the government i.e. the more socialist \ matriarchal \ feminist Democratic party. I believe they are represented in the middle rather than realigning with single never married women because divorced women still obtain resources from the man they removed from the family and the lives of his children. It is true however that age also affects the vote across gender lines. The young are typically more in support of the idealism of the socialist Democratic party. So I surmise that this is also a reason that divorced women, typically being in the older bracket as measured by the voting demographic as a whole, are represented in the middle rather than realigning with single never married women.

  Women have a very different and in my opinion dangerous relationship to the alpha status of State. It is this relationship that increases, consolidates and centralizes power to the State. This of course is an element of what creates a matriarchal feminist State and society. As strange as it might seem, in observing the photo above I am compelled to believe these women most likely are in some stage of sexual arousal. I believe a Photoplethysmography probe would most certainly show increased engorgement of the vaginal tissues and an associated increase in lubrication. These women look like they are at a rock concert looking on in adoration and attraction to the alpha male on stage. Groupies are a female phenomenon. I've heard female musicians speak about the fact that no female musician has male groupies. This is because males have different requisites that are something other than a high status female.

  These women would most certainly copulate with the President. Women's relationship to State is a dangerous one and one that we are paying the price for now through the implementation of female agency through feminism. Women's relationship with State is directly relative to their relationship with men. One can say that as the State becomes more female focused with government husbandry as advocated by feminism, as the state increasingly supports matriarchy, the less likely women are to form or maintain married relationships with men. They will increasingly gravitate to the State to meet these requisites.

I see feminism and feminist advocacy as not something separate from women themselves but the name given to what is the collective action of female political and social agency. All women are feminists in this respect. Women have a propensity and predisposition for the implementation of it and it is relative directly to their personal relationships with males. For the first time in American history there are more single never married and divorced women than married couples in this country and the demographic is increasing as marriage is on the decline. The growing amount of single and divorced women are literally a separate socio-political and socio-economic class, and as the data implies, this class will increasingly be of a feminist gynocentric disposition.

I believe due to the divide between men and women as separate classes with separate class interests or rather, a divide between the family and single\divorced women, we may have reached an event horizon  at which the female majority vote which is ALSO the majority vote overall, will lead the nation to the continued centralization of power and to the increased size and scope of the State. This is to say that it will increasingly become a feminist, female favoring, female focused, matriarchal, socialist State. As they already have done, women will increasingly direct resources and policy toward the benefit of females at the expense of men and boys in education, healthcare, the judicial system, family law etc. This is already the case. I believe they will continue this. I believe this will further exacerbate the breakdown of relationships of the male \ female pair bond. We will increasingly pay the price for this....we already are.

This new sociopolitical landscape is literally a contest and divide between the will of the family vs. the will of single women \ divorced women \feminist. Again, women being the majority vote and the most powerful voting demographic in the country I postulate that single \ divorced women will sway the vote away from the family vote. In time, as government husbandry \ chivalry as advocated by the feminists \ single woman vote grows, the numbers you see in the below photo will grow wider in disparity as a result.We will become an increasingly divided nation in regard to gender class between the interests of single women vs. single men but also in regard to family women vs. feminist women.

At this point, at the event horizon, the female feminist vote will hold sway over the course of the nation.

In fact, looking at the below numerical disparity and going by what we know by the data presented above, along with the current entrenchment of the feminist women's union within the political machine, the female feminist vote already has established marginal if not entire domination. Our future as a nation is now clenched in feminist hands.

To learn more about matriarchy please see Anatomy of Matriarchy to understand what women wish to build. Feel free to read the comment section of this current article as well to understand how women actually see men and the position fatherhood holds to them within the "family" and the lives of children. I'd like to thank the feminist for rearing her vile head here. Thank you for elucidating the goal of women and your feminist union for my countrymen. It is important that they know their enemy well. Men need to know our enemy better than the enemy knows themselves.  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Questions Mr. President: Men's Right To Abortion

 "I want women to control their own health choices, just like I want my daughters to have the same opportunities as your sons" -Barrack Obama

 Interesting notion Mr. President. Are you trying to say that if your daughter and a young man had an unplanned pregnancy that female right to abortion would afford the young men the same opportunity as her in such a case? What if she wanted to keep the child?

