Friday, April 6, 2012

President Winks and Courts The Female Herd At White House Forum

Watch closely, when he says "that is almost guaranteed" near the end of the video. Watch him wink at his communal, communist, self centered female herd. So what does he plan to do to carry women on a pedestal to these top positions in companies and to give them seats in congress though women are already the majority vote and decide the elections to begin with???

No one knows what he plans to do but I'm sure it has something to do with opening the avenue for massive litigation and lawsuits against any company women as a class or as individuals plan to attack. I also see Affirmative Action that requires men to give up their seats to women in congress. However I'm hoping he is just courting women for their vote. In order to get women's vote you have to promise to provide to them and protect them from have to make something up and be their knight in shining armor. Women are already swooning for him. He's up by 18 percentage points in the polls among women.

While the President seeks power through the innate self centered focus of female nature and the communal communist leaning female herd, I'd like to present to you your male workforce participation...the graph is a little dated, it ends in should see it now.

Between 1 in 4 and 1 in 5 men, approximately 25% of the male population has no job, no work. The graph ends at the beginning of our current economic recession\depression through the year of 2008. The bread lines this time around, as opposed to the last economic depression come by way of debit cards filled by borrowed money from our government. The job lines this time around are virtual, they are over the internet.

Mr. President, you mention women only loans for education and business. Sir, women acquire 60% of college degrees and the majority of advanced degrees. Is it possible that men may be given loans also?

Mr. President, the term "my better half" is meant to be a gender neutral compliment a man or woman can say to honor their partner and not that women are better. I get it though, Mika's co-host Joe is a conservative and he is also a man. Your joke kills two birds with one stone.

You complained that your grandmother did not get her college paid for like your grandfather through the G.I. Bill even though she had worked on a bomber assembly line for employment. You said she had a high school education yet made it to be the Vice President of a bank but "hit the glass ceiling" because a colleague of hers that was a man was given the position of President instead of her. Mr. President I think you are very misguided in your thinking.

Mr. President I do think women could have been drafted or even required to register for selective service. They could have had the opportunity for the G.I. bill but they seem to suffer from extreme cowardice and desertion. We had a big problem with it in the Iraq War and in Afganistan. They would abandon their countrymen and would seek to get pregnant and did so. This cost good men their lives. Women's leaders sought to exempt them. I say they be dishonorably discharged. As we know pregnancy and conception to term is 100% a woman's choice

Also sir, please be advised that men need domestic violence counseling as well. Why aren't men covered for this under your healthcare bill like women are? The Centers for Disease Control found that 28.5 percent of men—over 40 million men—experience rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner. Those men, unlike women, will first have to ask for help and then pay out of pocket to receive it.

VAWA is a great way to get full custody of children through a false accusation. Lawyers call it "the silver bullet" in divorce. I read Biden's interview in Glamor magazine. He wants to give women a fresh line of credit and clear her of all debt obligations. VAWA is a great way to get a clean slate financially should a woman be interested in making a free fresh financial start. The reason Republicans were against the new VAWA authorization is that it expanded the law to immigrants. All one has to do to gain citizenship and asylum is make a claim against a man.

You mention women get free preventative healthcare but why not men? Mr. President, why are men denied preventative health services under your healthcare bill? Why don't we get HIV counseling for free like women or HPV tests for free like women?

Mr. President. The 78 cents to the male dollar wage gap is what is known as "the raw wage gap" or the disparity in earnings between all men and women in the workforce and not the same job. Be advised sir that this is caused by women's choices. Young unmarried women without children earn on average 8% more than young men. They out earn young men in every major city in the United States. You should really look at the numbers.

Men have absolutely been devastated by the effects of globalization and were around 80% of those who lost their jobs in this recession yet you devoted the Stimulus Package to women upon the lobbying of the Women's Feminist Party....why?..why have you done this? Many of my countrymen are deeply suffering. Many of them, if unable to find work are therefore unable give the fruits of their labor and money to the woman who divorced them and took their children. They know well that if they can not find work they will go to jail.

At a time like this, the President gloats that women earn the majority of advanced degrees and his goal is to catapult them to seats in congress and within the top ranks of companies. At a time like this.......

The nations men are deeply suffering and you should don't matter. However, you matter to me and the MRM. The MRM is the only collective voice men have....and we are growing. You matter to your brothers and countrymen. You are not alone in this. I hope that someday men will see themselves as a socio-political class as women do. I hope that someday men will achieve representation not only as a social class in society but a political class. I hope that together men will be able to make change for the better. I hope that someday men will have a voice. I hope that someday a common felicity with women can be reached. I hope that someday our interests are represented to the benefit of mutual ends of which we will then be able to seek together and not as single and separate individuals and classes in conflict to the detriment of men. Currently men are losing the battle for a common felicity with women. We will all increasingly pay the price for it in all realms of the social, political and economic.

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Anonymous said...

Great post. I absolutely fucking hate Obama. He has done more to harm men,by design,than any other world leader in history and the cat-herding sex just love him for it. The time is coming very soon when there will be hell to pay for all the government-sponsored abuse men have had to put up with from the women's bloc. If you think a woman scorned is scary, wait till you see the fury of millions of men who have been repeatedly ass-raped by their own governments.