Monday, June 21, 2010

VAWA Reform Is Needed RIGHT NOW!

A true humanitarian, Phyllis Schlafly, the wise and gutsy old woman that she is, comes to the aid of her countrymen (Article at bottom of this post). Thank you Phyllis, you are a kind soul to care for and advocate for the wellbeing and protection of men and boys. Advocacy for men and boys is mainly unheard of. Phyllis, your steadfast commitment to our country is truly exemplary.

I really believe that it will mainly be up to women to change the rules of their own protection, men just don't have the power to advocate for our welfare. When advocacy and action upon the welfare of men is related to or perceived to be related to the welfare of women, men will lose, women come first without exception. The welfare and wellbeing of women is more important than that of men..everyone knows that. When it comes to separate and secular representation by gender within government, women's advocacy groups have all the power. For what ever reason male advocacy just can not compete. Males in comparison simply don't matter.

Though men suffer from poorer health we have not been able to get women to share one of the 7 Federal Offices on women's health with men. They say that women need all the resources, protection and provision. I think women expect men to die rather than render aid to us...Isn't that strange? I don't know why men are less valuable than women but such is our plight I guess. Such is the male condition, it always has been.

I guess the only difference is that we were able to dictate our own terms of how we and government were servants to women. Now, with their representation in government they dictate the terms of our servitude.

We do try, no one can say that we do not try but whenever men lobby for equal protection under law, women say that giving men equal rights and protections comes at the expense of protecting women and that women should come first before men. Women always win in this argument and so we as men must continue to suffer. I think we really do believe that women's welfare and wellbeing should come before our own. Women are more than happy to benefit from male suffering. They actually see it as our rightful chivalry.

I feel that it may be the case that it will always be "women first" and that women somehow innately feel entitled to provision, protection and resources, Isn't that strange? For some reason I get the feeling that men may feel that women deserve unequal representation under law as well.. Isn't that strange???

I have the feeling women don't hold the same values as men when it comes to our welfare. I don't know if they have the same feelings toward men as men do for women.

I fear that men simply can not compete with women when it comes to such things. I fear we will never be as powerful as women and that we will never be able to change this. The forces involved in giving women such insane protections at male expense must be a biological part of human nature. I can't figure out any other reason why it could have gotten this far otherwise. I don't understand why women are put first to the detriment, welfare and wellbeing of men.. I can't understand...I just don't understand.

Why did this all start when women gained agency in our government? Why do women use their representation in government to provide and protect themselves? Why do we deffer to women and why are they more powerful? Why don't females in government ever advocate for men as men do for women????? Why don't men advocate for men as men do for women?

I can only hope that someday, men and boys will be treated fairly and that our wellbeing and protection is just as important as a woman's. I truly believe that when men suffer women and society suffer along with us.

Article: A Good Father's Day Gift by Phyllis Schlafly

A good Father's Day gift would be to reform the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), make it gender-neutral, and assure men that family courts will accord them constitutional rights equivalent to those enjoyed by murderers and robbers. VAWA will be coming up for its five-year reauthorization later this year, and that will be the time to hold balanced hearings and eliminate VAWA's discrimination against men.

VAWA illustrates the hypocrisy of noisy feminist demands that we kowtow to their ideology of gender neutrality, to their claim that there is no difference between male and female, and to their opposition to stereotyping and gender profiling. VAWA is based on the proposition that there are, indeed, innate gender differences: Men are naturally batterers, and women are naturally victims.

Feminist supporters of VAWA obviously share Jessica Valenti's recent assertion in The Washington Post that American women are oppressed by the "patriarchy" and that "it needs to end." One way they hope to end it is by using the extravagantly expensive and discriminatory VAWA, which was passed in 1994 as a payoff to the feminists for helping to elect Bill Clinton president in 1992. VAWA is not designed to eliminate or punish violence, but to punish only alleged violence against women. Most of the shelters financed by VAWA do not accept men as victims.

VAWA has been known from the get-go as "feminist pork" because it puts nearly $1 billion a year of U.S. taxpayers' money into the hands of the radical feminists without any accountability for how the money is spent. Feminists have set up shop in shelters where they promote divorce, marriage breakup, hatred of men and false accusations, while rejecting marriage counseling, reconciliation, drug-abuse treatment and evidence of mutual-partner abuse.