Actually sir, while sex and conception are by nature a mutual act requiring mutual responsibility, giving a female a choice in the matter without giving the young man a choice in the matter changes things. You see, sex and conception at that point becomes a mutual act requiring male responsibility. The sons of others of which you speak do not have the same choices or opportunities as your daughter. The young man is beholden to whatever your daughter chooses for him. Her choice over his liberty is sacrificed where as a woman's is not. In order for the nations sons to have the same opportunities wouldn't they need to have a choice as well?

As it is, lack of male Liberty is used to enable female choices. Sometimes, as females know this fact they trick a young man by telling him she is on birth control in order to use her choices on the sacrificial alter of male Liberty. Women have 100% the choice and men 100% the responsibility for that choice. Constitutional theory dictates that you can not have 100% choice or rights over something if you do not have 100% responsibility. Failing this it is called a privilege...not a right. What women have sir is a that is enabled by male sacrifice of Liberty of right.

 The phrase "my body my choice" is disingenuous. The phrase should be "my baby my choice" or "my property my choice". As it stands, without male right to abortion the mutual act of conception creates something that is by implication 100% female property without 100% female responsibility. So it is only rightful that it be 100% her responsibility. Her body, her choice, her baby, her responsibility. After all, the child from the moment of conception is her property right....right?

Unless of course you give young men a choice as well and in that case each would be able to make their own choice respectively in order to have equal opportunities. A young man can choose to abort the ramifications for the unplanned life created and a young woman can choose or not choose to do so as well. The equal opportunities of which you speak require equal choices. Isn't that what you said, you want the nations daughters to have the same opportunities as the nations sons.....correct? That will require male choice sir.

Here Mr. President. I understand you claim to be a scholar of our Constitution. I suggest you watch this 1st of a 43 part series on Constitutional theory as outlined by our founders to get you started. You will find the rest of the series on YouTube. You see, there is a difference between Rights and Privileges and the difference is directly related to Property and Responsibility. This is important for you to understand if you wish to know Freedom, Liberty and Independence beyond the hollow words that come from your mouth. You see Mr. President, in America, in more ways than one and in all facets of life women have "choices" and men....responsibilities.

I have my own views on the fiscal appropriation of funds to support abortion and also the guidelines in which the procedure should be allowed to be performed. In this respect I will go no further than to say it should be carefully regulated and furthermore limited as to who pays for it and how much if at all. It is a viable procedure in certain circumstances for women's health. In such case it should be covered under insurance. Unregulated free abortions through private institutions as well as federal subsidies to these institutions should not be allowed to be used for such purpose.

Away from it's viability for health reasons and in line with feminist doctrine of open support for unregulated pro abortion, being that this is the law under current feminist rule, being that instead the intended use is for cases of unplanned pregnancy rather than "a woman's health", being that the Constitution clearly dictates that equal rights must be afforded toward the same intended ends for which equal law must protect, equality can only be achieved in this order if men are given equal rights to abortion from the ramifications an unplanned pregnancy has upon our life choices, just as women can.

We must remember, pregnancy is not something a man does to a woman, it is a mutual act requiring mutual responsibility and contained within this, relative to feminist laws in effect and the implication of the purpose of these laws, there should be the mutual right to absolve ourselves from this responsibility.

We must remember that for women, given modern technology, conception and even pregnancy is 100% a voluntary and 100% preventable condition both pre and post conception. Responsibility for women's choices and by implication of current law, culpability and liability for what is currently 100% women's property and what is 100% her rights and decision over that property should not be 100% a man's responsibility. There is no reason why men should not be afforded choice and an equal right to forfeit the ramifications of the pending unintended ownership, unintended fatherhood...just as women can.  See also the complimentary post to this article: Male Abortion Rights

Thursday, May 3, 2012

How Feminism Is Merely a Tool

Great show.....Wow, the portion where the professor details his account of how women's Affirmative Action destroyed our Science and Engineering base is truly sad.
 If you are not interested in listening to the whole show skip to the 92 MINUTE MARK. He gets into some real detail on what happened starting at the 97 minute mark. However, I recommend listening to the whole segment.

