Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Anatomy of Matriarchy

I was reading an article about the Haitian family and wish to clearly identify the construct of Matriarchy.

‎"In Haiti, 47% of single parent families are headed by women. Often these women have, on average, six children with two or three different fathers. Over 80% of unions in Haiti are common-law or plasaj.".

All matriarchies are structured this way....this is the female ideal. Women's biological propensity, their goal and that of their political union is to obtain this ideal. Much of the impetus behind feminism is in fact female biological programming at work i.e. the female organisms desire for maximized genetic fitness. This comes by way of directing available resources to women and subsequently the conception of not only number of children but the genetic diversity given of children by different fathers.

In the biological sciences these two above elements are the definition of increasing ones genetic fitness. This is something all organisms are driven to do. However, civilization came to be by understanding these impulses and creating restraints and associated moral foundation to enforce these constraints for the betterment of the whole. This intelligence, this awareness of our animal natures is what differentiates us from animals. It is also what differentiates patriarchy from matriarchy.

Unlike under patriarchy where polygamy is outlawed, the central tenet of matriarchy is the avocation for and the resulting advent of polyandry. Only under extreme patriarchies has polygamy existed. These extreme patriarchies also serve to marginalize a significant number of males from mating opportunity, enough so that these societies typically have social conflicts and fractures along the lines of the resulting delineated violence and consequently extreme vagina guarding morays resulting in the repression of women.

To further expound upon matriarchy, it must be noted that men are not members of the family. They are more closely associated with their mother's family, and invest and fatherhood like behavior and dedication to the matriliene and offspring of female relatives. These offspring are the only children they are sure they are related to. Matriarchies are all piss poor and males are generally loutish. This is the dynamic women are now and continue to build in the United States. It is the biological drive and ideal of the female organism. Unlike our former patriarchy that once existed in the United States there are no limits or laws upon women to restrain or constrain them to maintain monogamous pair bonds as men implemented upon ourselves under patriarchy. Under our prior patriarchy and the resulting conscious rejection of human animal nature in favor of higher reasoning, the central tenets of matriarchy are to remove all aspects of this structure in favor of human animal female nature. The differentiating factors that has led to our current matriarchy are as follows:

-Legalization of the transference of male resources to females outside the pair bond

-The implementation of no-fault divorce while maintaining default awards to receive the prior listed element.

-The revocation of father-right custody of children and implementation of mother-right custody.

-The advent of government husbandry resource and child care support to women

-The advent of female economic and educational competition against males by various female favor laws such as women only loans, women only scholarships, women only educational advancement support, organizations and funding, Title IX, Affirmative Action, restructured educational models to suit female learning style and needs etc.

The effects of the above are compounded by the resulting performance and success differentials exhibited by boys from single mother homes and furthermore in comparison to girls from the same single mother home. The result further exacerbates the marginalization of men and boys in society and the family.

When the girl above states she is looking for a non committed man we need to read further into female biological behavior to understand what she is really saying. Under matriarchy female sexuality is not private and monogamous but public and promiscuous. Under the construct of unrestrained female hypergamy females typically copulate with males that are above their station i.e. non committed men. Given the resource support construct is available, what is important to women is not necessarily commitment and marriage but prized genes.

What she is looking for is not necessarily non committed men but is driven to sacrifice marriage or a committed male for the exemplary genes non committed men have. With the matriarchal laws that women implemented she is entitled to what she would have previously only been entitled to through commitment and resulting enfranchisement of men within the family through marriage...resources.

Again, given the resource constructs are available this is what females are driven to act out and to do so with multiple different males.....this is matriarchy.

Like all matriarchies, marriage is no longer a mutual ends created by mutual reciprocal commitment and obligation. Like all matriarchies pair bonds between men and women are increasingly loose knit and at most cohabitation based and often times fleeting and temporary relationships. What remains of marriage on the path toward our matriarchal society becomes a serial polyandrous affair with most families being divorced and dissolved by the female before moving to the next male(as is currently the case). Like all matriarchies men are not members of the family and fatherhood is non existent. THIS men is matriarchy.....THIS is feminism.

After watching the video one can subsequently conclude that innate female hypoagency creates a paradox when women are allowed a relationship with State. It becomes female hyperagency to the ends of not only tyranny but the disenfranchisement of men and the destruction of the very structure that supports women in the first place. Female hyperagency through the State leads to the inevitable ends of matriarchy.

HERE is an example of a matriarchy. In order for Men's Rights to move forward, it is important for men to understand exactly what it is that women wish to build our society into. Single mother birth rates by all births and by age group:

The following article outlines women's desire to create a matriarchal society. Understand clearly that this is what women want. This is what they meant by liberation and independence. Complimentary Article to the above post: Why Men Are Slackers and Women are Single

Complimentary article:  Boys raised by traditional families 'do better at school'

What must be made known is the disproportionate detrimental effect that Matriarchy has upon the long term
health and performance metrics of boys from single mother fatherless homes compared to girls from the same single mother home. Matriarchy and the marginalization of the male from society and the family takes place from a young age when he is raised in a single mother home and into adulthood where he is again marginalized from the matriarchal family when he becomes a father. The compounding detrimental effects of male marginalization and lack of enfranchisement propagates to the society at large. We must ask ourselves, what type of men are we creating when men have no real stake in society nor any reason to maintain a contribution to it.

Feminist Marriage 2.0 laws must be changed in order to facilitate the maintenance of the family. Women must, in at least one or more ways, have some type of obligation and liability not to give way to their desire to increase their genetic fitness. This is to say that with commitment should come obligation and liability, as it is the case that currently....women are bound to none. I propose this be done by enacting default shared parenting i.e. shared custody of children after divorce and as a result the abolition of child support and alimony men are currently made to pay to finance their own disposability. Enfranchised fatherhood IS child support. What is perfectly clear is that the current terms of feminist enacted marriage 2.0 must be amended.   

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Repeal the 19th Amendment.

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