Saturday, April 7, 2012


The only partially tenable way our matriarchy can sustain itself is to at very least declare women independent and therefore able to have a job and support themselves...children will be shared 50/50. In order to sustain production capacity in a feminist or post feminist system children will need to be handed over to government or corporate run child care facilities as the Soviets had done. Any communal support funds women\men still require should be provided through the tax base. If children are not shared I can see perhaps including men in this tax base if the downside of supporting women for men as individuals through the new defunct feminist marriage contract is of greater burden and liability (and it is) than socializing the expenditure to support women. The only other solution is to declare men as members of the family again.

Remember also under patriarchy men outlawed their own potential for polygamy. Unlike patriarchy, matriarchy gives license to the equivalent of female polygamy i.e. serial polyandry while the resources of previous males are forcibly transferred to her to maintain this while any excess support needs are transferred from the tax base to women through government husbandry (of which who's coffers are kept filled by the dwindling and increasingly marginalized male production base along with the increasingly lowered incentive for males to produce in the first place). All this is what the primordial female hind brain calls "liberation" "independence" and "equality". I concur with the author of the video that our matriarchal system is unsustainable.
WARNING TO MEN: This is what women will do to you if you don't give them and their bastard fatherless kid your money. Women will strip you of your dignity, the fruits of your labor, your freedom, your property and your fatherhood. Remember marriage and fatherhood means nothing....nothing at all. THIS is what women meant by "liberation". THIS is their "independence".

Thinking further into the end results of feminism we must also postulate the idea that feminism may very well be intentionally implemented to first transfer power to State and working industry with the end goal of moving toward a transition to global governance. In this respect it is important for men to watch the actions of the U.N. and global conglomerates very closely. From my observations this does seem to be the case. Something for which I would like to write a post upon in the future.

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