Feminists have changed state laws to include a loosey-goosey definition of family violence. It doesn't have to be violent -- it can simply be what a man says or how he looks at a woman.

Domestic violence can even be what a woman thinks a man might do or say. Definitions of violence include calling your partner a naughty word, raising your voice, causing "annoyance" or "emotional distress," or just not doing what your partner wants.

VAWA makes taxpayers' money available to the feminists to lobby state legislators to pass feminist laws, to train law enforcement personnel and judges in using those laws, and to fund their enforcement. VAWA provides women with free legal counsel to pursue their allegations while men are left on their own to find and pay a lawyer, or struggle without one.

Feminists have lobbied most states to adopt mandatory-arrest laws, which means that when the police arrive at a disturbance and lack good information on who is to blame, they are nevertheless legally bound to arrest somebody. Three guesses who is usually arrested.

Feminists have lobbied most states to pass no-drop prosecution laws, which require proceeding with prosecution even if the woman recants her charges or wants to drop them. Studies show that women do recant or ask to drop the charges in 60 percent of criminal allegations, but the law requires the man to be prosecuted anyway, which means he loses his constitutional right to confront his accuser.

Charging domestic violence practically guarantees that a woman will get custody of the children and sever forever the father's relationship with his children even though the alleged violence had nothing whatever to do with any abuse of the children. Judges are required to consider allegations of domestic violence in awarding child custody, even though no evidence of abuse was ever presented or proven.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Difference Between Matriarchy and Patriarchy

I received a letter from a feminist the other day who tried to convince me that matriarchy was the way to go in her own "natural" way and essentially that males are not needed.

Here are excerpts from her letter with translation into femspeak in parentheses:

"Bonobos are as close to humans as chimps. They are female dominated and peaceful."

Femspeak: (If women had authority over males we would take care of males like you have taken care of us....We promise we will let you stay home and don't have to produce anything while you take care of the children. We promise that you are valued and approachable and worthy of mating with females for the simple fact that you exist as females are to males : ) If females rule over you, territory and resources there will be no war, females will bring everlasting peace to the planet, just give us complete control of all the territory and resources you males compete for and acquire and you will see that matriarchy is bliss for males. Males are not needed by females for anything nor as part of the family and the lives of their children.)

"female bonobos are skilled hunters."

Femspeak: (Female bonobos don't need a man and are strong independent bonobo ladies)

"Ants are a female dominated. The worker and soldier aunts are female. Males are only born at certain times of the year. Their only role is to mate with the queens of other ant colonies. They die shortly after mating."

Femspeak: (Ants are colonies consisting of strong independent ladies who don't need men, in fact all the males are good for is their sperm and then, naturally, they have no place in the family, the lives of their offspring or society and should die.)

"here is a video of a mother grizzly attacking a male bear TWICE who threatened her cubs. She drove him away both times"

Femspeak: (Males are violent and dangerous to women and children and should be driven away or held at bay by force if necessary and or the law)

"you might want to check out the female dominated animals like elephants, whales, wolves and hyenaes."

Femspeak: (It's not just lower life form families and society that males are not needed in but also larger life forms)

Orcas: "Female dominated orcas are skilled hunters"

Femspeak: (female orcas are strong independent ladies that don't need a man)

Wolves: "In one wolf pack, a female wolf led an attack on her FATHER, killed him, and took over the pack."

Femspeak: (This event stuck out in my mind when I watched a show on wolves about a year ago on the Discovery Channel because I have issues with my father and male figures in my life which most likely took place in my early childhood development.
Due to our current pseudo-matriarchal social construct it is likely that I didn't have a father in my life at all and have a resentment toward him because of this... Though as statistics show it is most likely my mother who kicked him out of the home and isolated me from any type of meaningful contact with him. It is also possible that one of the many unrelated males that passed in and out of my mothers home over the years copulated with me but at very least my mother and thus I see males and the role of husband and father as walking disposable sperm donors)

"Hyenaes are female dominated. Male hyenas act submissive. Hyenas are female rule ALWAYS."

