Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why Media Portrays Men As Morons

Women control 60% of the nations wealth and make 80% of all consumer purchases. This is also why nearly every store and every possible space you see in consumer or shopping real estate is designed for female consumption. Women by nature are rampant consumers of resources. This is why female political agency is so focused toward diverting resources to the female herd. In essence women always want more.

Almost all commercials are geared toward female hypergamy and their natural critical\choosy nature. These commercials are designed to make the product the better hypergamous decision than the men in the picture. The alpha product is the more adequate solution to men. The ads are designed to exemplify lack of male utility or usefulness...all of whom are portrayed as beta or exhibit inadequacy to create hypergamous contrast to the adequacy of the product. The commercials are this way because they work, they sell to women. This tells us much about women. 

Young women also make on average 8% more than young men and are also more willing to incur debt obligations to make consumer purchases. Women are a huge segment of the consumer market, they essentially are the market. On occasion when you see a commercial directed at men that degrades men, it is in contrast to another male. In this instance the other male, the one making the proper decision is the man who the consumer is supposed to identify with. It is intended to contrast a beta male decision with the proper alpha male decision made by the man who is portrayed as alpha. This is because males are in competition with each other for external aspects of biological value and appeal for adequacy. As we know, men are not inherently valued or even considered a man without male use and utility, often to the point of being exploited for the use and disposability to women and culture. A man is not something you are inherently by default but rather something to be, one must "be" a man. In fact one can say that it is the epitome of male adequacy to in fact be willing to go to these ends.

Women as a group see other women as part of the same identity group, team woman if you will. In contrast to men, women have a same group preference. This is also why they act so freverently and ubiquitously through identity politics. One can say that the group politic of women is gynocentric and self focused. They are also not in competition for external aspects of value in term of adequacy in use or utility.

Women are inherently valued and inherently considered worthy of the title woman for the simple fact that they exist. Women have a commonality of identity in this way. They see themselves as valuable which extends to their identity group. Though women are in competition for internal and inherent value such as body and beauty, commercials showing women degrading another woman to create contrast do not exist because of the herd like same group preference women embody. Women are a type of gynocentric union. Any commercials focusing on inherent female biological value such as aspects of body and beauty will instead show complete focus on a single woman rather than contrast her inadequacy with another woman in the ad. Women's entire focus on the subjective self is contrasted to or made to identify with the woman in the advertisement and not in contrast to other women within in the ad.

Women's entire locus of thought and action emanates first from the subjective focus on self. Female reasoning is also markedly subjective and not externally objective. This is why men have been so discriminated against and as a class have been harmed by female political agency. Female thought and action in all realms is not put forth with the precipitating function of what men call reason and logic, a process which leads to understanding of objective morality, a type of understanding of cause and effect further beyond the platitudes of self. It is in this difference I believe that female morality is subjective in nature and therefore exists in the relative realm, relative to self and is encapsulated and strongly influenced by gynocentricity.