Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Men's New Gender Role!

Just finished reading the article Manning Up: Women's Rise, Men's Demise?

Attention: TheGoodMenProject on many if not most occasions contains content by manginas and white knight supplicators. However they do have occasional content and readers who are more so pro male and Men's Rights MRAs.

I love some of the comments. Some men, myself included are trying to figure out why women seem to think there is a problem with women being the dominant sex and the breadwinners in society. It only makes sense from an economic standpoint that since women now outearn men, that men take on women's roles. Like women, men should be inherently valued as women are. Female doctors should marry male nurses and female managers their male secretaries. This is what women wanted. They can court us and pay for dates etc! President Obama just announced the other day that the new national focus will be on advancing women in Science and also offering more women only school loans!


"This is a victory for feminism. This is what the feminist movement has been pushing for for decades: Women having careers, making the money, having the power, and men feeling free to be the ones to stay at home. These gentleman are comfortable being at home and having someone else make the money."
"These gents simply want to be homemakers. They love being at home. They would make fine househusbands and stay at home dads to women who want a career but don’t want to have to come home to do it all. This works. The women can make the money and these fine gentleman can drive the cars their wives buy for them, do the shopping, and try out new recipes. And take an afternoon nap so that he’s fresh for when she comes home in the evening.
Women have become stronger and more dominant and independent. Men have become weaker and more dependent. This is what the movement has been and continues to work for."

"If, theoretically, women are flourishing like never before because of feminism (i.e. because of the way that feminists have gotten rid of the strict life script and traditional gender roles of the past), then wouldn’t it make more sense for men to do them same thing in order to flourish?”
That is exactly what is happening. Feminism has flipped the script. As women are more driven in their careers, many men are less so. Feminist influence has socialized them to no longer feel a need to be able to support a family, to be the protector/provider/leader / martyr."
"They are now taught to be content to have the woman bring home the money and take care of him, while he is happy to stay at home and be a home-maker and/or raise the children, letting her handle the pressure of overtime, commuting, travel, stress, etc. to earn a living for the family. There are more secularly unmotivated men than ever before. This is the model that feminism has long been promoting. This is a victory for them. They should be celebrating it."

 My sentiments exactly....women worked so hard for this. It now makes more sense for men to be homemakers! This is wonderful news for men. Women will gladly allow us into the role of the "oppressed"! I'm sure of it!

Men and Women Men's Rights Activists discuss male options: Men Going Their Own Way:

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-Other men are trying to understand what matriarchy means for men in relation to female hypergamy and how to adjust to the role of beta male bitch:

I believe it important that if men expect to remain members of the matriarchal family they be willing to be a live-in cuckold within a harem as part of a polyandrous \ polyamorous relationship structure. One can remain a beta male within the family but the matriarch will need to mate with high status males that may not commit to her but her willing cuckold at home is obliged to assist in the raising of this males offspring....that is if marriage takes place at all. When men are discarded from the family by divorce in the future we must work out who will gain parental custody of any biological and in the case of the male, any non biological children. We must also examine the role alimony and child support will play in our growing societal construct of matriarchy.

-To learn more about what matriarchy means for fatherhood and the concept of marriage please see Anatomy of Matriarchy 

In the video at the bottom of this post, Liza Mundy discusses the new role of the beta bitch husband within the matriarchal household at New America Foundation. One of the panelists discusses the growing male aversion to marrying under matriarchy and what this means in relation to collapsing birth rates associated with matriarchy. He mentions a behavior among men which is taking place in Japan which is interesting to note as there is also a rising phenomenon of men withdrawing from females and becoming "grasseaters" or "soushoku danshi" which translates to grass-eating boys. This is similar to the American phenomenon known as MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way. MGTOW is also associated with and related to what is also known as "zeta masculinity."