Femspeak: (The rightful place of males is to ruled by females and what females say GOES..PERIOD)

So as you can see, what we have here is the classic feminist who is advocating several things,

#1 that females are supposed to rule over the family, which in all cases sited (besides the wolves which she mistakenly believe to be female dominated) does not need to include the male who sired the offspring i.e. husband and father as part of the family, society or the lives of his children.

#2 females don't need males and are independent ladies

So lets dig a little deeper into the ideal world of the feminist. I'd like to make it quite clear that anytime you find female led social structures you will not find male paternal investment in offspring and that this is the one differentiating factor between a matriarchy and a patriarchy.

Lets take a closer look at the animals she mentioned whos social groups were female dominated i.e. the male who sired the offspring is not present in the family.

Upon investigation you will find that males in these matriarchal (female led or dominated social structures) share one or more common characteristics

#1 They may never leave their mothers home or group and have no parental investment in their offspring.

#2 They may venture out to mate and then return to mother or venture out to be solitary creatures while having no membership to any family or group, no parental investment in their offspring.

#3 or they may form all male bachelor groups. Of all three of these scenarios these males give no paternal investment to their offspring.


Elephants live in a structured social order. The social lives of male and female elephants are very different. The females spend their entire lives in tightly knit family groups made up of mothers, daughters, sisters, and aunts. These groups are led by the eldest female, or matriarch. Adult males, on the other hand, live mostly solitary lives.


Killer whale societies are based on matrilines consisting of the matriarch and her descendants who form part of the line, as do their descendants. The average size of a matriline is 5.5 animals. Males venture outside of the pod to mate and then return to the matrifocal group. They have no paternal investment in their offspring.


Spotted Hyenas have a matriarchal social structure the male hyena provides no assistance in rearing the cubs.

Bonobo apes: Males are tolerant of infants and juveniles. A male's status is derived from the status of his mother. The mother-son bond often stays strong and continues throughout life.

Wolves: Normally, the pack consists of a male, a female, and their offspring, essentially making the pack a nuclear family. Wolf males are part of the family, are not a matriarchy or matrifocal and contribute to the wellbeing of such much as a husband or father would in a human family.

So what variables are we able to distinguish when matriarchies or female led social structures are are found. One thing I can assure you of is that lack of male paternal investment in offspring is ubiquitous to all matriarchies.



I can say that humans in my country are moving toward matriarchy at the moment as females have decided to "liberate" themselves and be "independent". By definition this means that males are no longer a part of the family and are not needed to support offspring like you are so adamant about proving to me. We understand that by your representation in government you have created laws which make male necessity to the mated pair bond a choice solely arbitrated by the power of the female. As such males are now an optional accessory to the family.

We know that resource provision to the female and "her" offspring are now mandatory under penalty of prison and with out any breach of contract necessary through female instituted no-fault laws. We understand that once married the male body and the fruits of it's labor are your property and that your body and the fruits of its labor are your property as well. You should know that human males are getting the message quite clear and are withdrawing support and commitment to both females and "her" offspring and increasingly abstaining from marriage all together. This is phenomena I've proven with objective graphs and data throughout my blog.

This is quite natural in a matriarchy so do not fret or call men "dead beats" when you request they support a female that is not a part of his family and offspring he is only allowed to "visit" and furthermore while he has no meaningful role in your family.

In a matriarchy males simply distribute their sperm with no paternal investment. The requirements and prerequisites of matriarchy are as follows...

(a)If females will let this happen in the first place and do not require male paternal investment for themselves or their offspring to survive and thus decide to mate outside of committed mated pair bonds. As such it is important to note that female "Sexual Liberation" took place in the U.S. about 40 years ago during the American Cultural Revolution and females now mate outside of committed mated pair bonds. Females behave this way only when the requisite resource support and protection prospects are available to her without a male mate. As a result 40% of all births in the U.S. are now to single females. So it appears that

(a) is true. "(But what we must examine is where these resources and protection come from and how they are procured by her)

The other factor of matriarchal social structures include

(b)the female and offspring will be fine without male investment.

