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A Reprieve From The Regular Feminism Fare

A Reprieve From The Regular Feminism Fare:

UPDATE: Now that I've written the article this is no reprieve from discussing feminism at all. I guess it all comes together in all realms of the social, political and economic to create the big picture men face. My goal through my blog is to create that picture for the world to see....especially for men.

This post is intended to give men a brief on what exactly has led up to the situation we face outlined on the blog post below titled: "Another Bullet Shot At The Wage Gap Myth"

First I'd like to present the below graphs illustrating what globalization, unfair trade agreements (unfair for workers but great for corporate profits), foreign outsourcing, domestic outsourcing (i.e. labor being marginalized under the roof of temporary and contract companies) has done to our economy and specifically to men.

The graph below shows the historical distribution of income in the United States. The higher the graph line the more wealth (and what would be the potential wages for "the 99%" as the Occupy Movement calls it) is concentrated away from the majority and held in the hands of the few.

As you can see we now have the largest income inequality in American history surpassing that just prior to the Great Depression.

It is said that the below quote is not attributed to President Lincoln. However, history is not written by those who lose but rather by the hand of the victor and as such, the hand that holds the power to both write it but also erase it.

"I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and cause me to tremble for safety of my country; corporations have been enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the People, until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands, and the Republic destroyed."

ABRAHAM LINCOLN, letter to Col. William F. Elkins, Nov. 21, 1864

There is a reason why so much wealth concentration makes economies inherently unstable. The first peak you see is the wealth and wage\profit aggregation prior to The Great Depression. The second peak which actually exceeds the concentration of wealth preceding the first Depression shows the wealth distribution preceding the fallout for which we (the 99%) are facing now. However there has been little or no change in this distribution because we as a people were forced to bail out those at the top and give them back money they lost while also losing more of our own.

In the second scenario, the one we face now, in order to to keep the scheme running, debt had to be leveraged upon the masses to keep the illusion of continued prosperity and to maintain the same or better standard of living. However, borrowed money is borrowed time. The wool was pulled over the eyes of the masses until their debt obligations caught up with them. As we know, this could not go on forever as has been made quite clear with the bursting of the housing bubble, student loan bubble, and the personal credit card debt bubble. All of which have burst and some are still collapsing. The Stimulus Packages issued by the government and the Feds lowering of interest rates to near zero are merely efforts to contain the crash, this can not stop it but mearly slow it down. The actual fallout from the crash will take place over several more years. This is only the beginning of the devaluation of the dollar, inflation and pain to come.

There is a reason such wealth concentration makes an economy volatile and a house of cards waiting to crash. Given any event or impetus this large sum of money in the hands of a few can move and change investment position very quickly, as it only takes the actions of "the 1%" (as the Occupy Movement calls them) to have reason to do so. Such a monumental shift of monetary flow and position within an economy is tantamount to an earthquake taking place. Such was the case of the first Great Depression. One bad day of indicators at the stock exchange and "the 1%" sold their investment positions. This caused a monumental crash in the markets creating panic and began the first Great Depression.

Now, we must ask ourselves how such a concentration of wealth, wages\profit took place again, what is the anatomy of our economic situation, what caused it? First lets figure out where it began.

For this we need only look at when wages separated from corporate profits and production:

What took place during this time was the beginning of globalization and "free" trade agreements\policy. With this came the shrinking of many sectors of our economy such as manufacturing etc. coinciding with the specialization and growth in the remaining ones. What was left, well primarily the service sector, education, finance, core internal business jobs within corporations (while the rest were chopped up and sold out by domestic or foreign outsourcing), healthcare and government jobs....that's it.

(Remember the above when we attempt to understand why females dominate our economy) Primarily however, what kept us afloat was consumption financed by debt. Consumer spending plus government health care spending accounts for is 70% of GDP (our gross domestic product) i.e. what we as a nation produce..suffice as to say that we do not produce, we spend and consume. Here in lies the problem in a globalized non sovereign economy. We consume and spend more than we produce.

This leads us to our trade deficit. The graph is a little dated but we are in a worse position now...continuing downhill.

The problem with a service sector \ consumer based economy of course is that it doesn't produce anything tangible for the global market. Which gender is it that actually produces something of tangible value for trade?....men. So...we have an impotent feminized economy and the massive liquidation of our wealth and prosperity as we spend and debt ourselves into oblivion for what has been record corporate globalist profits since this all began.

Well, if the 1% is doing so well and the bottom 99% are struggling where does this leave us. Well, as time goes on, unless our policies are amended it creates social, political and economic instability. This is not good as if it is not resolved this will lead to social unrest and dire consequences. So what is to be done about it?