It's so so sad what women have done. After our colleges are paid large sums of money to make women's numbers equal to men's in these classes, the women drop the course and pursue the social sciences and other subjects of interest. Women do this in enormous numbers. And schools give them admission over men in hopes to meet the women's equality quota set by the government.

When a survey of women was conducted they said they used to Affirmative Action to get admission to the school (taking men's seats) then pursue another subject. The monetary incentive created for schools to give women admission over men is terrible. The school administration told the teacher not to talk about it. Women petition the government to offer the large sum of millions upon millions of dollars to any schools that do this to our science and engineering base in the effort to make women "equal". This is nation wide and implemented in part through Title IX women's equality compliance law. It's so sad what has happened. Obama has recently announced the plan to double down investment in "women's equality" in S.T.E.M. fields of science. I fear for the future of our nation. The future of my country does not look bright.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Men's New Gender Role!

Just finished reading the article Manning Up: Women's Rise, Men's Demise?

Attention: TheGoodMenProject on many if not most occasions contains content by manginas and white knight supplicators. However they do have occasional content and readers who are more so pro male and Men's Rights MRAs.

I love some of the comments. Some men, myself included are trying to figure out why women seem to think there is a problem with women being the dominant sex and the breadwinners in society. It only makes sense from an economic standpoint that since women now outearn men, that men take on women's roles. Like women, men should be inherently valued as women are. Female doctors should marry male nurses and female managers their male secretaries. This is what women wanted. They can court us and pay for dates etc! President Obama just announced the other day that the new national focus will be on advancing women in Science and also offering more women only school loans!


"This is a victory for feminism. This is what the feminist movement has been pushing for for decades: Women having careers, making the money, having the power, and men feeling free to be the ones to stay at home. These gentleman are comfortable being at home and having someone else make the money."
"These gents simply want to be homemakers. They love being at home. They would make fine househusbands and stay at home dads to women who want a career but don’t want to have to come home to do it all. This works. The women can make the money and these fine gentleman can drive the cars their wives buy for them, do the shopping, and try out new recipes. And take an afternoon nap so that he’s fresh for when she comes home in the evening.
Women have become stronger and more dominant and independent. Men have become weaker and more dependent. This is what the movement has been and continues to work for."

"If, theoretically, women are flourishing like never before because of feminism (i.e. because of the way that feminists have gotten rid of the strict life script and traditional gender roles of the past), then wouldn’t it make more sense for men to do them same thing in order to flourish?”
That is exactly what is happening. Feminism has flipped the script. As women are more driven in their careers, many men are less so. Feminist influence has socialized them to no longer feel a need to be able to support a family, to be the protector/provider/leader / martyr."
"They are now taught to be content to have the woman bring home the money and take care of him, while he is happy to stay at home and be a home-maker and/or raise the children, letting her handle the pressure of overtime, commuting, travel, stress, etc. to earn a living for the family. There are more secularly unmotivated men than ever before. This is the model that feminism has long been promoting. This is a victory for them. They should be celebrating it."

 My sentiments exactly....women worked so hard for this. It now makes more sense for men to be homemakers! This is wonderful news for men. Women will gladly allow us into the role of the "oppressed"! I'm sure of it!

Men and Women Men's Rights Activists discuss male options: Men Going Their Own Way:

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-Other men are trying to understand what matriarchy means for men in relation to female hypergamy and how to adjust to the role of beta male bitch:

I believe it important that if men expect to remain members of the matriarchal family they be willing to be a live-in cuckold within a harem as part of a polyandrous \ polyamorous relationship structure. One can remain a beta male within the family but the matriarch will need to mate with high status males that may not commit to her but her willing cuckold at home is obliged to assist in the raising of this males offspring....that is if marriage takes place at all. When men are discarded from the family by divorce in the future we must work out who will gain parental custody of any biological and in the case of the male, any non biological children. We must also examine the role alimony and child support will play in our growing societal construct of matriarchy.

