Monday, April 16, 2012

Why Are Women Increasingly Raping Boys

I saw yet another story the other day regarding yet another female teacher who preyed upon and raped her boy student. I understand that this has been on the increase in recent years and have to wonder why...why do women increasingly rape young boys? What is the cause of this seemingly new phenomena in our culture?

Well, basing my premise on what I've observed of female behavior I surmise these boys meet biological requisites that fulfill something that base female animal nature must seek out. I thought to myself that this seems very atypical given what females are driven to secure from a man before reproducing...well it isn't now adays if you think about it.

What the female animal wants is genes, good genes and resources. If she can secure offspring from multiple males while retaining the necessary resource requisites even better. Well, if the resource requisites are met by their own employment along with any government husbandry needed and of course the raped boy himself to fill in the gap, where else to find prized genes than young vulnerable boys? You see, these intelligent, tall, handsome young boys have something that these women could not obtain from older, established men with the same qualities. Why seek these qualities from a man when you can get them from a boy, a boy whom when mature and grows to be an intelligent, tall, handsome and successful man would not give her the time of day nor perhaps even have sex with her.

Whether these women conceive a child or have protected or non protected sex does not matter. To the female animal hind brain it's a turn on to copulate with these fine young specimens given the resource requisites are met. However, many times the goal is to conceive. And why not, young raped boys are made to pay child support : )

In California, an appellate court upheld an order (San Luis Obispo Count y v. Nathan J., 1996) forcing a 15 year old boy to pay child support to his rapist after she became pregnant and gave birth.

California is not the only state where this is the case. Kansas, Texas, Ohio, and other states also force rape victims to pay child support to their rapists.

In Kentucky, a prosecutor stated that he would help a woman collect child support from a man who was 14 at the time she raped him while neglecting to charge the woman with statutory rape. The state of Colorado attempted to recover AFDC payments from a man who was just 12 when he became a father with an older woman.

In this culture, it really doesn't matter where women get their genes from. It can be from a boy, from paternity fraud, adultery and cuckolding,from a sperm bank over the internet according to what Hollywood celebrity the male specimen looks like to a duped man who thought his trusted someone was on birth control. There have even been cases where women retain sperm after giving a blow job and impregnate themselves with it. Yes...a man, a nice successful doctor was made liable for it as well..isn't that nice! Even sperm donors have been pursued for child support and of course it's given! It really doesn't matter because there is no accountability when it comes to women, what matters is that they get the genes they want.

This list has not been maintained and kept up to date AT ALL but here is an expose, a list showing some of the growing number of female pedophile rapists

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Anonymous said...

Well these boys are probably alpha for their age (popular kids, athletes, etc). This gives women the ability to have an alpha and control an alpha, which she can't do when he's mature.

James Wilson said...

If the tables was reversed, [Older Man rapes younger girl] then it wouldn't be a question. He would be charge. Rightfully so. We also talk about [Older man rape younger boy]. Again in our society, this person would be charged. Why is is not an issue when it's an older woman and a younger boy [and I wand to address in the article the reference to a young boy at the age of 12 a a "man", he is not a "man" yet] This rape will affect his development to become a man in our society. Just like young woman, young men have to go through development stages. If these stages are not met, then there will be a development gap. I I would love to see the data on young men development gaps as it relates to the non-reported cases of rape in these situations.