Thursday, April 19, 2012


THE-SPEARHEAD got hit with some malware. The users of anyone who has it linked up on their site or blog will get the following message. Though there is no danger to your site or blog itself I unfortunately recommend taking down your spearhead link to keep traffic to MRM sites flowing for the time being until this issue is resolved. The-Spearhead is an important MRM site so please be sure to do your part to put the link back up when the issue is resolved and the malware exploit is removed from the-spearhead. This issue is being addressed at this time.

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Rob said...

Its a damn shame aint it. I think he had it for at least a month. I know I would get the rediriect from time to time. It was discussed in the comment section. I researched it but couldn't find any info.
Somebody's always looking to take down a site. Guess they have nothing better to do.