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Young Men Give Us Hope For The Future: Video

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Should We Pay To Fertilize Women's Barren Wombs?

The question is, should we cover women's fertility treatment for in-vitro fertilization under our socialized healthcare plan?

Women are go getters now:

This above graph is old. Following the trend momentum for women, the average age of first marriage projects to 27-28 years old and this is just the average. Though it must be noted that marriage is now unhinged from the connection to childbirth due to our now 42% single women birth rate (graph dated), I surmise that by combining the fact that women are 60% of college degrees and out earn men in every major city in the U.S. with the phenomena and effect of female hypergamy as demonstrated below, attempting to fertilize their increasingly barren wombs is untenable:

Education and Hypergamy, and the “Success Gap” by Prof. Elaina Rose * Department of Economics University of Washington:
Percent mothers by level of education obtained ages 30-34. LINK

-age at first attempt at pregnancy puts an increasing amount of women at around age 35. Study: Age of First-Time Moms Is Going Up

"One explanation of the change in average age of first-time mothers is that the proportion of first births to women 35 and older has increased nearly eight times since 1970, the researchers say."

We know that this age onward is the twilight of female fertility. If we further add in the fact that 1 in 4 women now carry an STD most prominent of which is HPV disease, this further serves to decrease their fertility (See: HERE (Women's vaginas now more toxic than tobacco)).

I believe that with in-vitro fertilization treatment being as expensive as it is, combined with the rate of growth in demand we are experiencing for this procedure, along with demographic population trends and current debt obligations we are currently experiencing, paying to make women's wombs fertile will be an unsustainable expenditure. Reality is that we simply can't afford it.

The fertility quotient clearly places problems in the age 35-40 range
Source: Management of the Infertile Woman by Helen A. Carcio and The Fertility Sourcebook by M. Sara Rosenthal

I looked at the census the other day. Half of women up to age 29 have never been married and with only a 44% total intact marriage rate at age 34 we have serious problems not only in the prospect of the two biological parent married family but fertility itself. With our already below replacement level birth rate we simply can not afford not to take on the strain of not only the baby-boomer generation on our healthcare capacity but the fallout from the subsequent decline in birth rate and furthermore the decline in number of births altogether. None of it seems sustainable to me.

To be honest I suspect that we will increasingly be overrun by the foreign hordes pounding at our gates if not having to open immigration policy in order to stem our decline. I do not expect American culture to remain homogeneous for very long. If anything I expect us to become an ever more divided nation along the lines of the socio-ethnic, gender, fundamental moral ethos as related to the social construct and policy but also religion \ the lack thereof. When a culture is dissolved to these levels and representation is divided accordingly, discord ensues. Increasingly as the core foundation of the mated pair bond breaks down, we witness disparate representation by socio-political and socio-economic gender class, and at this point it is mainly on behalf of women. The natural consequence is a further exacerbation of the initial problem i.e. the breakdown in the male\female mated pair bond and the social structure that facilitates it.

In-Vitro fertilization is very expensive. Given all indications I believe the trends which make our women increasingly infertile to begin with will continue to increase. The increasingly lower fertility rate itself causes the impact of future liability to fund such treatment in the current moment to be fiscally unsound. Suffice as to say we already have or will soon reach an event horizon that can not be returned from. This is to say that the problem is self compounding and exponential in scope.

There is indeed a point at which the lower marginal yield of new lives born in the current and past moments will be unable to sustain the fiscal liability of the cost to benefit ratio of applying such treatment. Methods to make our women's wombs fertile again must become more cost effective than they are now and done so as soon as possible and furthermore efforts must be made to facilitate the male \ female mated pair bond to increase the birth rate altogether. Otherwise, it appears to me that our children will be unable to sustain our current, prospectful and projected debt obligations and not just this all areas.

However, it does seem that women have an emergency response otherwise known as the biological clock. Though the mated pair bond itself is breaking down we do have loose knit cohabitation along with single mother births. Women find a way at this point to get pregnant regardless of circumstances of the relationship. In this case I expect the trend of single mother birth may perhaps be keeping this particular liability of infertility in check. For those who believe that men should be members of the family, the lives of their children and have the end goal of child birth within this framework, infertility is on course to increasingly become a problem for those who plan to wait until the creation of a married family.

