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Favoring Women Is Good for Business

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Mangina

After reading a discussion on The-Spearhead.com I began to realize how important it is to define more clearly the phenomenon of the Mangina.


We have to accept that male value in sexual selection is external and as such we are the primary variable from which to choose. This being the case men will always be a class divided in this gender war we find ourselves in. Mangina is the term MRAs use to identify men who support an anti-male stance because it is male biology to do so. Mangina is a very important designation for men who (because of our lack of inherent value and as the variable in sexual selection) take the side of feminists in order to be worthy of women and thus mating opportunity.

We will find ourselves on two sides of the fence for this very reason. Men like Garcia join the women’s team. He is adapting to be selected for by females. In MRA vernacular it’s called a “Mangina” though I believe we should take from Paul Elam’s dichotomy and begin to use something more palatable as we move forward. Anyway, the point is that men WILL NEVER organize as a collective class for our interests as women are able to do, it is simply biology at work… It is important that we define and recognize this phenomenon.

It is important that we begin to deconstruct the Mangina into respective components or “tells” so that the MRA can define and identify them. A major one being that NO CULPABILITY OR CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS ALOUD IN REGARD TO WOMEN, this is always the most definitive give away. The mangina phenomenon is something unique to male biology in regard to sexual selection.

Moving forward it is important that we define the Mangina so as not to delegitimize our argument into ad-hominem when we identify such a man. This is very important.

More examples of a Mangina: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/arjuna-ardagh/the-art-of-goddess-worshi_b_772726.html#postComment


-"Even if you've never disrespected the feminine yourself, the first step is still to say "I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what we have done. I'm sorry for what my gender has done. And I come to you with a fresh start."

I think as male studies moves forward, men will be able to slowly but surely reconstruct history to reflect reality. A real holocaust has happened here and it is up to men to rebuild from the rubble.

“The first took place less than 100 years ago with suffragettes demanding the right to vote. At that time men moved from denial and ridicule, to violent opposition, to acquiescence and finally to support.”

Actually IN REALITY, the largest objection to women’s right to vote was OTHER WOMEN. Men never organized against women’s REQUEST to vote.

It is the job of MRAs to set the record straight and to develop concrete and factual historical curriculum in male studies. The male gender owes women an apology for nothing. Men are limping around wounded and confused from the gender war battle field. We need to collect our wounded and evacuate them to the small plot of territory called Male Studies to nurse men and boys back to health from the gendercide that has taken place against us.

By helping the Foundation for Male Studies with a tax-deductible gift, you will be personally responsible for making a change which will help our sons, fathers, brothers, grandfathers, husbands, and uncles, as well as the women in their lives.

Simply visit http://www.malestudies.org/donate.html and fill in the form to choose your 100% tax-deductible gift as allowed by law. You can also mail a check here:

The Foundation for Male Studies

333 Mamaroneck Avenue – 444

White Plains, NY 10605 USA

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Dear Supporters of Male Studies

From The Foundation for Male s Studies

Dear Supporter of Male Studies,

As the holidays approach, there has never been a better time for good spirit and for supporting a good cause - especially one that affects our entire population. The Foundation for Male Studies needs your help in putting an end to a serious, harmful trend in our society.

There is a rapidly-growing divide between genders happening right now. And it is everywhere—in our educational foundations, families, employment, our legal system and health care.

Looking at what is happening to boys and men, it is apparent that this divide is not limited to any one continent but now spans the globe.

Statistics paint a grim picture of what is happening to boys and men today:

According to the US Census Bureau, more women are going to college today than they did a decade ago, while the percentage of men attending college is decreasing relative to women. The number of females enrolling in college after high school increased by 20 percent from 1967 to 2000, while the number of men has decreased by 4 percent. This, combined with women graduating at a significantly higher rate than men, currently result in 1.5 million more women than men graduating from college each year. The psychological and sociological consequences of this have not been fully assessed, but are appalling and potentially harmful to our society;

More than two million adult males, over nine times the two hundred thousand adult females, are now in state and federal prison, according to the Pew Center on the States. This represents the highest incarceration rate along the industrialized nations;

The suicide rate for males is 300% higher than that of females, according to the National Institute for Mental Health. From the most recent data available, there were 24,672 male suicides and 5,950 female suicides during that year;

Boys regularly fail academically, repeat grades and are punished more often than girls in elementary and secondary schools; Boys are expelled from high school in record numbers, and in some districts have only a 50% graduation rate; Men accounted for 82% of the US jobs lost in the current economic downturn and now for the first time in US history comprise a minority (49%) of the nation’s work force—according to the US Department of Labor;

At last accounting, the National Institute of Health established that government grant monies at all levels devoted to the study of health problems (physical and emotional) unique to women totaled $3.4 billion, while those grants specific to general health problems suffered by both male and female totaled only $340 million;

International politics continue to require the service of American males in the military. Those who die or are maimed become an outgrowth of the attitude that males are disposable;

Our legal and family systems fail to honor the importance of men in families by awarding 90% of custody of children to mothers, effectively limiting fathers from family participation;

Boys now represent 73% of children diagnosed with learning disabilities and 76% of those classified as emotionally disturbed—according to the US Department of Education;8 out of 10 children being medicated for behavioral problems are boys. Often these drugs are prescribed to quash the kinetics of boys in schools, while the real problem lies in the schools themselves—geared to the learning styles of girls.
How can we start turning things around for the benefit of everyone in our increasingly global society?

A better understanding of boys and men in their physical and psychological lives will have a profound impact, and this is the fundamental objective of the Foundation for Male Studies. We are working to foster intellectually rigorous and groundbreaking research on the state of males throughout the world.

And by helping the Foundation for Male Studies with a tax-deductible gift, you will be personally responsible for making a change which will help our sons, fathers, brothers, grandfathers, husbands, and uncles, as well as the women in their lives.

Simply visit http://www.malestudies.org/donate.html and fill in the form to choose your 100% tax-deductible gift as allowed by law. You can also mail a check here:

The Foundation for Male Studies

333 Mamaroneck Avenue – 444

White Plains, NY 10605 USA

We are working hard to address the gap in scholarship and scientific research that exists between the study of males and females. We are investigating, reporting on and teaching about the state of males within disciplines including anthropology, biology, economics, education, law, literature, law, media studies, medicine, political science, psychology, public policy and sociology.

Some of the crucial projects The Foundation for Male Studies is planning or actively working on:

Dr. Judith Kleinfeld's US study of Alaskan youth, No Map for Manhood revealed severe difficulties in the life-coping skills of boys graduating high school. The Foundation for Male Studies seeks to create educational programming to reverse this trend;
To organize conferences that bring scholars together to create courses and programs at colleges, which will increase our understanding of the educational and life needs of men and boys;
To create educational courses directed at changing public policy and achieving urgently-needed reform at schools and family courts;
To use Webcast technology to reach the greatest number of professionals, academics and researchers, and create a network of scholars and scholarship relating to the needs of men and boys;
To create studies that promote the understanding of fatherhood, and the place for males in the family;
To fund an international symposium that will lay the groundwork for the creation of a Male Studies Department or Chair at a major educational institution;
To fund the creation of department of male studies at a major educational institution;
To fund the creation of a Chair of Male Studies at a major institution of higher education.
We face significant challenge to carry out this work. Getting the attention of universities, professional organizations and corporate and philanthropic organizations worldwide is a daunting and costly task.

That is why we desperately need your help.

