Saturday, January 5, 2013

Adaptive Servility To Female Hypoagency and Fisherian Runaway Traits


I agree with Stardusk's  notion that servility to female hypoagency as an adaptive trait in men is a Fisherian Runaway Trait. With the relationship created between women and the State it has compounded the problem of serving all things female. It has now become a destructive force against men and ultimately....women.

I believe the rise of the State to service and deliver to female hypoagency \ hypergamous nature is a direct result of the creation of their relationship with the State. Women and their union directly stated at the time of the Cultural Revolution "the personal is political" & "women need men like a fish needs a bicycle" Their intentions are perfectly clear and this relationship to State has been accomplished. Indeed, the personal is now political and thus the political....personal. Now men must decide how to survive what women have done to us through the State and as a social class within the family as well.

I attribute the decline in male suicide beginning in 1993 to the recognition by both the government and the psychological community that male suicide in the U.S. was reaching epidemic levels. The National Suicide Hotline came to be as well as research and development of anti depression drugs. However, this effort though helpful only addressed the effect not the cause. Stardusk as well as the MRM has arisen to address the cause so that men can remedy the situation for ourselves....with or without women. At the present...preferably without them. As outlined by the videos above...they are not so noble towards us.