-To learn more about what matriarchy means for fatherhood and the concept of marriage please see Anatomy of Matriarchy 

In the video at the bottom of this post, Liza Mundy discusses the new role of the beta bitch husband within the matriarchal household at New America Foundation. One of the panelists discusses the growing male aversion to marrying under matriarchy and what this means in relation to collapsing birth rates associated with matriarchy. He mentions a behavior among men which is taking place in Japan which is interesting to note as there is also a rising phenomenon of men withdrawing from females and becoming "grasseaters" or "soushoku danshi" which translates to grass-eating boys. This is similar to the American phenomenon known as MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way. MGTOW is also associated with and related to what is also known as "zeta masculinity."

 While both Japanese "soushoku danshi" and MGTOW exhibit similar behavior, MGTOW and Zeta Masculinity takes a decidedly masculine self empowering approach. MGTOW and Zeta Masculinity is somewhat connected to the subculture of PUA or "pickup artist" and the resulting employment of Game or Game Theory. This is a type of behavioral adaptation of males that employs elements of an evolutionary biological approach to gain attraction and temporary mating opportunity with females.  It is a type of faining and emulation of alpha male characteristics.  However, it must be noted that MGTOW (MGTOW article 2) is popular across all levels of socio-economic class as it is not only the growing underclass of beta men who adhere to the lifestyle but the most desirable and resourcefully successful of males as well. I suspect that although males at the upper end of the spectrum have their pick of females, they adhere to MGTOW due to feminist matriarchal Marriage 2.0 laws and furthermore enjoy regular sex and access to females without commitment to such a one sided obligation. These males may also have already been married and divorced. With their resources now being transferred by force to the matriarchal family these males resolve themselves to withdraw into MGTOW and are unwilling to or simply unable to start another family. 

MGTOW, Zeta Masculinity and the somewhat loosely associated behavior of PUA \ Game are lifestyles characterized by male self actualization for the male's benefit alone outside and away from the traditional norm of male identity associated with commitment to females and the establishments of dating, marriage, fatherhood and family. 

Within American culture, Game originates from the learned behavioral adaptations of males within the matriarchal culture that is the African American community. It is now being adopted by other American males across lines of race and class as our matriarchal societal construct continues to grow. However, many choose not to associate with females at all including the absconding and rejection of the notion of pursuing females for sex. This element is known as "ghosting" or the action of "going ghost." Those adhering to "ghosting" may have already been married and divorced. With their resources now being transferred by force to the matriarchal family and the matriarch's children, these males resolve themselves not to be interested in associating with females at all.
All of the above growing subcultures are marked by a decided wide scale male desire to withdraw from connection and contribution to society to any productive fashion beyond the interests of the self. Many are quite happy to step off the fast track of pursuing high levels of resources in a career and into a much more relaxing, slower paced and lower paid career life. Without incentive to produce within a competitive echelon for access to females, many men are happy and content with expending very little effort beyond what makes them personally happy. Men in general are not rampant consumers and when they do make a purchase it is usually for an object of functional and practical use along with the occasional recreational item. By withdrawing from the system many men are content with very little. They are quite content with beer, sports, video games, porn and grilling food together with fellow ostracized males who have dropped out. Under the construct of matriarchy men are quite content to be loutish and unproductive. 

In Japan a Media Shakers, a consulting company that is a subsidiary of Dentsu, the country's largest advertising agency, estimates that 60 percent of men in their early 20s and at least 42 percent of men aged 23 to 34 consider themselves grass-eating men. Partner Agent, a Japanese dating agency, found in a survey that 61 percent of unmarried men in their 30s identified themselves as herbivores. Of the 1,000 single men in their 20s and 30s polled by Lifenet, a Japanese life-insurance company, 75 percent described themselves as grass-eating men. 

I'm very concerned about Japan in particular. So many men have gone MGTOW.  their survival as a people is now in question.  Our men are doing this as well. Our birthrate is below replacement level as well.

I personally estimate that approximately 80% of the American male population increasingly adheres to one or more elements of these male withdraw phenomenons. Again, the phenomenons are all tied together by the increasing male desire to withdraw and much of any interest in women involves little more than the momentary pursuit of women for sex while others do not seek to associate with women at all.  How men seek to define their lives under this construct is an interesting notion to attempt to understand. To learn more about Game \ PUA as it relates to male withdraw and marginalization please see: Game \ PUA Now A Necessity.