Sunday, July 15, 2012

Woman Laments Men Going Their Own Way On T.V.

   I enjoyed Barbarossaaaa's take on it. To me he clarifies some of the difference in MRA and MGTOW thinking. He takes a clear MGTOW standpoint. The conservative effort to belittle men for not "manning up" to solve what women have destroyed is insulting. They are trying to shame men out of the path to our own solution. He makes the argument that men as a class can not contend with the female political class nor the State. The two operate in synergy and serve to compound the ends to which the MRA believes can be contended with and resolved. MGTOW advocates for the independence and liberation of men. Male independence and liberation may not be what women want...(as evidenced by the myriad of "man up" "child man" type articles in mainstream news outlets) but it is certainly what they asked for.

What men are increasingly realizing and what the articles suggest to me is that men realize that there is nothing offered us worthy to "man up" to in relation to the traditional construct and as such the only person we owe anything to is ourselves. MGTOW takes the view that the family and men's place within it has been destroyed both structurally in the requisites designed to invoke the creation of it but also within it. MGTOW is male sovereignty. As he stated, many men are not even aware of the MRA or MGTOW but they are making decisions in their lives related to male liberation philosophy. As he said, the male withdraw is organic and for many, though they may not be aware of the source of the problem, nor attempt to understand and resolve the issues facing us as the MRA and even MGTOW attempt to are voting with their feet.