Thursday, April 12, 2012

Equal Pay and Socialized Wages

Just reading about the socialist \ communist bills women seek to pass

For one, any laws of the land that are passed must include men. If this is not the case then a discrimination case against the United States government must be pursued. Second, it has to be recognized that the Raw Wage Gap of 78 cents to the male dollar is not measured by the same job. Third, let it be known that when we actually do look at the same job, men get paid less for the same job as well, we all do in varying degrees.

For me, I've been paid up to 22% less than my co-workers. This was because I was either unable to negotiate a better wage (I also used to tell them what I made at my last job..not a good idea.) or they were willing to bring me on at the market efficient rate for my skill set. Though my skill set fit the criteria and I was doing the same job, the experience I brought to the table left a larger learning curve to bring me to efficiency. Was a raise ultimately in order...yes. That's the incentive of the free market and capitalism. If they do not, the free market of capitalism dictates I have a very good chance to market my skills somewhere else. This free market liability creates incentive for them to pay me a free market wage or risk net loss of their competitive market talent.

Either way if the socialist bills pass I see employers simply stratifying the labor force in two tiers, one that is hired and in house and the other outsourced to a contract and temp company in order to keep the free market alive and maintain market wage difference in efficiencies. However if they are not wise enough to do this I will be suing anyone who attempts to apply free market capitalist principals to my pay in the future should men in fact be given equal protection under law by these bills. I will go straight for their throat for a piece of the socialist pie. I expect women will do the same.

The goal of these bills is not to "fight discrimination" they are to eliminate free market capitalism, eliminate market wage based productivity and related return for worker output in favor of socializing wages. Differences in workers actual market value are eliminated. We must remember that women are promoting these bills because they are communal and communist by nature. They are also subjective, relative and nebulous thinkers. Nothing I've witnessed from them comes from objective reason and logical understanding outside of their subjective layer of cognition.

If women pass these laws the productivity and efficiency model of a capitalist free market will be destroyed. Passing these socialist bills will slow economic efficiency, make us less competitive and less productive because "fairness" "equality" are not market efficient externalities that can be factored into economics in any way and neither should the concept of sharing. Again, all products of female subjective reasoning. They don't think of the larger picture, the objective effect but rather "me", and how to divert more resources to the gynocentric subjective self. All matter of their reason seems to emanate from this. It's as if they are unable to extrapolate reason to the objective and functional realm, this goes from anything such as how car mechanics work or any objective and functional system for that matter and this includes economic functions. These are things women have to learn. Unfortunately, women are the majority vote and control the destiny of our nation...scary isn't it. I see a very different America being created from women's dominance..a more socialist \ communist one given their nature.

The concepts of "equality" and "fairness" are also nothing that can be quantified. Differences in wages does not equate to "discrimination". Differences in wages is a sign of free market efficiencies at work. We must not look at what the purported reason is, we must look at what the bills will actually do...they will socialize wages. Being that I believe the bills are and will be written by gender class, they will simply create the same effect exept male wages will be confiscated and then split up and socialized among women.

Again however, if equal protection under law is afforded other classes of people including males, I will be suing any employer who does not wish to give me my part of the socialized pie if they fail to be wise enough to outsource me. More than likely however, we will all simply be pushed into a market stratification model by outsourcing in order to mitigate employer liability. This will allow them not to socialize wages and maintain an efficient free market. Unfortunately, jobs that did not have the market propensity to be outsourced before, now will be. Ultimately these bills are better for business and corporate profit because of this. Labor will be marginalized under the same roof. A larger labor pool under control of one roof i.e. the outsource temp and contract companies = lower wages : ) Market inefficiencies must be vetted out somewhere....they will be vetted from all of our wages...

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