Former Congresswoman Barbara Jordan once wrote: “I believe that women have a capacity for understanding and compassion which a man structurally does not have, does not have it because he cannot have it. He’s just incapable of it.” This remarkable statement is one example of the views of those committed to the hatred of males. Such voices are already inside the very institutions we trust. Matters are not improving.

Please send us your gift in any amount. Whether $5,000.00 or $5.00, your gift will be wisely invested in meeting enormous and crucial objectives.

Simply visit http://www.malestudies.org/donate and fill in the form to choose your gift online. You can also mail a check here:

The Foundation for Male Studies

333 Mamaroneck Avenue - 444

White Plains, NY 10605 USA

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so if you donate before December 31, your gift is fully tax-deductible for your 2010 tax returns as allowed by law.

Looking Forward,
Edward M. Stephens, MD

Breastfeeding and Male Development

I read an interesting article (link below) that indicates breast feeding helps boys brains develope in ways and proportions that are different from girls. It shows that breast fed boys make better grades in school. I'd like to know more about this. The same variable was not found to be a correlated with girls.

I've also read studies which show that boys whom come from fatherless homes fair worse in school than girls from fatherless homes.

Combine such factors with all the special programs, funding, Affirmative Action + Title IX policy for girls and you will have the current results i.e."The Boy Crisis" in academic achievement.

We also need to look into the rise in Autism and other factors.

The Y chromosome is susceptible to mutation and as such it is more vulnerable to environmental toxins, endocrine disruptors, dioxins, synthetic and phyto estrogens along with other toxins. All these things have had severe detrimental effects upon males.

Sperm counts have declined 40%! The human species is well on its way to extinction.

The female XX is our base blueprint. It has cross redundant backups to prevent damage to this.

It is my contention that if we do not focus on male health and factors which affect males and the Y chromosome there will be dire consequences to the human race.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Women Devote All New Heathcare Funding To Themselves

A Syndication from Yahoo News:

Does Obamacare discriminate against men?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi famously told the American people that Congress needed “to pass the [Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act] so that you can find out what is in it,” and with each passing day Americans are learning more and more about what their government has planned for them.
Among the many expressed frustrations of the new health care law’s opponents has been the addition of more unwieldy bureaucracies to the already bloated federal government. The massive law creates 159 new government agencies.

Of the many new boards, agencies, and programs the law creates, those implemented for the benefit of women are among the most common, a fact some say renders the law inherently unequal.

There are at least 7 new agencies and departments devoted solely to women while there is not one office for men or male specific ailments. Men’s health advocates long have pushed for an Office of Men’s Health to act as a companion to the Office on Women’s Health, established in 1991. Instead of rectifying that disparity, the new health care law intensified it.

Diana Furchtgott-Roth, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute, has been critical of Obama’s gender policies, charging that his administration has pushed initiatives that favor women over men. According to Roth, the health care bill was no different.
“[The women’s] lobby is very well funded, active and vocal. It is really paradoxical because women in many ways are doing better than men, so for example, if you do a search in the health care bill there is not one mention of ‘prostate’ and are over 40 mentions of ‘breast’ and men are tax payers, they should get equal health treatment,” Roth told The Daily Caller Hadley Heath, health care policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum, said that women got more consideration because it was politically expedient.

“Women came out big in 2008, and they were a very big voting bloc for [Obama],” Heath told TheDC. “Women as voters really care about health care, health reform because we often make decisions for ourselves, our families and dependents about health care. So clearly this is an issue that is important to women, women are important as voters to any politician.”

Roth stressed that the high number of women’s agencies and lack of corresponding men’s offices was not just a symbolic display of inequality, but one that would have real world repercussions, namely in the distribution of research funding.
“What is interesting is that all these offices for women in the health care bill, that generates grants for research of women’s health issues,” Roth said. “So it is not just that they have those offices, but those offices are accompanied by pots of money for research. So it means that they are skewing the research in favor of women over men.”

Scott Williams, vice-president of the Men’s Health Network, told TheDC that women have done a fantastic job raising awareness for their health concerns and have left men in the proverbial dust. Williams believes that much of the blame for the lack of focus on men lays squarely at the feet of, well, men. “I think for years the women’s health movement and women’s health advocates have been a lot more effective than we have as men’s health advocates,” Williams said. “They certainly beat a louder drum than we do. So I think the onus is on us to make more noise but I think it is also a lack of awareness around men’s health issues in general.”

Williams added that while the current agencies are doing good work, men’s health needs more attention.“People don’t understand that men on average live about 5 less years than women. That 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in their lifetime will be diagnosed with cancer. That men lead in 9 out of the 10 top ten causes of death. When you look at the data and the facts it is really not part of the debate in health care and I think those are statistics and facts that need to be brought to light,”
he said.

But men’s health advocates are cheering any victory they can get. Williams said that one of the most exciting pieces of legislation passed this year was the Indian Health Care Improvement Act (IHCIA) because it created an Office of Indian Men’s Health to mirror the existing Office of Indian Women’s Health within the Indian Health Service. Advocates see the Act as the first step toward their larger vision of an Office of Men’s Health, which Williams believes would rectify some of the perceived neglect of the Obama administration towards Men’s health issues. “The administration can easily fill this gap by creating an Office of Men’s Health at HHS, and should do so with the utmost speed,” Williams concluded.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Women Declare Victory Over Men.

Here are the largest growing jobs projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to the year 2016. ALL of them are WOMEN'S JOBS except one or two according to Ms. Rosin but that's ok, women are working on expanding Affirmative Action and Title IX to all the S.T.E.M. fields (Science, Technical, Engineering and Mathematics). The feminized economy is here. Women are all excited that they are now the majority of the workforce and that men have no jobs..Go figure. I guess they got what they wanted aye?

Why women believe that the above jobs being the top growing jobs in the country is a good thing I don't know. I'm pretty sure it is because they don't understand economics. Below is our trade deficit which is much larger now than in (2005):

I'm not sure women understand what a trade deficit means but in short it means that we don't produce anything of tangible value to offer on the global market. Women are excited about all this and the fact that men are out of work but they have little clue of what this all means for the future of our country. Women are excited about the homogeneous service sector feminized economy but they don't understand the economic impact of marginalizing the nations men.....strange isn't it?? They don't seem to understand what the production of goods and tangible products is. Women are welcome to service everyone in our service economy, this is fine by me. I only wish with as much political agency as women now have that they would have directed the government to do something that would have gotten us out of this. After all, our government does what ever women tell them to do.

There is really nothing we can do now. Women have announced they will get us out of this mess and that men don't have to produce anything any more. They insisted that the Stimulus Package be devoted to them....and it was... There is really nothing men should do except drink beer, watch sports, play video games and collect unemployment until women rescue the economy as they say they will.

Ms. Rosin was right, women lied to us about "the wage gap". They have been out earning men for years. It is only when they decide to have men take care of them does the gap show up at all.
More on the wage gap HERE.

Besides, women have Affirmative Action in job hirings and college admissions anyway.

She was also correct about male college degrees earned. This is a good thing according to Ms. Rosin.

She also mentioned that women's "empowerment" has affected marriage....indeed it has Ms. Rosin, we now have the lowest marriage rate in American history:

....and the highest single mother birth rate in American history:

(Sorry the graph is a little dated we now have a 40% single mother birth rate and growing with significant trend momentum)

This is fine by me, women are getting exactly what they want apparently. Our birth rates have dropped below replacement levels anyway.
None of this is sustainable. In other words the United States is in grave danger.

In the meantime, I suggest we continue to liberate ourselves from the female dominated matriarchy we now live in. No alimony, no child support to women and their children. This is the moment of truth! Women should now provide for men and our children in this new order or not form families at all.