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Part 1: 2nd Annual Male Studies Conference

Part 2: 2nd Annual Male Studies Conference

Conference on Male Studies: Looking Forward to Solutions Part 2 from Joseph Notovitz on Vimeo.

Outlines male disenfranchisement from education, the family, fatherhood, the workforce, health etc. Excellent top minds speaking about the fact that men and boys are far worse off than women in all measurable realms. This is what women call being "oppressed"

Personally, I think the best answer for men is to find ourselves for ourselves and to live for ourselves as individuals. You no longer have to define yourself as part of the family or as a father to children as these roles are dwindling away. I think men will have to find another home for ourselves on the margins of society. This role by all means has to be empowering to men and not defeating. You no longer have to define yourself by how adequate you are to be "eligible" to a woman or family. Patriarchal society is dead. The construct now is the same it was when we roamed our ancestral primordial plains and likewise the final days of the Roman Republic. Women's "liberation" is nothing new. Men must make the adjustment or face the consequences of your own exploitation. Like the man in the video said, look at marriage law and how fatherhood is valued by law, look at what men are valued for under marriage law. There is no point. The laws were changed in the 70's during the second wave feminist revolution. We must ask why women fought so hard to institute no-fault divorce law and default entitlement to child custody and male resource support.

Marriage was what they wanted to escape but that was only the beginning. The only reason men produce was never for ourselves. We can change this. We CAN live up to only ourselves.

Men should withdraw so to speak and live according to however we want to live. The future of manhood entails responsibility and accountability to ourselves and for ourselves alone.

In a way, men can now see themselves as free. There is no place else to go. Fighting against such things is humiliating and self defeating. For many I can see more empowerment for men in embracing our marginalization and making it work for us and for our own interests. Men can see this as our downfall or embrace it...Some call it MGTOW or going Ghost. It's not a bad idea really. If anyone else has a better solution let me know but despite the best wishes of men I see this as the nations future.

Now...there is the other side of things, there are the men who think we can make a change but that will not be possible without the efforts of women. Women will not budge. You will not see groups of women gathering and pondering how to make things better. Feminism is not about equality or creating a common felicity between men and women. It is a zero sum game when you look at the things feminism advocates for.

I watch the collective actions, political and social agency of women, many of us do. We have to understand what the massive distribution of societal and governmental resources women advocate to be directed to themselves is for. We have to understand what women's goals are. It is to be independent. Men must become independent as well. Incidentally this means cutting off the last aspects of female dependency upon men and embracing mutual dis-need. Mutual independence is mutual dis-need. Men just have not completed the other side of the picture.

Does any of this mean men have to be miserable..not at all. Like women, we to can "empower" ourselves and "liberate" ourselves. We have to ask ourselves what is it all along that women were wanting to "empower" "liberate" and seek "independence" from? Think about this for a moment and you will come to your answer.

We must complete what women have set out to do for themselves. The man in the conference thinks we will be able to divert resources away from women and towards the wellbeing of men, young men and boys. This will not happen. I do not believe women will allow this to happen. Diverting resource protection and provision away from women will never happen. They will always want more. We know this...

What men do have control over is our own resources and our own use and utility and who and what it is devoted to. Who among us wants to become an isolated resource producing male for an independent woman and her children? Who wants to become a "turnip" as the government now calls it? Who among us want to submit to such a fate? Male enfranchisement only exists in such a scenario if women allow it to. Look at the numbers and ask yourselves what is happening. Understand that female "empowerment" "liberation" and "independence" means polyandry and unattached hypergamy, it means matriarchy. Under ALL matriarchal structures males are not members of the mated pair bond nor the lives of their children. This is what the base animal instincts of women are acting out. What role will you play in this, where do YOU want your life to end up in all of this?

Work for change men but at the same time don't embrace your expendability and disposability to closely as it will make you angry, resentful and full of the worst of feelings. In the mean time while we are supporting the formation of a better and positive future for men and our roles in society we must live for ourselves...This is all we really have. 'Confronting feminism through an honest assessment of what it is, how men can utilize this understanding to get what we want, and how men bear responsibility and face the consequences for our own choices in a feminist paradigm can only lead to a better outcome in the future for men.'Men must learn to play the game.