Well lets watch this video then get down the the reality of the dire situation we face.

The add is misleading. While true, it fails to calculate the complexity of the situation the bottom "99%" (as the occupy movement calls them) are in. If you look at total personal debt outstanding, the effect of inflation, wages failing to keep pace with production, the decoupling of wages from said production starting 30 years ago, the continued relative real wage decline in incomes, net worth loss by collapse of housing value, net worth loss by retirement investment lost (40+% and more) the dire situation comes to light... Taking away any brainwashing and mental block created by the govt\corporate\media complex and their vested interest in maintaining this system the reality is that current real wages and net worth of the masses factored for their current and future financial liabilities such as retirement and even day to day living for the 99% is not enough.

So what does the President propose we do about it?

"If the rich are not taxed more, everyone else will have less." -President Barack Obama

What the president proposes is to slice off the point at the top on the right, give it to the government and then redistribute it to the ailing masses. This he says will solve the issues we face. Indeed perhaps free money taken from the globalists and given to us will help. Of course, what happens to money when it is in the hands of the government or the few...it gives it power. Remember what Lincoln said..."the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the People".

Given the power of Women's Political Feminist Union I postulate that we already know exactly where the money will go and who it will be given to, the female majority vote. Allow me to present a text message conversation I had with a friend of mine. She paid in around $2,000 and received $7,500+ back.

"Damn getting like $7500 back in taxes..nutz!"

"Makes no sense at all our govt is nutz!"

-"single mother subsidy, child credit"

"That's what G said...asked him if he wanted another..lol (sik fuk me ha!)"
(i.e. if her boyfriend wanted to crank out another kid so she could increase her income from the government and presumably increase both of their standard of living)

-"It's ok, I'd rather the govt do it than men although currently it is both"

"Doesn't make sense, you get more than u paid..f-ed up!"

"Encourages me to never get hitched again! Y would I!??"

-"I know, don't worry, daddy guv's got ya baby and if you were not honorable so would baby daddy. You don't need no man girl"

The money will go to subsidize the growing single mother matriarchal state.

Giving more power to government and less Independence to the people is no solution. A government who holds control over your money holds control over all of us. Do you believe the government will redistribute wealth to us equally...no I assure you it will not. Politicians will do no such thing, they want votes and "by working upon the prejudices of the People" i.e. (gynocentric female prejudice toward the self) they will hold supreme reign over the ailing and dependent masses namely women while serving to increasingly marginalize men both economically and from the family.

Now, by definition this is called socialism which is the implementation of soft communism. I will not present solutions here to you but instead will say that there is a reason wealth rapidly accumulated up top and the wool was kept pulled over our eyes in the meantime by the availability of debt taken out and made available to the American people.

Should we raise taxes on the 1%? Well the top marginal tax rate for these people has not been this low since the years preceding The Great Depression.

Yes perhaps we can raise taxes on them..but as we have seen this will not solve the problem. What needs to be understood is how and why the labor force "the 99%" have been marginalized, how and why their wages decoupled from economic growth, corporate profit and production, their current, future spending and debt liability position and how to change this for the better.

What you have witnessed over the past 30 or so years was essentially the rape of our sovereign economy for corporate profit. Something that has disproportionately affected men. The American people need to understand clearly that the decisions we make now will make or break the back of our nation and what it stands for. Please understand, the only way to spread this information is to create our own media as a people,the corporate media will not help you with this. Know that if a consciousness is not raised among the American people we are now and will continue to be in grave danger. Do your part...

The President does not plan to solve the underlying reasons why we have the largest income disparity in the nations history. Rather, he plans to raise the top marginal tax rate, grow the size of government and redistribute the wealth. Mr. President, raising taxes will not solve the problem. You must amend our trade polices and globalization and reduce the trade deficit by creating incentive to build domestic production for the global market. You work for the corporations. Paying a bit more in taxes is a good deal for them in order to maintain the liquidation of the wealth of our nation, our sovereign economy and our people. Socialism will not solve our problems.

What the president is saying is that where as before the wool was pulled over our eyes by cheap money and increased debt, these bubbles have burst. In order to maintain the plutocracy debt can not be used but rather socialism must be instituted to keep the process going.

Again, he does not plan to restore the country and its economy, he plans to continue the course of the nation. He simply realizes that our feudal lords at the top must pay the government a small pittance in order for them to continue their operations while at the same time increasing the power and size of central governance. This new found money power of the government will endeavor to increase its reign by working upon the prejudice of the people to vie for the hand of their masters and the Republic is destroyed.

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well said. the data is clear and abundant for anyone who cares to look. we're heading towards oligarchy, or perhaps we're already there.