If women form families they must now pay men alimony and child support should we decide to divorce them. Otherwise women should raise their own families. Men should NOW make a full withdraw from women and their families. We will not have to worry about that though because female hypergamous mating behavior will take care of that for us. Apparently, the more educated a woman is, the more money she makes on average. The more money she makes on average, the less likely she is to ever get married or have children...Again, this is fine by me, this is what women want.

Affirmative action for women in job hirings and college admissions MUST NO LONGER BE TOLERATED. In fact, since it is the case that we now have separate and secular representation under law by gender in direct violation of The Constitution of The United States we should now create Affirmative Action for men in all fields of work or study which men are a minority.

Men need to continue to find independence and liberation from women and their matriarchal families. This means complete independence from female dependency upon men in any and every regard. True female independence and liberation is here!.....right????

The comments on the TED video are interesting. Men must now begin to mount an offensive while defending our rights and our wellbeing. THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. From the comments, men understand clearly that women have finally proclaimed victory, and with it, "the end of men". Everything women have sought after has come true for them beyond their wildest dreams......Men must now liberate and empower ourselves as well, we must become independent from female dependency...anything less would be oppression and humiliating to men. Men's Rights will serve to compliment the end goal of women's feminism and everything women have sought to accomplish....mutual independence, dis-need, liberation from each other and self empowerment.

Friday, November 26, 2010

There Are GREAT PRICES On Anti-Male Fleece Throw Rug At Bed Bath and Beyond If You All Want Some!

There are GREAT PRICES on anti-male fleece throw rugs at Bed Bath and Beyond if you all want some!!! I like the one "Boys are Stupid Throw Rocks At Them". It is important that men and little boys learn how worthless they really are. They should all be beaten to death and trampled upon. What do you think?

Ok well, they don't go cheep, there is quite a demand for them.

David and Goliath® "Boys are Stupid, Throw Rocks at Them" Fleece Throw Blanket $29.99 ea.

Get them while you can, they are a hot seller. Women and girls can rest upon them, decorate with them or trample them below their feet. Single mother raised crush fetishists will love them as well!


I was thinking of coming out with my own line of clothing and textiles. "Girls are stupid, strangle them" What do you all think???

I like the commercials where men, husbands and fathers are pigs, horses asses, donkeys asses, dogs, dragged upon women's heals, thrown into garbage cans and stabbed in the head with knives, vacuum cleaners shoved up their asses and blenders grinding out their brains. High healed shoes sure make the best cerebral hematomas. They are very fitting ads because for some reason this portrayal of men sells things to women like hot cakes.

"Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper."

-=President Thomas Jefferson=-

Interesting our perceptions and place men, boys, husbands and fathers hold in the mind of ourselves, society and in the minds of women and girls. They sure do transcend these magnificent truths into popular culture don't they.

Enjoy: http://rebukingfeminism.blogspot.com/2009/07/end-of-men-discovered-feminists-rejoice.html



I've just been informed from an MRA that the product has been removed from sale due to numerous complaints. A thank you to Dawn Thomas for her tremendous efforts on behalf of men and boys. I am grateful for women like you Dawn Thomas!

Friday, November 19, 2010

A VICTORY! Paycheck Fairness Act Fails In Senate!

A VICTORY! Paycheck Fairness Act Fails In Senate!

First I would like to say that as women are now as separate and secular class, with separate and secular representation under law and in violation of The Constitution of The United States, EVERY individual woman should take personal responsibility and accountability for what is being done in their name as a now separate gender class. I hold each and every women in this nation directly accountable for the actions of The Council On Women and Girls and for every gender secular law and policy in this country.

This is fantastic news for Capitalism, a free market economy, Freedom, Independence and Liberty! THIS IS A STUPENDOUS VICTORY AGAINST THE MARXIST GENDER FEMINISTS!

You see, the feminists want you to believe that the pay gap is measured by "the same job"

"After controlling for hours, occupation, parenthood, and other factors known to affect earnings, the research indicates that one-quarter of the pay gap remains unexplained"

Source: American Association of (Marxist Gender Feminist)University Women
(Hmmmm interesting, I guess even the feminists tell the truth once in awhile)

The part that "remains unexplained" is 5.85 cents. Feminist attribute this to the sexist anti-woman male dominated patriarchy.

"In 2006, women earned 76.6% as much as men) and is calculated by dividing the median annual earnings for women by the median annual earnings for men."

"Research shows that the gap arises out of a multitude of factors that reflect the individual preferences of men and women, such as occupational choice, time spent at work, and non-wage benefits, among others." -Independent Women's Forum

“The Paycheck Fairness bill would set women against men, empower trial lawyers and activists, perpetuate falsehoods about the status of women in the workplace and create havoc in a precarious job market. It is 1970s-style gender-war feminism" -CHRISTINA HOFF SOMMERS

Women already implemented "comparable worth" wage redistribution in Canada. They said that construction work was just as hard as maid work and had to be paid the same. The men quit their construction jobs to become maids.

It was a disaster and had to be repealed. Canadian women also forced employers to count every penny in wages and disclose them.

The wage gap when women's choices were factored out added up to pennies! If women pass this law here the free market will be destroyed. Wages will be driven down across the entire labor market. It will cause more downward pressure upon the middle class and wages will be driven down. It will stratify the labor market and force us all under the roof of the contract and temp companies.

The fate of our economy always depends on what women do next. Labor will become a class divided. I urge you all to see what happened when women did this to the Canadian system. Please have mercy upon your country women. The government will do whatever you say. You are the single largest constituency. Please God spare us from our women!

The Atlantic predicts that, if men don't bridge the gap and successfully integrate into a post-industrial society, more of American society will reflect the current situation in African American communities where women are the main breadwinners and decision makers who raise their children without men.

The sociologist Kathryn Edin spent five years talking with low-income mothers in the inner suburbs of Philadelphia. Many of these neighborhoods, she found, had turned into matriarchies, with women making all the decisions and dictating what the men should and should not do.

The women, she explained, "make every important decision"-whether to have a baby, how to raise it, where to live. "It's definitely ‘my way or the highway,'" she said. "Thirty years ago, cultural norms were such that the fathers might have said, ‘Great, catch me if you can.' Now they are desperate to father, but they are pessimistic about whether they can meet her expectations." The women don't want them as husbands, and they have no steady income to provide. So what do they have?

Edin thinks the most compelling theory is that marriage has disappeared because women are setting the terms-and setting them too high for the men around them to reach. "I want that white-picket-fence dream," one woman told Edin, and the men she knew just didn't measure up, so she had become her own one-woman mother/father/nurturer/provider.

The whole country's future could look much as the present does for many lower-class African Americans: the mothers pull themselves up, but the men don't follow. First-generation college-educated white women may join their black counterparts in a new kind of middle class, where marriage is increasingly rare.


Men, my Countrymen, my brothers, it is ok not to form families with women in our growing matriarchy.

Sociologists are worried that as we become a female centered matriarchy, female hypergamic behavior will remove men from the family.

This is in fact the case. I know this from my own studies.



Mate with as many women as you want. Learn from men who live under matriarchy such as the African American community. Keep rollin playas!

Men MUST become liberated in order to complete the feminist construct! This is what female independence and liberation is all about.

True female independence is accomplished by lack of dependency upon men.

We should embrace this. This is what women want. It is what they have worked hard to accomplish for the last 45 years. It is what the Women's Party seeks by its political agency. If we can't be part of the family then we must fight for true Independence for men! Men should have nothing to do with the matriarchal family. Women own children both pre and post conception, women own their own bodies, women own the male body and thus the fruits of its labor even in no-fault divorce. DO NOT MARRY MEN! YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS!


