Friday, July 23, 2010

End Of Men Author Has Her Say Again.....

As men have been speaking out about her article The End Of Men in the Atlantic, Hanna Rosin has her say about a New York Times article by Nicholas Kristof.

She States "But in some cases, this historic gender shift does look like a war, or at least a stand-off. The major change in the working class is that women are not getting married at all, judging men to be unsuitable partners."

So here is my take on it.....

I have no problem that women are hypergamous and therefore see males that produce less than them as inadequate mates.

See: Hypergamy

Example 1

Example 2

What I do have a problem with is that women expect men to contribute to their welfare and that of their offspring in this new order. What is ubiquitous to all matriarchal social structures is the lack of male paternal investment in offspring i.e. females are on their own.

So it should be expected that as women are now a separate socio-political and socio-economic class, they are now in direct competition with men and our adversary. I don't mind competing against women for resources either, I just wish women didn't do so unfairly with Affirmative Action, Title IX, devoting the Stimulus Package to themselves (See Article: No Country For Burly Men by Christina Hoff Sommers) and every other "women first" legislation.

I wish women were independent and self supporting. Even when women date they need men to provide to them because they don't seem to feel the need to support themselves. This holds true for divorce.

I look forward to the day when women can support themselves. Like I said I rather enjoy being single. I was born at just the right time because when I was a little younger I banged all the cougars and M.I.L.Fs and now that I'm older I bang all the young women with no obligation to them or any prospective children that could be produced what so ever (I have no right to paternal investment in my offspring by law anyway)

It needs to be made clear to women that the family and marriage is dead and that women should support themselves and their own children.

Furthermore don't be so myopic lady, males AT ALL LEVELS OF EDUCTION AND RESOURCE ACQUISITION are turning away from marriage to women as well.

The situation is dually compounding. We are in diametric opposition, women have made that perfectly clear. I hate to interrupt your victory dance ladies but this is a long dark road we are heading down.

As such, you should know that historically matriarchies do not survive very long and are quite stagnant. They have always been out produced in birth rates i.e population wise as well as technologically.

I expect that China and Muslim cultures will overrun western female matriarchal societies in no time at all. One need only view the demographic information on Muslim culture alone to recognize the trend very clearly.

The factors in play that have lead women to dominate the workforce are not by some sort of divine providence but in fact is a result of governmental policy, globalization and outright gender secular laws and legislation against men. This is how we arrived at an unsound service sector based economy where 72% of GDP is derived from consumer consumption. An economy that has been propped up by debt I might add. So I do understand that women see our new reality as a victory but the social, political and economic consequences are only just beginning.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why you think that a service-oriented economy is somehow more sound that one that churns out widgets by the truckload.

But feminism is indeed a hate movement aimed at degrading men and families and it must be repudiated.

Bwec said...

Anon says: "I don't know why you think that a service-oriented economy is somehow more sound"

No sir, the post states:

"This is how we arrived at an unsound service sector based economy where 72% of GDP is derived from consumer consumption."

Furthermore, a fully functional economy is one which is self sustaining and consists of ALL sectors. This is not true at the moment and under globalization and pseudo free trade we are operating at an ever increasing trade deficit. Not to mention a large element of our workforce has been marginalized, the vast majority of which are men.

The result has been windfall profits for industry and corporations and downward pressure on the middle class and wages. Wages which have remained stagnant and separated from production 40 years ago.

Ping Jockey said...

The women don't care -- in their worldview, anything 'bad' that happens is ALWAYS the fault of some man/men.