Friday, April 27, 2012

Should Heterosexual Males Be Given Equal Protection Under Law?

VAWA debate rages on. For the first time men are being considered as an equal class of American citizen.

Debate continues in Washington as to whether every class of human being including illegal immigrants should be given protection under law to the exclusion of one class of American, the heterosexual male. So far VAWA covers gay males, lesbians, American Indian women, illegal immigrants and all women. There are Constitutionalists in government fighting for heterosexual males to be given protection under law. There are no specifications by race or religious class of American just yet. I don't expect there will be. The debate is over whether the heterosexual male class of American should have the same representation as everyone else including non Americans. We will wait and see if the heterosexual male is given equal protection and representation under law.

 "Sen. Chuck Grassley, Iowa Republican, and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Texas Republican, are bringing up an alternative bill in Thursday’s session. One difference is that “our bill covers men,” she said, as it is now known that “men suffer victimization, too.”

For the first time the question of whether men should be considered equal Americans deserving equal protection under the law comes up for debate. The Women's Union along with the associated Democratic party are doing everything they can to prevent heterosexual males from having the right to be covered under the equal protection clause of our Constitution. For the record I do not pick sides in our two party system, I consider myself a sovereign citizen if anything and do not respect either party, our government establishment nor where they are leading the nation. That said: 

This is going on when a friend of mine just informed me that the abuse he suffered at the hands of his former girlfriend had come to bear upon his health....My friend has a history of abuse by females. His mother was also violent and abusive. But.....there is no help for men. How long until men are viewed as human beings?
"Just a heads up about my incident though, I didn't wanna say anything on my wall due to mutual friends, but my ex Nicole, she's the reason I have the issue. She used to physically kick me down there all the time if I was late coming home. After I left her, she had police come to my door and accused me of beating her, even though she had no marks on her.  "Hydrocele, it's basically an absess on my left testicle. It was also coupled with a non cancerous tumor that was removed as well. Nasty scar, but I'm still able to have kids. I had an awesome surgeon Dr. Ogbolu. Great guy. I'm just peachy, though walking is a bit of a task."
 How long will it be until men like my friend above will be able to call the police and not be scared of being taken to jail for doing so? How long.....until men have equal protection under law under VAWA?! See: Violence Against Men Is Normal



tweell said...

It's going to take a while for the pendulum to swing back to neutral. I recommend your friend pick up a protective cup and wear it until he fixes his partner choices.

Bwec said...

Is that what you would say to a woman if she were a victim of domestic violence? You are saying that my friend is responsible for what happened to him. You are brainwashed by misandry and feminism to believe these things. You are saying what women's union in Washington is are wrong.

Anonymous said...
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