A THANKS TO www.manwomanmyth.com

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How's that Wage Gap Working Out For Ya Ladies?

ABOVE is a picture from Time Magazine (Issue Nov 22 2010 pg.61) showing that women out earn men in 47 of 50 major metropolitan cities.

Time Magazine also says women control 51.3% of the nations wealth. This is only a partial truth. Women control 60% of the nations wealth.

After men die the fruits of our labor go to any "independent" woman we were married to.

If our wife is dead it goes to our ex wife of 30 or more years ago like my step-fathers social security money did.

The law states implicitly that women are invalids who are incapable of taking care of themselves, grown up children. This is why men have no rights to our bodies and the fruits of it's labor. This is why men have no right to be a Father to our children after divorce and are forced to support a woman and "HER" children.

Marriage is a commitment from a man to a woman. Women do not even bear a man children. We have no right to children both pre and post conception.

I'm glad marriage rates have declined to record lows since women changed marriage and family law among many other laws they've created for themselves:

I'm glad single mother births are at record highs:

I want nothing to do with the feminist matriarchal family. Women should support their own family. You all deserve to wallow in your gluttony and the matriarchal government husband State until you consume yourselves of your own means of production and the Republic is destroyed.

I'm glad the Stimulus Package was devoted to women.

I'm glad they have Affirmative Action "women first" laws in college admissions and job hirings.

I'm glad men have no property rights to our bodies and the fruits of its labor.

I'm glad we have no rights to fatherhood or rights within the marriage contract and thus no rights in divorce.

I'm glad the generation of fatherless boys are being turned out into our society.

I'm glad men are a minority in colleges and the ranks of male acquisition of college degrees is on a precipitous decline.

I'm glad male participation in the labor force is on a continual decline and our prisons are overflowing with the results of errant masculinity.

Our young men are turned out into a society where masculine culture has been destroyed. A society where males are raised with sole female authority at home and at school.

I'm glad male suicide has tripped since 1970.

I'm glad marriage is on a precipitous decline.

I'm glad the single mother birth rate is at an all time high of 42% of all births and growing.

It will all speed up the demise of my country toward a new beginning. It will be men who will rebuild from the rubble. But it will be men who suffer, die and shed blood to do so.

It makes me wonder how that Wage Gap is working out for women...quite well it seems..

Want to know the truth about the wage gap? POP QUIZ ladies, do you know how The number for the Raw Wage Gap is generated? Enlighten yourselves.

Friday, November 5, 2010

2nd. Annual Male Studies Conference: Men Form Ranks For Round 2!

Good news, against feminist opposition, men are forming ranks for round 2! The goal.... to establish a means of defense for men and boys against the feminist war machine.

The Second Annual International Conference on Male Studies is set to convene at the New York Academy of Medicine on April 6, 2011. Paul Nathanson, PhD, and Katherine Young, PhD, will be there to discuss the negative affects feminism has had upon culture as well as the mainstream elements of the female supremacist movement and associated memes which have infected modern American culture.

This type of intellectual coalescence will soon become a formidable force against feminism and our associated matriarchal society. I believe perhaps that sometime in the future men may gain equal rights to property, education, business hirings, sex and conception laws, our bodies and our children. Perhaps we will also be able to restore the Constitution of The United States and the equal representation and rights of men and boys it is supposed to protect.

The Foundation for Male Studies is sponsoring the event, which will be co-chaired by Marianne Legato and Thomas Mortenson.

Dr. Legato is the founder and director of Columbia’s College of Medicine Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine. She is the editor of The Journal of Gender-Specific Medicine. A widely acclaimed author of works on men’s and women’s health, her most current book is Why Men Die First.

Mr. Mortenson is a senior scholar at the Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education in Washington, DC., and the recipient of major national awards for contributions to educational research.

Other panelists will include Florida International University Professor of Psychology, Gordon E. Finely, Ph.D., who will speak on the need for a national fatherhood policy; and Michael Gilbert, a Senior Fellow at the University of Southern California Annenberg School and author of The Disposable Male, who will speak on the effects of job loss on men.

Paul Nathanson, PhD, and Katherine Young, PhD, will round out the panel. Both of McGill University, Nathanson and Young are the authors of a series of books on misandry, collectively titled Beyond The Fall Of Man. The first volume, Spreading Misandry examines the concept of misandry popular culture; The second volumn, Legalizing Misandry gives consideration to trends in law; volume three, Sanctifying Misandry, explores the roots of modern goddess movement. A final volume, Transcending Misandry, is upcoming.

In addition, the Foundation for Male Studies has issued a call for academic research and programs focused on the need “to reverse the downward spiral now effecting virtually all aspects of the lives of men and boys,” said Dr. Edward M. Stephens, founder and Chairman of the Foundation for Male Studies. “The Foundation is calling for papers from academics on how to best deal with increasing levels of male unemployment, depression, suicides, high school and college dropout rates.”

Scholars seeking to submit papers for the conference may do so by writing to Dick Elfenbein, email: elfenbein |at| malestudies.org before March 15. 2011. Or call 845-362-0893.

Visit MaleStudies.org for more information.

It is my hope that men will continue to form ranks as a political class in order to mount an effective defense against feminism. Representation for men as a gender class is ESSENTIAL in a time where women have made "the personal political" and enacted laws and policy accordingly just as they said they would. When they stormed the beach front of gender harmony at the beginning of "second wave" feminism they refused to negotiate. It was a clean sweeping victory for them but the time has come for action.

This is a battle between men-government-women and women-government-men. Gender relations and related laws and policy can no longer go uncontested by men. We must defend ourselves and mount effective resistance in order to defend our gender from further assault.

Of primary concern to me is how men will either be given equal rights in the family, to our children, our bodies and the fruits of its labor so that we may form a family again or failing this, how men can liberate ourselves from the matriarchal family, women and "their" children so that men may be independent from female dependency. The goal then would be to continue the feminist construct of independence and mutual dis-need and thus equal rights. True independence for women is independence from dependency upon men, as such men will be equally liberated and independent.

Friday, October 29, 2010

United States Birth Rates At Historic Low.

In 2009 the birthrate fell to 13.5 births for every 1,000 people—down from 14.3 in 2007—which set a record for the lowest rate in a century.-Newsweek Magazine

Interesting.... The end of the Roman Republic anyone? History repeats itself aye.

Do not let the government steal our women......Understand? Women are not the enemy, it is their relationship with the Government Husband and their hypergamous mating preference which has manifested itself by female political agency. I ask you quite sincerely to study the laws feminist organizations and related ferver and that of our Federal Council On Women and Girls.

I have found so many parallels between women's relationship with government and my own personal life experiences it is astounding.

At heart I really do adore women. God bless them they are such a blessing but I will tell you a story.

I stopped by a bar the other night with many beautiful college girls in their reproductive prime. Women are most fertile at 25. Anyway, two strange women on separate occasions walked right up and to me and told me to buy them a drink (sex on the beach). It must be a thing among college girls. The young males at that age are very beta and lack resources or status but must fork over drinks like you wouldn't believe. I wonder how many of these boys grew up in a single mother home? Anyway I told them "no thank you."

They liked being told no but I wanted nothing to do with them. Something hit me viscerally about this very interesting socio-sexual, socio-biological circumstance I found myself in. I believe perhaps women want to test if you're beta by arbitrarily demanding resources from men. God love them but I truly believe women are all consummate. Hmm unlike men, government can't tell women no....this is the problem.

