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Male Liberation Under Matriarchy The W.O.R.K. Act

Smash Patriarchy At Midnight March 8th United States International Women's Day Poster From 2009

I am reading about the implementation of The "Women's Option To Raise Kids" Act or W.O.R.K

The goal of this law is the implementation of what can be called government husbandry. 

Being that the goal of female "independence" is in fact to make women independent by way of male subjugation under marriage 2.0 laws, government husbandry support etc. it is imperative that as we move toward a matriarchal society that women be communally supported rather than exploiting the bodies of men and extracting the fruits of our labor from it. Marriage as an institution is no longer legitimate given the laws women have changed. In order to make women independent they must become independent from their dependency on the exploitation, lack of rights and resulting disposability of men. This will in turn make men independent. True feminist independence and equality is the advent of mutual independence not just female independence. Mutual independence is another term for mutual dis-need. Mutual dis-need should be the goal if men are going to complete the structure of the Matriarchal Society for which women want built. See: Anatomy of Matriarchy

March 8th. The Soviet Union: International Women's Day Was Created:

  Under Matriarchy, under the true paradigm of actual female independence from men, it is the role of the State to support women and for women to support themselves. Men are not a part of the family and as it is, not a part of the lives of our children. It is only when actual female independence is implemented will men be free from the false female independence brought about by the legalization of the disposability, lack of rights and exploitation of men under matriarchal feminist marriage 2.0 laws. Female nature is communal. Communalism \ Communism, Feminism and Matriarchy go hand in hand. It is the goal of women to create a communal communist feminist matriarchal society. Feminism's primary goal is to direct more resources to women by any means necessary to foster "liberation" "independence" or what is falsely called "equality".

In order for men to attempt to make proper choices for themselves in terms of living a healthy life under the scourge of Feminism it is important for men to understand what women's intentions are as we move forward. Male liberation is what the vile ideologies of Communism \ Feminism promises men. The current implementation of male subjugation is an intermediary step. This is also what women mean when they say Patriarchy harms men to. They purport that when Feminism reaches it's goals it will liberate men as well. In the meantime men must make decisions that will best protect themselves as Feminism charges ahead with it's goals. Men must understand that feminism is not something separate from the modus operandi of female nature. Feminism is the name given to the collective vehicle of inherent female nature and associated agency given to them to enact it.

It is important for us as a culture to understand that women are the source and cause of the destruction of family and the advent of fatherless children. Once we understand this on a societal level we will be able to address it as a culture. However, I do not expect women to make a concession to this. I think the MRM has done a great job of placing the culpability where it needs to be while also serving to protect men from making the mistake of forming a feminist family and feminist marriage with a woman. All marriage as defined by law is feminist marriage. Men in the MRM have done a fantastic job of helping younger men understand the position we face. To learn more about the historical roots and ideology of Feminism please see: Feminism and The Communist Revolution 

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