Sunday, April 8, 2012

Female Rape Fantasies

Agreed, women have rape fantasies because it validates her sexual power. As we all know women are attracted to male use and utility to meet their own ends. Such extreme male desire enacted through male violence is seen by women as an instrument of extension to their own power. This is why the worlds most notoriously violent men have veritable harems of women vying for their attention and affection that would put the rest of us to shame by comparison.... particularly those that are violent rapists and murderers.

We must understand that women are as much or more violent than men are. They are implicitly so through men whenever possible and have shown themselves to be explicitly so given that rates of intimate partner violence are not only equal but women actually surpass men in measurements of intimate partner violence in certain categories. They are more likely to initiate violence with their male partner.

After all, what more is the nature of men than the product of eons of cumulative average desires of women. If you ever hear women shaming men for aspects of male nature tell them to check their female privilege and desire to have access to said violence at the door because as far as you're concerned they don't deserve to have it. Don't let them get away with playing innocent with a smile on their face...they are anything but.

"It is intriguing that huge numbers of women are eagerly consuming myriad and disparate fantasies of submission at a moment when women are ascendant in the workplace, when they make up almost 60 percent of college students, when they are close to surpassing men as breadwinners, with four in 10 working women now outearning their husbands, when the majority of women under 30 are having and supporting children on their own" -Newsweek Link: HERE

"in hard economic terms—women are less dependent or subjugated than before." (*more equal than men are in all realms, even the family for which men are no longer members of)

"It is probably no coincidence that, as more books like The Richer Sex by Liza Mundy and Hanna Rosin’s forthcoming The End of Men appear, there is a renewed popular interest in the stylized theater of female powerlessness. This is not to mention a spate of articles on choosing not to be married or the steep rise in young women choosing single motherhood"

"In the realm of private fantasy, the allure of sexual submission, even in its extremes, is remarkably widespread. An analysis of 20 studies published in Psychology Today estimates that between 31 percent and 57 percent of women entertain fantasies where they are forced to have sex."

Now, when we are done banging this nations women if we can only get them to take care of their own bastard fatherless children. The days of expecting men to support all these "independent" women and their bastard children are over. As women's union has repeatedly advocated, this should be the governments job. Though unfortunately they still demand men support them as well. It's well past time to demand women actually become independent. I think men are making this lack of commitment to women, family, marriage and women's children in our own lives. THIS, is male liberation and independence. Remember, mutual independence is another word for mutual dis-need. Men must compliment women's wish for the creation of a communal \ communist State supported matriarchy by creating our own independence.


Anonymous said...

I got the following hateful email from a woman named Kathy Grandt, from Port Richey, Florida, after she had received a link to my Boycott American Women blog. Here it is:

From: Kathy Grandt
To: John Rambo
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 5:48 PM
Subject: Re: Boycott American Women


WOW. So if a man decides to NOT marry an American woman, he should be shot and murdered?

THIS IS HOW HATEFUL, SEXIST, AND EVIL AMERICAN WOMEN HAVE BECOME. I suggest you write to Kathy and ask her why she is promoting MURDER of MEN? She is one sick woman, for sure. If anyone can track down where she works, we can also write to her employer and ask them why they are employing a woman who thinks it is okay to murder men.

Here is her email:
Here is her Facebook page:

The name of her daughter is Christina Costantino, and her daughter's Facebook profile is here:
Christina's email is:
I suggest you write to her daughter and ask her why her mother has such deep hatred for men that she thinks it is okay to murder men.

Bwec said...

Yes, I think it very important for the MRM to delve into the subject of misandry and why women so openly express their critical nature toward men to the point of hatred and the expression on national television of wishing to see men dismembered and mutilated.

"Mrs. Bobbitt’s version of the facts was the evolving narrative of a woman groping for victimhood. At the time of her arrest, according to the New York Times, she told police: “He always have orgasm and he doesn’t wait for me to have orgasm. He’s selfish. I don’t think it’s fair, so I pulled back the sheets then and I did it."

Here is another case:

Bwec said...

Yes, perhaps an interview can be conducted with her in a part series in attempt to understand female violence. They commit the vast majority of child murder, surpass men in initiating intimate partner violence, are able to conduct violence against men in public and this is accepted...why? Things like that.

In terms of understanding male on female pathological rape it is important to bring to light the following so that women can be held accountable for their actions:

"There is an alarmingly high rate of sexual abuse by females in the backgrounds of rapists, sex offenders and sexually aggressive men - 59% (Petrovich and Templer, 1984), 66% (Groth, 1979) and 80% (Briere and Smiljanich, 1993). A strong case for the need to identify female perpetrators can be found in Table 4, which presents the findings from a study of adolescent sex offenders by O'Brien (1989). Male adolescent sex offenders abused by "females only" chose female victims almost exclusively."