Once I realized truly what was going on I looked around and realized an inordinate amount of college boys getting reprimanded and disciplined by their girlfriends over the course of the evening.

I intervened to help three young men that night. I told them women will be as demanding as you let them be. They will raise the bar to see if you'll break. Once they supplicate and dominate you they dump you for a dominate man. I think I helped these young men.

One girl came back around for another round of verbal interchange with her boyfriend and the guy took my advise. She changed her demeanor right away. Good for him. It really is tough living under a female dominated government and associated matriarchy. I am beginning to understand the writings of Roman men when marriage rates and family disintegration took place during the final days of their Republic as well. The intolerability of their women and associated rapid decline of marriage and birth rates.

I've said it before here but do you know where the expression "you can't live with them and you can't live without them came from" ???

Upon the dissolution of the Roman family, falling birth rates, female sexuality moving from private and monogamous to public and promiscuous the Roman general, statesman, and censor Quintus Caecilius Metellus Macedonicus states in 131 B.C....

"If we could survive without a wife, citizens of Rome, all of us would do without that nuisance.” So proclaimed the Roman general, statesman, and censor.

Still, he went on to plead, falling birthrates required that Roman men fulfill their duty to reproduce, no matter how irritating Roman women might have become.

"Since nature has so decreed that we cannot manage comfortably with them, nor live in any way without them, we must plan for our lasting preservation rather than for our temporary pleasure."

Wow, our birth rate in the U.S. is barely sustaining replacement levels.

So Quintus said the above in 131 B.C... It seems The Roman family really declined in the final century of the Republic--that is, the period from 146 BCE to 49 BCE when Julius Caesar was proclaimed sole dictator.

During the last century of the Roman Republic, no-fault divorce was introduced.

Following the complete end of Manus Marriage in the 1st century BC (100-1 B.C) and the emergence of Free Marriage Divorce, divorced ceased needing any reason, (No Fault Divorce).

Anyway, It's unfortunate....Unlike men, the government won't tell women no when they demand resources....It will be the death of this country if we don't stop this. I love women but they can be all consummate. They don't understand where the things around them come from. I really don't mean to be condescending. Perhaps they have as equally stimulating stipulations and postulations about men. I can tell you one thing though...feminism is certainly not it.

To me, feminism and female agency in government seems to elicit the worst of female and male nature. They form a relationship like no other that we as men can't compete with. Woman's relationship with Government Husband is unbearable. Her relationship with Government Husband is the most tortuous experiences for men to bear. It is an anguishing tyranny for sure. I love my country but I believe it is in grave danger and that we must do what we can to protect it. I don't like the division I sense in my country. I don't like what is in the air and pray that we can heal as a nation. I pray that we come together and make families again.....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

U.S. Marriage Rates At Historic Low and Falling

The 2010 U.S. Census results are in. The census shows the proportion of U.S. adults between 25 and 34 who have never been married exceeded those who are married for the first time in more than a century. There is no sign of this turning around anytime soon. There is great momentum behind the trends of women's collective divorce from men and their marriage to their government husband.

The best thing men can do is stick together, form ranks as a separate socio-political and socio-economic class with separate unconstitutional representation within government by gender like women have. If we can manage to represent our gender class we will have a fighting chance to remove representation by gender and even race or religion for that matter and restore The Constitution of The United States. We have representation by gender and race now, and I fear that if we do not act now, representation by religion will not be far behind.

Unfortunately I don't think men will be able to compete with women's government husband and "women first" female agency in government. I think as men we must protect ourselves. One of the best things men can do is make the decision to protect yourselves and your property rights and this goes with the God given right to be a father. I think things will get a lot worse before they get better for us men. I hope that someday men will win property rights to our bodies and the fruits of its labor. I hope that we will win the right to shared custody of children. Whatever we do we must protect ourselves especially from Marriage. The best advise I could give another young man like myself is to never get married.

Sorry, the graph below is a little dated. The single woman birth rate is now 40%-42% of all births. Again, there is significant momentum behind these trends.

There is hope though. Look at the reset in the single mother birth trend momentum starting in 1993. This was when one of women's resource constructs was reformed i.e. welfare reform took place. If we can manage to establish more property rights in marriage and thus our obligations to women in divorce we will be able to reduce the trend momentum even more. Men must fight to establish property rights to our bodies and the fruits of its labor.

If we can establish shared custody of children, women will bear some sort of liability and reciprocal obligation toward men and the institution of marriage. They initiate 70+% of divorces now but if we are able to give women an equally responsible part to play in the institution of marriage they may be much less likely to make men and fathers disposable to the family.

We have a tough fight ahead of us men. Women organized in numbers in the 1960's. Their leaders lobbied for the creation and institution of no-fault divorce laws and no-fault entitlement to the male body and the fruits of its labor.

If we can reform "women first" laws in college admissions and job hirings we can reduce the level at which women are our competitors and adversaries for territory and resources. If we can manage a few of these changes or all of them we will have a fighting chance at being a part of the family again. The problem is that women's leaders have managed to devote the Stimulus Package to women and are now seeking further enforcement of laws which dictate that Federal job contracts be given to women owned businesses. The truth is that we have taken heavy casualties men but the fight IS NOT OVER! WE HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO FIGHT! The bond we share with women is sacred. I don't believe women themselves are the enemy but rather their female nature has been given agency within government. The nature of government is continual growth. Our founding fathers believed that government is a necessary evil but by nature it seeks to be all powerful and seeks continual growth, they believed that government is tyranny. To men, family, marriage and fatherhood this will all continue to be the death of us if we don't fight.

Yes, women have married the government. Yes, all male property rights have been removed along with any right to the prospect of shared custody of our children. Those of you how are an MRA or follow these issues know that women are vehemently opposed to shared parenting. Without political agency we will be unable to defeat women's leaders. Please go to ACFC.org and sign the shared parenting petition. The American Coalition of Fathers and Children has been making valiant efforts to change feminist laws. We can't do it without YOU. I hope that women will join us in our fight.

I don't know what to tell you men. Women said they wanted this back in the 1960's and have not stopped since. They were not joking when they shouted "the personal is political". We have no choice but to continue to withdraw. I wish I had better news for you guys, I really do. We can only take comfort in the solace that this can not go on forever. When the Matriarchy collapses men will be a part of the family again. Hang in there men. I believe our decline as a nation will be exponential. Never stop fighting my dear countrymen. Never give up hope that we can turn this around. At very least if we are unable to form a mutually reciprocal bond with women then we must continue on course with staunch resistance to women's demands to be dependent on us.

In this respect I will make something perfectly clear. MEN HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO SUPPORT A WOMAN'S FAMILY AND "HER" CHILDREN....NONE!

The decisions we make as a nation now will dictate whether our country lives or dies. We must not give up. We must fight! I will fight along side all of you. If the time ever comes my countrymen I will kill along side you in battle. I will die along side you. This is our home. When it comes down to it, our homeland, our jobs and the prospect of family is all that we have men. We must continue to fight and NEVER SURRENDER!

Monday, October 11, 2010


Don't you just love the corporate media and the globalist profiteers! Nice try "Newsweek" We know multinationals and corporate interests profit off of the death of male jobs, globalization and the loss of America's economic sovereignty.

I guess men will just role over and take on a service sector job while you marginalize and consolidate the labor pool in one spot, then drive down wages even more.