Identifying and recognizing misandry, gynocentric societal changes and its religion of feminism does not entail whining about how you’re oppressed; it entails identifying your opponent, their strengths and weaknesses, and formulating a strategy to go forward and achieve success despite the changes women have made.' Men can be independent in this new order as well. No one says you can't live as an independent man and free from female dependency and choices that are financed by our use as men. Men must finance our own enfranchisement. Men must create the compliment of feminism for ourselves. We must finish the job.

Take what women have done and run with it men. Do what women have done but do it for yourselves. Free yourself and make the changes women have made work for your best interests alone. This will require an adjustment to what you were taught through the remnants of the patriarchal customs which remain. Following through on patriarchal expectations toward and for women is sure suicide and servitude to women and the State. Understand clearly that patriarchy is dead. Men must cut the cords or face the consequences of matriarchal law. It is your choice. You can hold onto the elements of patriarchy that served women but gain none of the benefits or you can cut the last cords and set yourself free. Understand that the two parent biological family and marriage in America IS NO LONGER THE NORM. We are officially living under matriarchy.

Understand that marriage, monogamy and the social mores that outlawed not only the extreme patriarchal advent of polygamy but also the expression of matriarchal female hypergamous rotating polyandry was a male idea. This male idea of a higher objective moral reasoning and the construct of a society based on punishment and limits upon our animal instincts has been destroyed. Understand that what women were seeking in the changes they made was and is in fact the license to increase their genetic fitness by removing all limitations upon obtaining this ideal. Women were seeking to open the flood gates of the mating dynamic of the past i.e. hypergamous rotating polyandry.

Understand the ways of our animal natures as this is the future of gender relations and the mating paradigm. This is life under matriarchy. We are indeed moving toward a matrifocal, matrilinieal and matriarchal society. Men must learn to survive and function well toward our own enfranchisement under this new order while at the same time learning to understand our own disenfranchisement and how to deal with this to the best of our health and wellbeing.

A Voice For Men Radio Episode 10

Great show !

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False Allegations & The Tyranny of State

I just finished reading Christina Hoff Sommers: In Making Campuses Safe for Women, a Travesty of Justice for Men

It is the prerogative of The Women's Section Zhenotdel i.e. The Council On Women and Girls along with the U.S. Department of Education's assistant secretary for civil rights, Russlynn H. Ali to remove all due process of law for men, remove the standards upon burden of proof to protect the accused, remove the right to a fair and impartial trial along with a trial by jury and for criminal offense trials to be transfered from the justice system to the authority of College campus Kangaroo Courts in the name of protecting and providing for women.

From on how trials should treat people accused of sexual misconduct or relationship abuse:

Specifically, panelists are provided with an article by Lundy Bancroft called “Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men.” The article instructs fact-finders that, “When people take a neutral stand between you and your abusive partner, they are in effect supporting him and abandoning you, no matter how much they may claim otherwise.” Further, the panelists are taught that, “to remain neutral is to collude with the abusive man, whether or not that is your goal.”

Another article provided to judicial panelists is equally biased against the accused, who is almost invariably referred to as a male. That document is from the Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness and provides judicial panelists with “indicators” of an “abuser.” It states that an abuser will “feel victimized” and “act persuasive and logical.” An impartial training system would not teach judicial panelists that if an accused defends himself persuasively and logically, they should infer that he is an “abuser.” The Bancroft article admonishes, “Everyone should be very, very cautious in accepting a man’s claim that he has been wrongly accused of abuse or violence. The great majority of allegations of abuse — though not all — are substantially accurate. An abuser almost never ‘seems like the type.’”

Dear SS Command: Please pass this to your officers:

When rounding up undesirables look for the tell tail signs of fear when a jew is asked to board for transport. The Jew may exhibit signs of “feeling victimized” or “act persuasive and logical” in his defense. He may attempt to reason with you and tell you he has a child and a family and to please not send him on the transport. This is a sure sign he is a jew. “Everyone (all SS soldiers) should be very, very cautious in accepting a jews claim that he has been wrongly accused of being so. The great majority of allegations of jewdom — though not all — are substantially accurate. Trust your instincts based on this instruction. Remember, A jew almost never ‘seems like he is one” That is all….Heil Hitler.

