Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another Bullet Shot At The Wage Gap Myth

Women by nature and therefore by enlarge are communal (communists) and socialists. They narrowly missed passing The Paycheck Fairness Act i.e. their ace in the hole to socialize wages, destroy the free market, stratify labor and lower wages for everyone while creating the incentive for domestic outsourcing of labor under the roof of temp\contract companies i.e. domestic outsourcing labor farms.

This is why the wage gap myth along with every tenet of women's gynocentric feminist thinking along with it's associated machinations at every level of society must be fought. We have an individual incentive yes BUT it is our duty to defend the country from women's political agency. This will be difficult no doubt, women are the majority vote and have superior gender class agency based around the purported needs of the self. Women are the single largest and most powerful voting block in the nation and they are a gynocentric union. If allowed to continue the course of the nation the consequences will be dire.

Forgive me for posting the video below again (as I've posted it elsewhere on my blog) but it is SO IMPORTANT for us to understand female nature, understand its now dominant agency and furthermore to comprehend where it is now and will continue to lead the nation. Understand clearly that in a female centric and female dominated society men come last....

Men must begin to see ourselves as a separate socio-political and socio-economic class. Men must begin to identify as a class as women have done and enact our gender class interests accordingly on a political and social scale as women have.

The good news, or what can be good news for men if we are able to liberate ourselves is that women out earn men in our feminized service sector \consumer economy. Will this liberate men from female parasites who force men to support them after divorce and remove men from our children and property..I hope so. It is my hope in fact that women can have their own families without needing men. Will they share custody of men still be required to turn over the rights over our bodies and the fruits of our labor to them...most likely...Men YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE IN THESE MATTERS DESPITE WOMEN'S FEMINIST MARRIAGE \ DIVORCE LAW.

Source: Time Magazine, The Sheconomy

Will women let men be the new women?

I don't think so. I think birth rates over all will continue to decline, and the single mother birth rate will continue to rise. I think women will increasingly treat men with disrespect for the lack of ability to meet their all demanding hypergamy. They will despise you so much they would rather adopt a child or get knocked up and settle to be a single mother by the loser useless worms they will see you all as. I think they will increasingly act like the women below:

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The single woman birth rate is now 41% of all births and rising (the graph is a little dated):

Remember men, all you ever are and were to women is a use object, a means of meeting gynocentric requisites. They will never let you stay home and be "oppressed" as they were. If men are to establish any kind of relationship with the feminist matriarchal family we must demand that women allow us to be "oppressed" as they were and for them to hand over all the legal rights to their bodies and thus the fruits of its labor by way of alimony and child support. They must hand over the children to us when we decide the marriage is no longer convenient for us and want a divorce. All this women did to men we must do to them.

To me it is quite clear, men must demand these rights if we are to have anything to do with women and what is currently seen as their children. Or perhaps we can work a deal. Since women claim to be independent and are out-earning men when a marriage is dissolved they must be forced to share parenting. I think this is the least men may be able to secure from the matriarchal family. I don't think such "oppression" will be afforded as as is afforded to women.

If men do marry into a female breadwinner family and even take on the role of taking care of children do you think you will be given the same means of taking women's children with you after divorce? Do you think women will be required to pay you alimony? Do you think they will be required to pay you child support? None of these things will happen. Women will simply no longer have you as a member of the family and the lives of your children. If the laws are not changed men must create a new masculine identity that does not involve creating a family with women or the concept of marriage or fatherhood. Men must make our own way otherwise you will all either be shit upon as you are now and at best continue to be a slave to our matriarchal feminist society.

All The Single Ladies:
By:Kate Bolick

The Atlantic:

"we no longer need husbands to have children, nor do we have to have children if we don’t want to. Biological parenthood in a nuclear family need not be the be-all and end-all of womanhood—and in fact it increasingly is not. Today 40 percent of children are born to single mothers."

It would be wise of men to understand what you were to women all along..walking gene dispensing dildos and a wallet. Now that women "no longer need husbands to have children" you will all increasingly learn the harsh reality of your true place in a matriarchal society and what you are worth to it.

Have no fear men, your country will continue to die and commodities like gold (market volatility and fluctuations aside) will continue to rise, the dollar will continue to decline along with male incentive to produce all together due to systemic economic disenfranchisement. Hold the line at the margins of society and the family until the time to fight is among us. The time to fight will be here soon enough. The BRIC nations declared today at their summit that they will be creating their own regional monetary exchanges and will soon dump the dollar as their reserve currency. Men, your country is in grave danger.


Zorro said...

Men, your country is in grave danger.

My country has been selling me down the river for the past 60 years.

Fuck my country. I'm off to Brazil. Let this feminist pisshole burn to the goddamned ground.

Zorro said...

One other thing Kate Bolick and Hanna Rosin don't want to talk about:

No-fault divorce and Presumtive Paternity will combine to launch wholesale increases of men into debtor's prisons when their high-earning skank wives cheat on them and get pregnant by a high-earning alpha. Supply and demand. The fewer successful men out there, the more women will spread their legs for them.