Looks like your plans are going well:


See Picture: Wooah! what a mighty fine trade deficit, I bet those male jobs you shipped out really made a profit for ya:

oooooh! LOOK HERE it sure Did!:

REMEMBER MEN, REMEMBER WHAT YOUR MASTERS TELL YOU, GLOBALIZATION IS GOOD FOR YOU. Don't prove that you have a weak male ego and hold onto "throwback masculinity" "musty script of masculinity" and "Marlboro manliness".

Don't say anything about the multinational corporate pig "Newsweek" article....it will only prove you are as unmanly as they said you are if you resist....Give in men....accept what the profiteering globalists pigs are doing to the middle class. Accept the liquidation of our sovereignty and way of life.

Attention "Newsweek" we know where your interests are. Your "news" article reminds me of something you would read in the Ex Soviet Pravda magazine. We know who's side you are on..

Remember men, remember that according to Newsweek and the corporate media

we are now "an economy that’s rapidly outgrowing Marlboro Manliness."

Accept that the "“manly” sectors of the U.S. economy continue to shrink"

Remember men accept our defeat in order to make money for the globalist corporations who run Newsweek.

“Conceiving of masculinity as something to be”—a part to play—“turns manliness into [something] ornamental" So give up men. Don't fight it.

You brutish men, still holding on to an intact and sovereign economy aren't you

You are holding on to "throwback masculine" ideals and:

"watching television shows such as Dirty Jobs, Ax Men, and Deadliest Catch re-romanticizing soot-collared work. A rapper’s saggy jeans, a hunter’s concealed weapon, a suburbanite’s man cave, a hipster’s obsession with Don Draper: all might be seen as variations of the same coping mechanism. The impulse transcends race and class."

Don't hold on men, give up. Don't fight it. Accept your defeat.

Remember men are "still overrepresented in business and government" anyway. Make room for the oppressed class you brutish men, make room for women you Patriarchs.

Embrace our trade deficit men, you sheep, embrace the demise of your homeland so the corporations can profit off globalization.

Stay home men, after all, the government and business will pay you to do it. Give up men, there is no hope. Globalization, the liquidation of our production base, of male jobs is good for you.

Remember "suggesting that men should stick to some musty script of masculinity only perpetuates the problem"

Stay home men....stay home...don't prove you are an unevolved caveman who holds on to "throwback masculinity". Embrace The New Economy. Our propaganda in Newsweek and other corporate media will help you accept this.

Don't blame the feminist laws we've instituted. Stop "retreating into the woods, or burying your anxieties beneath machismo" Stop your objections to Marxist class equality legislation and the diversion of the Stimulus Package to women.



You think myself and my countrymen are animals don't you! You think we will stand idle while you bury us and kill us off. My countrymen are no fools. Myself and my countrymen will fight!

My countrymen, will not forgive our corrupt government and its spineless politicians. My countrymen will not forgive the control that special interests and multinational corporations have established in OUR GOVERNMENT!


See: Workhorses of the Matriarchy


JOIN THE MEN'S VOTING BLOCK ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mens-Voting-Block/152293551470077

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Denigration of Men Is Normal

I was sitting at the dog park today and the 50 year old woman in front of me was talking on the phone about some guy "getting what he has coming to him." When the woman on the other line mentioned another man she replied “he’s a real jerk to”.

It gets me thinking how I never hear 50 year old men talk this way about women in public. “yea she’s a real bitch to” "she's gonna get what's coming to her" It would be considered quite crude to speak in public this way.

Somehow, women are the choosers so to speak. They have inherent value to men which can not be diminished. It seems they feel they have a license to be demanding and critical of men and are not concerned in the slightest of diminishing their value to men because of it. It seems they believe they have license to treat men this way.

How is it that the word jerk has become so acceptable to describe men? It reminds me of an ad I saw on the side of the road some months back that said “how not to marry a jerk” call 555-5555. Would it be more likely to cause a second thought in the public mind if the sign said “how not to marry a bitch” call 555-5555?

I suppose men should consider ourselves lucky, it could be worse. Women could have the right to slap us, beat us, and hit us in the genitals, even in public...or do they??? I suspect no one would care if they saw a woman in public keeping a man in his place, they may even laugh and most would think he had it coming.

Which reminds me, I was at the gym the other day and a lady was talking to her friend, she said “when a woman kills a man I always think he had it coming” I looked at her with a straight face and furrowed brow, she laughed nervously when she realized I was offended (i think I made her feel uncomfortable, at least I hope I did).

Why are women always seen as right and men are wrong? Why do they have such authority to be so critical, demanding and abusive of men? Why do they have the right to slap, beat and murder us? Why do they use the word jerk in public without a second thought? Why do "men have it coming" to us? Why is it so typical and common language that such names for men become so accepted and normalized that it never crossed the consciousness of the woman at the dog park when she was speaking of a man this way?

It seems that if a man were to speak the equivalent about a woman in public he would be conscious that it's inappropriate. The validity of his statement would be challenged by the mind of the listener. He would not be given the authority to speak of a woman this way as women are given the authority to speak of men this way. Why?

Monday, September 6, 2010

TechCrunch puts women in their place: A Syndication


Too Few Women In Tech? Stop Blaming The Men.

Michael Arrington
Aug 28, 2010

Success in Silicon Valley, most would agree, is more merit driven than almost any other place in the world. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what sex you are, what politics you support or what color you are. If your idea rocks and you can execute, you can change the world and/or get really, stinking rich.

For the most part I’ve sat on the sidelines over the years during the endless debates about how we need to do more to encourage more women to start companies. What I mean by “sat on the sidelines” is this – until today I haven’t really said what I felt. Now I’m going to.

Here’s why. Yet another article, this timein the Wall Street Journal, takes a shot at us and others for not doing enough to help women in tech. Says Rachel Sklar, a perennial TechCrunch critic:

“Part of changing the ratio is just changing awareness, so that the next time Techcrunch is planning a Techcrunch Disrupt, they won’t be able to not see the overwhelming maleness of it,” said Ms. Sklar, referring to the influential tech conference.

Yeah ok, whatever Rachel. Every damn time we have a conference we fret over how we can find women to fill speaking slots. We ask our friends and contacts for suggestions. We beg women to come and speak. Where do we end up? With about 10% of our speakers as women.

We won’t put women on stage just because they’re women – that’s not fair to the audience who’ve paid thousands of dollars each to be there. But we do spend an extraordinary amount of time finding those qualified women and asking them to speak.

And you know what? A lot of the time they say no. Because they are literally hounded to speak at every single tech event in the world because they are all trying so hard to find qualified women to speak at their conference.

What’s The Real Problem?
I could, like others (see all the links in that Fred Wilson post too), write pandering but meaningless posts agonizing over the problem and suggesting creative ways that we (men) could do more to help women. I could point out that the CEO of TechCrunch is a woman, as are two of our four senior editors (I’m one of the four). And how we seek out women focused events and startups and cover them to death.

But I’m not going to do that. Instead I’m going to tell it like it is. And what it is is this: statistically speaking women have a huge advantage as entrepreneurs, because the press is dying to write about them, and venture capitalists are dying to fund them. Just so no one will point the accusing finger of discrimination at them.

That WSJ article also criticizes Y Combinator for having just 14 female founders out of their 208 startups to date. But I know that Y Combinator wants – really, really wants – female founders and that there just aren’t very many of them. I know this because Y Combinator cofounder Jessica Livingston has told me how excited they are to get applications from women, and that they want to do everything they can to get more female applicants. What they probably won’t admit, but I suspect is true anyway, is that the rate of acceptance for female applicants is far higher than for male applicants.