What is happening is a violation of our civil rights as Americans. What is happening is very dangerous and a violation of ALL civil criminal codes of justice. Vice President Joe Biden wants swift execution of trial upon the accused conducted in no less than three days.

"Under Title IX, a woman is entitled to equal access to everything on a college campus. That includes being safe. The most devastating thing is a young girl who reports something and ends up three days later in biology class with the young man still sitting next to her." - Vice President of The United States -Joe Biden

I read more today of Vice President Joe Biden's interview with Glamor magazine.

Joe Biden says he wants to allow women to clear all their debt obligations after sentencing a man to his fate. Her credit and bills will be forgiven and a fresh line of credit issued. In other words "Domestic Violence Bankruptcy". It is not clear yet whether it will be men who are stuck with the debt or not. Joe wants to provide women with free housing under the Peoples Dept of Housing and free access to higher education under the peoples Dept. of Eduction. All she has to do is accuse any man of violence:

“Wait a minute now. I go out there and I leave this SOB, but I’ve cosigned on everything from the house to his business. I’ve cosigned on that $1,500 set of golf clubs he bought. What am I going to do? My credit’s done. So [Secretary of the Treasury Timothy] Geithner is trying to figure out ways in which we can restore a woman’s credit. The same with what we are doing at the Department of Education and the Department of Housing [and Urban Development]."

All of this and more will be provided to women without due process and trial for the accused and on her word alone:

In book 5 of the Politics, Aristotle claims that there exists two different and completely opposed ways of maintaining tyranny: either it can be done through a reign of open terror and oppression, or through the cloaking of tyranny that is exercised by the State in a virtuous form.

"The evil practices of the last (stages) and worst form of democracy are all found in tyrannies. Such are the power given to women in their families (and in society)in the hope that they will inform against (men &) their husbands"


‎"women do not conspire against tyrants; and they are of course friendly to tyrannies since under them they have a good time."


"This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector."

If you feel you need to just come tell big daddy Joe, I will clear you of all credit card debt, bills and other debts, set you up in a pretty house and pay for your school baby....You just come tell big daddy if you don't like a boy ok. Make sure you vote for big daddy baby, it's you who gives me the power I seek.

"We will never be through with our fight for Liberty, because their will always be people (most especially women) who do not want the responsibility of freedom, and there will always be people who will gladly take that responsibility away from them, for the power it brings." N. Scott Mills

PLEASE SIGN the petition to REJECT this legislation HERE

More on the SAVE ACT from Wendy Kaminer of The Atlantic

Men must come to the clear understanding that we do not have rights what so ever and that we no longer live in America. A full sweep attack upon men, our civil liberties and justice is under way. It has already happened. What you have read above is the expansion of it. A NATIONAL MEN'S LEGAL DEFENSE FUND MUST BE FORMED IMMEDIATELY! MEN MUST PROTECT OURSELVES FROM GOVERNMENT TYRANNY AND THE TYRANNY OF FEMALE AGENCY ENACTED FORTH BY GOVERNMENT. IF THE NATIONS WOMEN DO NOT WANT THIS I EXPECT THEM TO COME TO OUR DEFENSE IN OUR TIME OF NEED.


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Gynocentric Consummation & The Totality of Female Power

Evil: Unmitigated self interest.

I like this definition but think it an all encompassing term for something that is not evil in it’s own right but certainly can and is indeed so when exercised without restraint and that is GYNOCENTRISM. Gynocentrism, given forth with no restraint has proven to have the propensity to manifest itself as “unmitigated self interest”. I have great interest in understanding it because I believe it to be a part of something integral to females. This is to say I believe it to be related to the process of sexual selection and hypergamy as well. Gynocentrism is an element of female nature that when given agency can manifest itself as "the dark feminine". Sometimes it is exercised purposefully to harm and other times it meets it's balancing force....male options.

