Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Male Suicide Rates And Feminism

MRA Barbarossaaaa posted a video referencing my blog. I'd like to honor and thank him by posting the video here.

In the video he explains what variables came into play at the precise point in time that the Feminist Revolution took place in America. It was at this point in time that male suicide which prior to this point almost exactly mirrored with symmetry the rate of women's had separated into it's own increasing trend trajectory.

Something that was not mentioned in the video is the reset of the upward trend momentum in 1995. This was the point where the psychological community declared suicide an epidemic. Those of you old enough to remember may recall the public service announcements and suicide hotlines that opened up. Though the attention of the psychological health community has helped men and boys it can not and has not solved the underlying causes of male marginalization in society and the family.

His Youtube Channel can be found HERE


Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Correlation does not equal Causation? A lot of things happened around that point. Men are not "marginalised", and most of the issues they face predate feminism. The suicide issue is something to be tackled but if anything is due to an increase in men feeling they have to prove themselves in the wake of feminism rather than because of it.

The Guardian(UK Paper) run an article from a feminist on male suicide rates recently. But no matter what we do it's never really good enough anyway.

Anonymous said...

Feminism has blinded women and turned them into hateful antagonists to that which they need the most.

How many women realize or care what they do to their men when they have sworn to be by his side in support of him and all he believes in then fail to do so.

In some areas a man can do it alone. Everyone needs help. and when the one person he should be able to depend on in his life turns her back on him. To a man who is a man and a leader it does something to him.

They wonder why men have no incentive to do anything anymore. What's the use> He has no one to share his life and revel in his achevement or goals.

That is a lonely and painful life. I know.

Jake Connor said...

Don't sell yourself short, Anonymous #1 ; You're doing a great job at protesting anytime men want to gather and discuss men's issues.