The problem isn’t that Silicon Valley is keeping women down, or not doing enough to encourage female entrepreneurs. The opposite is true. No, the problem is that not enough women want to become entrepreneurs.

Why? I was asked that question as part of a New York Times interview earlier this year. I dodged it completely, and referred them to Cyan Banister, the founder of Zivity, instead:

Q. Do you anticipate that there will be more companies led by women at the TC50 and Disrupt this year?

A. Women are really tough. I have no idea why. We invited a team founded by a woman to Disrupt. But they canceled. There just aren’t a lot of female tech entrepreneurs out there relative to the number of men, I think. We celebrate the ones we find whenever we find them. There’s a chance we’ll write about what they’re doing, simply because they’re a fairly rare thing in our world. But it is really hard to find female entrepreneurs in tech, in my experience. I really think this is an industry-wide problem.

Q. How do the female tech entrepreneurs and investors in your community feel about this situation?

A. There’s a fascinating company, Zivity, it’s a venture-funded, adult photography community — yes, they put up pictures of naked women online — it was co-founded and is run by a woman, Cyan Banister. She wrote me in response to a post about women who are entrepreneurs, saying, basically, though these are not her exact words, women [stink] as entrepreneurs a lot of the time because they are nurturing and not risk-taking enough by nature. She also said when men roll the dice and take risks, that society doesn’t punish them at all, and it’s in their nature to take stupid risks.

I didn’t respond to that. I didn’t want to jump into that debate. And I guess I still don’t.

Is Cyan right? I don’t know, I’m from Mars, not Venus and I cannot speak intelligently about the nurturing and risk tolerance needs of women. But I will say this. The next time you women want to start pointing the finger at me when discussing the problem of too few women in tech, just stop. Look in the mirror. And realize this – there are women like Sklar who complain about how there are too few women in tech, and then there are women just who go out and start companies (like this one). Let’s have less of the former and more of the latter, please. And when you do start your company, we’ll cover it. Promise.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Eat Pray Love or Gorge, Self Worship & Sleep Around?

While attending my local movie theater I came across this sign posted on all the entry doors. On the back it says Eat Pray Love. I was immediately taken back and offended by this message and took a picture. I looked up the movie later and found out that it is about championing women to leave their family and embark on a journey of selfish indulgence and entitlement.

It seems others have picked up on this message but more specifically how it is presented at the expense of men, commitment to others and a family, a true masterpiece of selfish delusion. I will have more of my own opinion on this movie and it's pervading narrative in our culture very soon but for now I'd like to share with my readers the thoughts of other men and even women on the link below who have realized the utter misandry and selfish delusion this type of thinking promotes. It is good to see that others, not just men (but mainly men) took offense to it as well.
The book was a run away hit with women selling over 9 million copies and was promoted by Oprah.



Feminists on the Defensive as Eat Pray Love Widely Panned by Critics


Men have been talking about this throughout the blogosphere. Here is some comic relief for you all..

The New York Post has its opinion as well: http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/movies/eat_pray_hurl_nGeOKg04jMomdPpqaIFnyN?offset=16#comments

Sunday, August 8, 2010

VIDEO: Male Studies Is Here! It's On The Horizon!!

The Men's Movement is Growing! An effort is underway for men to be able to examine the male experience free of feminist ideology found in the women's Men's Studies programs. This is an effort to allow men to define the male experience and what it means to be male FROM AN OBJECTIVELY SCIENTIFIC & MALE PERSPECTIVE.

THERE IS A COMMENT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION I'D LIKE TO ALSO CLARIFY HERE. There is one man in the video who objects to the creation of Male Studies and he is a member of the feminist camp.

MEN'S STUDIES already exists and this man was invited to provide an objective viewpoint from the other side. Men's Studies was designed and implemented by feminists. It's primary goal is to deconstruct masculinity which is viewed to be destructive, toxic and overwhelmingly negative. Traditional masculinity and gender roles are viewed by feminists to be the primary cause of what feminist term The Patriarchy or the male dominated system in which women are oppressed by men, society and by their role in the family.

Feminist believe that women are an underclass who are oppressed by this Patriarchy. Their primary goal for the last 40 years (the second wave) is to create Independence and Liberation of this oppressed class from the class oppressors and from women's subordinate station and status in society.

The Feminist Men's Studies programs are designed to deconstruct masculinity and rebuild it to form the feminist ideal which is to say the androgynous construct. Feminists believe firmly that the genders are socially constructed and believe in no form of biological differences. Unfortunately feminist ideology has created a massive problem in that men still have the same obligations, responsibilities and liabilities toward and for women that we have always had. The only thing that has changed is a loosend standard of reciprocal obligation from women to men. Women now have more choices but they are financed by male liabilities, an outright double standard and outright systemic and lawful discrimination against men and boys.

SO IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO GET THE TWO CONFUSED. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Male Studies on the other hand has the goal of creating counter points to feminist ideology and to combat misandry or the hatred and contempt for men and boys in society which feminism promotes. It intends to create a means of defense and advocacy for men and boys. It is an attempt to create a core infrastructure of thought and intellectual conjecture that now permeates the growing Men's and Father's Rights Movement. It is to help create a collective voice that for to long has been unheard and shamed into silence.

It will allow us vital intellectual coalescence which will increasingly take a political stage as well as create and raise awareness of the injustices, sexism, and outright discrimination and contempt for men and boys that shows through in all political, social and economic elements of society.

The goal of men's rights is to obtain equal representation under law and to allow choices and advocacy for men and boys in all realms of society. It is to allow men the right to play a meaningful role in the lives of our children. It is to give us rights to our own bodies and the fruits of its labor.

It is to amend the social contract which has allowed women choices while male labor is expected to provide these choices to women. To make fair and equal choices available to men and to alleviate the subjugation of men while dating, in marriage but most importantly after no-fault divorce. It is to provide this representation in the education system, in governmental services and resources and equal gender secular representation within the social fabric of society which extends to political and social policy, the justice system and family law.

Independence for men can be defined as Independence from women's dependency which now takes place under a double standard, lawful discrimination and social policy in the public and private realms of society.

The foundation is currently raising money to implement the badly needed male representation and voice within Universities nation wide. The first such course in the history of what has essentially amounted to a gender war which has created class conflict between men and women will be implemented at Wagner college. I can not stress enough that this conglomerate will serve as a staging area for male advocacy throughout the rest of society and into the political realm. THIS EFFORT IS A VITAL COMPONENT TO THE ADVANCEMENT OF THE GROWING MEN'S AND FATHER'S RIGHTS MOVEMENT SO PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT IN ANY WAY YOU CAN.

VIDEO: Male Studies Is Here! It's On The Horizon!!

Male Studies Conference Video:


Friday, August 6, 2010

List of Male Grievances and Injustices

“It is the Department of Human Rights’ position that ladies’ night is illegal,” Commissioner James Kirkpatrick wrote in the memo. “Gender-based pricing violates the Human Rights Act.”

I've noticed States and municipalities cracking down on free or discounted services for women. The above was issued by the State of Minnesota. It's about time, equality is equality so lets get to it....

It reminds me of the time I went into a restaurant a couple of weeks ago and tried to order a margarita. The woman told me that the prices are for women only. I told her I will not be having a drink at all then.

Next is getting women to share custody of children and thus expect them to financial support their own children equally while providing meaningful contact with the father, paying on dates, and not expecting men to support them after they leave in divorce.

Removing female gender separatist and secular representation in government which is in violation of the Constitution and Equal Rights Amendment. This would include all "women first" and "women only" provisions in all political, economic and social policy.