 While both Japanese "soushoku danshi" and MGTOW exhibit similar behavior, MGTOW and Zeta Masculinity takes a decidedly masculine self empowering approach. MGTOW and Zeta Masculinity is somewhat connected to the subculture of PUA or "pickup artist" and the resulting employment of Game or Game Theory. This is a type of behavioral adaptation of males that employs elements of an evolutionary biological approach to gain attraction and temporary mating opportunity with females.  It is a type of faining and emulation of alpha male characteristics.  However, it must be noted that MGTOW (MGTOW article 2) is popular across all levels of socio-economic class as it is not only the growing underclass of beta men who adhere to the lifestyle but the most desirable and resourcefully successful of males as well. I suspect that although males at the upper end of the spectrum have their pick of females, they adhere to MGTOW due to feminist matriarchal Marriage 2.0 laws and furthermore enjoy regular sex and access to females without commitment to such a one sided obligation. These males may also have already been married and divorced. With their resources now being transferred by force to the matriarchal family these males resolve themselves to withdraw into MGTOW and are unwilling to or simply unable to start another family. 

MGTOW, Zeta Masculinity and the somewhat loosely associated behavior of PUA \ Game are lifestyles characterized by male self actualization for the male's benefit alone outside and away from the traditional norm of male identity associated with commitment to females and the establishments of dating, marriage, fatherhood and family. 

Within American culture, Game originates from the learned behavioral adaptations of males within the matriarchal culture that is the African American community. It is now being adopted by other American males across lines of race and class as our matriarchal societal construct continues to grow. However, many choose not to associate with females at all including the absconding and rejection of the notion of pursuing females for sex. This element is known as "ghosting" or the action of "going ghost." Those adhering to "ghosting" may have already been married and divorced. With their resources now being transferred by force to the matriarchal family and the matriarch's children, these males resolve themselves not to be interested in associating with females at all.
All of the above growing subcultures are marked by a decided wide scale male desire to withdraw from connection and contribution to society to any productive fashion beyond the interests of the self. Many are quite happy to step off the fast track of pursuing high levels of resources in a career and into a much more relaxing, slower paced and lower paid career life. Without incentive to produce within a competitive echelon for access to females, many men are happy and content with expending very little effort beyond what makes them personally happy. Men in general are not rampant consumers and when they do make a purchase it is usually for an object of functional and practical use along with the occasional recreational item. By withdrawing from the system many men are content with very little. They are quite content with beer, sports, video games, porn and grilling food together with fellow ostracized males who have dropped out. Under the construct of matriarchy men are quite content to be loutish and unproductive. 

In Japan a Media Shakers, a consulting company that is a subsidiary of Dentsu, the country's largest advertising agency, estimates that 60 percent of men in their early 20s and at least 42 percent of men aged 23 to 34 consider themselves grass-eating men. Partner Agent, a Japanese dating agency, found in a survey that 61 percent of unmarried men in their 30s identified themselves as herbivores. Of the 1,000 single men in their 20s and 30s polled by Lifenet, a Japanese life-insurance company, 75 percent described themselves as grass-eating men. 

I'm very concerned about Japan in particular. So many men have gone MGTOW.  their survival as a people is now in question.  Our men are doing this as well. Our birthrate is below replacement level as well.

I personally estimate that approximately 80% of the American male population increasingly adheres to one or more elements of these male withdraw phenomenons. Again, the phenomenons are all tied together by the increasing male desire to withdraw and much of any interest in women involves little more than the momentary pursuit of women for sex while others do not seek to associate with women at all.  How men seek to define their lives under this construct is an interesting notion to attempt to understand. To learn more about Game \ PUA as it relates to male withdraw and marginalization please see: Game \ PUA Now A Necessity.


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When women are the head of household and make all the decisions they are unhappy. House husbands will be cheated on 99% of the time. Couples with a house husband will have very high divorce rate, hopefully he can get some alimony for his trouble.

Bwec said...

In that case, if men are not respected in feminist society then don't get married. Women need to take on their new role. This is what they wanted. Just fuck women but don't invest in marriage or fatherhood.

Zorro said...

The male pill is just around the corner. When it's available, the shit hits the fan.