Friday, April 20, 2012

Shared Parenting Up For Debate

Shared Parenting is up for debate in the Minnesota senate. The Women's Union, associated Democratic Party, Lawyers and Divorce Industry are vehemently against right to fatherhood. We will see where this ends up. With shared parenting men can be fathers rather than $$$$. The states and private business also get a cut along with subsidy from the federal government for every man they rape. There is vested interest in destroying fathers and the lives of children for profit. Someone once told me...."if you want to know why something occurs....follow the money" Women are against it because they will not be able to rape men either. We will see how things like this go. Odds are against us.

 When women lobbied for and created no-fault divorce, default mother-right custody of children and associated default right to men's bodies and the fruits of it's labor we have witnessed the most unprecedented destruction of family in this nations history.

a woman in her 20s who is a child of divorce testified emotionally that she had virtually no relationship with her father until recently, because of the existing law.

Women literally destroyed any aspect of mutual obligation in marriage. Until men earn our rights feminist marriage 2.0 is something men should avoid. The decline of divorce you see at the peak post women's revolution is attributed to the decline of marriage as an institution. Women specifically stated that marriage was oppression and wished to see it destroyed Men should avoid such relationships with women and avoid the idea of fatherhood along with a close emotional bond with their children. Men should also protect their assets from being raped by women.
What women were and are now acting out comes from the impulses of their animal primordial hind brain to increase their genetic fitness, to spread their seed so to speak and to do so at the expense of everyone and everything else including children. To learn more about the base impulses that were unleashed when women were given such political agency to do so please see the post entitled Anatomy of Matriarchy to understand exactly what type of society women wish to build.


Zorro said...

I've said it before and I'll say it until I die:

Repeal the 19th Amendment and everything self-corrects in 40 years.

Politically, women are toxic to democracy and society. Both right wing and left wing (although they're the worst).

Bwec said...

Well, as girlwriteswhat has pointed out, women have a same group preference which manifests as self preference. Men do not have a same group preference but rather more toward the ends of individual differentiation and competition. Male agency manifests itself toward the ends of female group preference which incidentally is the source of self validation of male agency. Both serve women over men.

Bwec said...

This is why I believe there have been aspects of most all cultures that served to insulate the functions of governance from female agency. Female preference becomes the vehicle of State action.

We must remember the agency women have been given has largely been an experiment. I regret to say it has not turned out well. I believe it will get worse.

Zorro said...

Yes, I also read The Woman Racket by Steve Moxon.

Bwec said...

I've heard alot about that book. I'll have to read it.

Zorro said...

There are two books that are totally RED PILL awakenings to the whole male/female thingy:

1. The Manipulated Man, by Esther Vilar
2. The Woman Racket, by Steve Moxon.

I've read tons of gender books. Those two are the standard-bearers of what the truth really is.