Laws against and penalties for paternity fraud, enforcement against parental alienation, extending rape shield laws to protect the accused, providing equal domestic violence and family trauma services to men.

Rescinding gender biased domestic violence laws and procedures under VAWA. Rape law reform so that each party is responsible for the decision to have non violent sex while under the influence of alcohol and or drugs.

Advancing male contraception technology. Lawsuits and boycotts against companies that portray men, husbands and fathers as dogs, pigs, horses asses, donkeys and jack asses. Revision of sex offender laws so that 8 year old boys are no longer arrested and marked for life for playing doctor.

Protections for boys under statutory rape laws some of whom have been ordered to pay their rapist child support. Protection for sperm donors anonymity and liability as some have been tracked down by lesbians and ordered to pay child support. Code of ethics laws so that male genes are not just handed out to anyone but limited to those with problems conceiving and for married couples only. The concept of trivializing the role men play in reproduction and the lives of children should be legislated against. Selecting male genes from a catalog by what celebrity the male specimen looks like is amoral and reprehensible. It is no different than men selecting female genes and growing children in artificial wombs from the comfort of our home. We have laws against cloning and stem cell research meanwhile it is legal to cut men out of the process of reproduction with a simple doctors note and have male genes sent overnight male to your front door.

Extending Selective Service Military draft registration to women.

Equal reproductive rights where sex and conception is viewed as a mutual act requiring mutual responsibility and therefore the equal exclusive right of each sex to abort responsibility. Each sex should have the right of disregarding the others moral ethics and life choices, not just women.

I hope that as women have property rights over their own bodies and the fruits of its labor both the money they earn and children, that men will someday have property rights over our bodies and the fruits of our labor, our children and our money as women have so that we are no longer coerced by women to provide to them or forced by law to do so in order to enable her choices to leave a marriage by no-fault legislation without any reciprocal obligation toward the man what so ever. The days where female choices are enabled by male liabilities, lack of control and choice over our own bodies and the fruits of our labor should soon be over.

Men's bodies can no longer be the property of the Government to use as cannon fodder by force of war nor to be forced to produce for women that are Independent, Liberated from obligations to men and self supporting.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher states in her book Anatomy of Love: "Unfortunately right now all the blame is on men. Sexual harassment is an issue that has been controlled by women."

Dr. Fisher is referring to passive female solicitation of male sexual response by exposure of their bodies. Though passive in nature female way of dress has to potential to be overtly sexual without direct action. Female way of dress is not just something men see but feel as well. As such female way of dress has the potential to be sexual harrasment of men. It is common conception that women should have no responsibility for the cloths they wear and how it makes men feel or how it affects men personally, emotionally or sexually, though actions of men that are direct or indirect and affect women likewise is classified as harassment. Feminist legitimize female behavior and attempt to define what men find sexually solicitous. They call it "victim blaming". Women shall no longer have the right to define male sexuality.

I hope for a day where women are responsible for how they act toward and treat men, a day when their "choices" come with responsibilities and liabilities and obligations toward and for men as men have toward and for women in our private and public lives, sometimes by law.

I hope that as women now acquire 60% of college degrees and control 60% of the nations wealth, that we should now restore male friendly curriculum models and funding for boys in our public schools. Admission of females to college and in business hirings should no longer be done by "women first" Affirmative Action but on grades and merit so that boys and men will have an equal chance to succeed. I never understood why women have demanded that women be put first in almost every social, political and economic policy I can think of and I hope to convince them to change the laws they made. Men have always given up our seats for women for some reason but I don't know why. We as men must make change socially, politically and economically for our own health and wellbeing and not that of women.

You have all been taught that your lives are less valuable than women and when the time comes it is you that should die so she may live. You have been lied to. The lives, health and wellbeing of women are no more important than your own. We can no longer treat women like children. We must demand they have responsibility and abide by the rules. We must demand that they do so not only for themselves but to have reciprocal obligations toward and for men.

These things will be a good start.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Affirmative Action Dilemma

Just filling out my eligibility for employment. This is a tough one. Saying I'm female and black has parsed my resume from the database to the top of the stack and onto the recruiters desk. Such information is not disclosed at that point, just automatically parsed and presented to the recruiter without race and gender information, or so it seems. I've selected "diversity candidate" on my online resume.

It may very well have given me an edge but it could not hurt to say I am a member of a preferred race or gender. It may very well have secured the contract for me so I can find solace in that. I'm afraid that if I say I am male I may not get the job long term when the contract expires especially if a female or person of other skin color were to apply or be on the team.

Should I say I'm black or 1/5th black? Should I tell them I'm female? Can I get away with this? I will just not say anything because I do not know the repercussions. However I know that by doing so I will imply I am male and white and very well may lose my job because of it. I am pained inside. I want to love my country but I do not. I am torn by division toward those who compete against me unfairly and not on merit. I must do what I can.

I am deeply pained by this and have been unemployed sporadically and on unemployment. I know that the Stimulus Package was devoted to women.

Robert Reich and the government said that money should not go to white males but to people of other races and to women.

I feel bad for my brothers. I feel bad for all men of any race. I feel bad for all of the American people. 80% of all jobs lost in this recession have been to men. I feel resentment building inside of me, I feel the class conflict. I wish my country could be united. I wish that being male did not mean I am ineligible for a job. I wish I were not judged, accepted or rejected by the color of my skin or my gender but by my merit, my hard work and the content of my character.

I remember applying for a government contract and was one of two applicants for a job on Warren Air Force Base. I got there early and was very eager and starving for work. I've had to move in with my brother since work has been dry as of late. I am a contract and temporary IT worker and have been wanting to find stable employment all of my life. I go from contract to contract and job to job with no retirement (401k) or healthcare.

It was hard because I was told I was one of nearly 150 applicants. I made the cut. I was one of two people selected for eligibility. There was another person who made the cut. He walked in and I saw him. As much as I did not want to think of it, I could not help but think of his race and the fact that he was black.

I can not forgive my government for giving him the job based off the color of his skin and denying me the very sustenance I need to feed myself. I live in a country fractured by race and gender. I live in a nation divided, one in which the working class is divided against itself. I live in a country where wages and income for the middle class separated from productivity about 40 years ago (See graph).

A plutocracy has been reborn and the distribution of wealth in the hands of globalist corporations and aristocracy has become something not seen since the Great Depression. (see graph) I am highly skilled and educated yet I struggle to survive and compete against women and other races. I do not want to see them as my competition and my adversary, I do not want to resent them but I feel it building in me. I can only hope that someday my country will have an allegiance to me and that I may be inspired to have allegiance to it.

With the Stimulus Package being devoted to women upon their request, with Affirmative Action, related laws and policy men can no longer afford to fulfill the social contract that is placed upon us for and toward the benefit of women. My brother is one of those 80% of men who has lost his job, his unemployment is being garnished to support a woman. With 60% of college degrees now being acquired by women, men can no longer compete with women and government while fulfilling our mandated social contract to support women.

Men MUST withdraw, form ranks as a political class and advocate for our welfare. If men can secure our rights and representation or manage to remove gender secular representation in government altogether we will be able to restore our relationship to women and family. MEN MUST BEGIN TO FIGHT FOR THIS! We are being attacked at both ends.

With such a conflict between men and government policy, men can no longer engage in the current social contract with women in an environment in which we are being deliberately disenfranchised from our future prospects of free enterprise and the equal opportunity to produce. Men must withdraw, form ranks and restore individual Liberty, Freedom and Independence in our personal lives and in our personal relationship with women and thus our place in the family.