I do know this much, it has biological origins without a doubt. I do know that males have a predisposition to feed it what it wants. I do know that of all things, it is men\males that give it its power. I do know that this force does not seem to have limits when not put in check by the balanced force of the equally enfranchised masculine. I do know that when made systemic through political agency it is a run away train. This is so because ordinarily, in the personal realm, gynocentrism is kept in check by male options. Male options are it’s natural governor.

The more options a man has, either to select females other than her (which itself is earned by gaining the ability to serve them), options and rights within marriage and family law or simply options given forth by equal protection under law\organizational policy the more gynocentrism is kept in check. However, when it is given agency in government under law as well as public institutional policy it is no longer males that have control over whether we serve it or not and to what extent nor do we have the equal opportunity to do so.

Female nature dictates that their representation, naturally, is gynocentric and therefore that she is represented disproportionately in healthcare, education, programs, job hirings, women first quotas, monetary flow, entitlements, family law, the judiciary and in general all aspects of public social infrastructure. As a socio-political class she organizes around the needs of the self.

Government is the be all and end all arbitrator of ALL male options.

“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence. It is force, and like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

-President George Washington

Gynocentrism, when given political agency, but more importantly, DOMINANT political agency, the nature of government as a functional organism works in a symbiotic fashion with it. This is to say that government by nature seeks to grow itself as does any social organization of function built by human beings. Personified within it, as in any representative democracy is the tendency to seek approval and direction from the majority Will of the people.

Under a Constitution and a Bill of Rights, a representative democracy is supposed to be kept in check. There is supposed to be equal protection and representation under law. “Democracy (in and of itself) is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.” It is mob rule, the "tyranny of the majority".

So here is the crux of the matter, females are the majority vote in the political realm and yet also they are a socially dominant force in the public realm and this includes the domination over the dialog of our social fabric, gender issues and the public conversation itself on such matters. Their representation as a social class united towards it’s own interests is unparalleled by men. Furthermore, without the natural limits placed upon it by male options, equal rights and representation, gynocentrism becomes dominant over men in the personal realm.

When all three realms of female dominance are combined, the social-personal, the social-public, and the public-political, gynocentric nature becomes the driving force of social, political and cultural movement. It is in this way and in this fashion that it becomes consumptious and consummate. It is by the superior representation of females as a socio-political class in the realm of public (non governmental institutional policy) combined with her superior representation in the governmental realm of political and lawful policy that confounds the realm of the personal and thus the prospects for and private process of male options.

Ironically and most of all PARADOXICALLY it is male options that served her in the first place, it is male options that enfranchises men and most of all it is male options that keeps gynocentrism moderated. It is in fact the violation of the personal through secular and separate representation in the realms of public policy but also political and lawful policy that exacerbates the break down of the common felicity we naturally form with her. Subsequently, through her own actions she nullifies the very male options that served her. Her response,… reach out further with outstretched arms to the cold metallic arms of the government, to seek out more empowerment, protection and provision from public infrastructure to fill the void.

And so it is the case that without male options, we no longer have the power to serve her, which, incidentally, is where male power ALWAYS came from.

The ends of female agency IS gynocentric in that the ends of feminism and female nature itself is to serve her needs and in so doing, perhaps inadvertently, makes her “independent” of the need of men to fulfill them. Without male need there are no male options.

Feminism is not a separate collective from women. Feminism is the product of and the vehicle of agency manifested by female nature itself. Feminism IS the manifestation of collective female gynocentrism and it is the synergy given to it in the personal, public and political realms that makes what we are experiencing now, a self compounding, self consuming and ultimately a self destructive process. Ultimately, as the divide of representation grows between our increasingly divided gender-classes the personal social contract between us is destroyed while power is ceded from the BOTH of us toward that of State and working industry.

In past history this process has never ended well.

Idealogues in our human history who have, of all things, seen this process as a good thing, knew that female nature was the key. They knew that through the power of gynocentrism, through the power of the female along with the nature of both men and women to serve it we both could be usurped. They knew that if they fed it, it becomes an all consuming process of male enfranchisement. They knew that if power was offered it, that it would take it beyond limits, they knew that men as a class would yield to this. They were right…….

“Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included.” -Karl Marx

‎"Women do not conspire against tyrants; and they are of course friendly to tyrannies since under them they have a good time." -Aristotle

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