For the past 40 years, marriage has been a decreasingly intelligent deal for men.

It is on the cusp of becoming the single stupidest thing a man can do.

Anonymous said...

Feminism is a problem with a built in cure it kills itself.

This is true. And perhaps the Amanda Marcotte feminists of the world are just Useful Idiots… but Hilary Clinton sure isn’t as dumb as Amanda Marcotte. Hillary Clinton exported feminism globally when she was First Lady, and now she’s back in the halls of power, promoting it globally again.

Marxists understand the inherent problem with their socialist ideologies. They know socialism weakens the state until it either gets conquered or gets absorbed by a superior competing system.

So, the only way to stop being overtaken by such societies, is to have only one society so there is no competition. This way, they can run their global state at 50% capacity, or 30% capacity, or whatever, because it simply won’t matter. Who are we gonna compete with? The Martians? Once this is in place, the real social engineering can begin. Both Marxists and Feminists want to create a Utopia by evolving people into a new form of human and using state force to do so.

“The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to Socialism.” Karl Marx

“[After Communism succeeds] …then, there will come a peace across the earth.” Josef Stalin

This is why Marxist theory demands that once a global structure is in place above the level of the “state,” they will use socialism to collapse all the states around the world. (This was supposed to happen during WWI, but didn’t, thus the creation of Cultural Marxism). Once that happens, things will “pop up” to the next level, which will be a global government operating as a Communist dictatorship, with no individual states below them.

“While the State exists, there can be no freedom. When there is freedom there will be no State.” V.I. Lenin

The world once looked like this (how we identify ourselves)

Individual – Family – Community – Region/State/Province – Nation – World

If you destroy the family, the individual will “pop up” to identifying with the community, and if you destroy the community, they will “pop up” to their region and so on.

What they are after creating is a world that looks like this:

Individual – World Government

One of the things they have been doing is called “transvaluation.” (I believe the notion came from Neitzche as a way to discredit Christianity). What transvaluation means is taking the “bottom” value and placing it on the top. You can see this done with homosexuality in our society, where the values of homosexuals (who have at best, neutral survival value to society) are placed above the values of heterosexuals who have positive survival value.

Anonymous said...

Feminism has done this in regards to men and women. The man should lead. The man has always led. The “hierarchy” works like this:

Men – Women – Children

Now, also, keep in mind that just because men are the “top” in the hierarchy, in terms of who is the most valuable humans, things work in the opposite direction. Children are preferred over women and women are preferred over men (we think it right for a mother to die saving a child, but not a child dying to save a mother).

What has happened with Marxist manipulations is we now have a society in which the hierarchy looks like this:

Women – Men – Children

The next step in transvalueing the family is to make it look like this:

Children – Women – Men

And how will this come about, you ask? All you have to do is give children more rights over their parents than their parents have over the children. This is exactly what feminism did with men and women, and the next step in destroying the family is putting children’s rights first. (Ahem! Hello shared-parenting advocates!) Don’t forget, it takes a village. Shitlery Clinton’s thesis was on this very subject, where she compared children in families suffering abuses similar to the Indians living on the reserve. She claims that children’s rights are ignored in favour of parental rights. She recommends that a government bureaucracy ought to be created to ensure children’s rights separately from their parents.

And they are doing it globally, right now, with the United Nations’ CEDAW agreement. (Covenant to End Discrimination Against Women). The CEDAW has within it, the declared “Rights of the Child.” In it, you will find things like children having the “right” to choose their own religion and having the right to all forms of media/communication etc. etc.

The thing about these international treaties is they supercede national constitutions. If the CEDAW disagrees with the US Constitution, it is the CEDAW that wins. I believe there are only seven countries left in the world who have not signed it – the USA being the most notable hold-out, simply because Americans value their Constitution so much – with good reason.

Canada signed it several years back, and a few years ago, a father in Ontario got taken to court by his teenage daughter, funded by legal aid. The girl was using the internet in her bedroom to communicate with her friends and sneak out of the house in the middle of the night. The father found out and grounded her from the computer, taking it completely out of her room. Well, legal aid took the guy to court to show he had violated “The Rights of the Child” under the CEDAW Canada had signed, because by removing access to the computer, he had violated her right to freely use all forms of communication etc.

How can you run a family in such a way?

You can’t.

What are you going to do when you are a devout Catholic, but your 8 year old child comes home from a screwed-up school system that brainwashed him into becoming a Muslim or a Wiccan? Are you gonna drop him off at the church of Satan on your way to Mass? The CEDAW says you must.

Many shared-parenting advocates as well are talking about “the rights of the child.” It should make every stand up and take notice. What kind of rights are we talking about here?

Anonymous said...

The country is beyond redemption. Let it crash and burn!

Perhaps from the ashes something better can be built?

Rob said...

TIME and NEWSWEEK: feminist propaganda rags. But then I suppose thats true for most of the media these days. Its nothing but female chauvinism.

Bwec said...

Yes, and feminism is also good for business and political interests : ) It serves to transfer power to State and working industry.