Now here is the clincher and one of the MAJOR premises behind Men's and Father's Rights:

These factors are supposed to be true in the matriarchy which females have sought to build in this country but unlike all known matriarchies in nature it is only so on the surface but not in practice, not in reality.

In reality male investment is needed or supposedly needed though females are "liberated" and "independent" but this matriarchal family is accomplished in a false fashion in which the male is forced to financially support the female and what she sees as "her" offspring or he will be placed inside of a cage called a jail cage as punishment until he has suffered enough pain and isolation (more than he would in his empty apartment) and decides to take the option of less pain i.e. he again begins to produce and sends money to the female from afar by force of law in order to suit the whims of the pseudo-matriarchal paradigm that the female brain trust called feminism came up with.

So in actuality we don't have a true matriarchal construct but instead live in a pseudo-matriarchy or false matriarchy at the expense and oppression of human males. The human male condition under matriarchy is absolutely deplorable.

Human females changed the laws in the United States in the 1970s to create what females call No-Fault divorce or the ability to leave a male, cast him out of the family and force him to still provide to the female and what is seen as "her" child by force. No breach of the marriage contract by the male is needed in order to make him submit to this humiliating position of "Isolated Resource Producing Male" while having no role in her family.

So yes, Ms. Feminist, you are correct there are matriarchies and matrifocal societies and groups in nature but the defining factor is whether males are needed for paternal investment or not needed.

In human society in the United States females have decided that males are no longer needed, (at least physically) in the home or the family in order that they can have their ideal matriarchal family i.e. accomplish the ideal of having no male present in the family while making him support said family.

You see Ms. Feminist, a major goal of Men's and Father's Rights is either:

#1 claim shared contact or shared custody of our offspring and thus the right to paternal investment without our honorable role of father turned into monetary support and sent to you from a distance.


#2 to be able to withdraw from any contact or forced support to the female and "her" offspring and simply be left the fuck alone.


#3 create some sort of mutual obligation and liability to the female so that marriage is a mutually consummate and obligatory bond which entails mutual liabilities and responsibility.

As is current males are forced into an existence under a pseudo or false matriarchy and are fighting to get out of this deplorable, unnatural and unjust condition that females have subjected us to so that they may have their "choices" or "a womans choice" of having a male in the family or not having a male present with absolutely no consequence or responsibility on her part to accomplish these ends.

If your goal is matriarchy this is fine. Men are more than happy to let you be "independent" and "liberated" from needing us but please stop abusing men, our bodies and the fruits of our labor to do it. So for god sake already...... support yourselves like all the known matriarchies and matrifocal animal societies in nature of which you so exalted to me in your letter.

Now, Let's get it OVER WITH ALREADY. It's getting ridiculous. When are you going to be independent and liberated like you promised??? When can we get this whole matriarchy of which you so delightedly wrote to me about accomplished..when? When will you leave men that are not apart of your family ALONE and solitary like the matriarchal males or take care of and live with your sons for life like the matriarchal mothers do? When will you insist that men have the same freedoms and choices that you do? When will you realize that your independence and liberation are currently financed at the males expense and that we resent you and do not respect you for this..when?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Where Are All The Good Men?

Dear oh dear where are all the good men? There are no good men left in the world! Where have they all gone? Wow, you know things are getting bad when women start to wear the questions they have on their shirt!

Funny you have been shaming men with such language for about the last 20 or so years. I seem to remember these two cultural memes i.e. "there are no good men" and "men are afraid of commitment" since the early 90's.

I find it strange that women have failed to look in the mirror and ask "am I a good woman"? Am I worthy of commitment from men? Is it really true what they reduce men to in my Cosmo magazine? Is it true that "all men want is sex" and they are satisfied?

Are men really simple and easy to please as they say? How have things changed since the times when men were jumping over each other to commit to women? Has commitment, displays of chivalry and courtship wained away in men? Is it true? This brings to mind another meme of social culture that has sprung to life in the public consciousness over the last decade or so...."chivalry is dead"...

So what is it that has caused the divide between men and women, what has put us in polar opposition? The focus has been on men since this all began, do you think women will ever look inward and ask if it is something they have done or do you think they will continue to blame and shame men? Fascinating how good women are at bringing their needs to the forefront of the social fabric. You really do ladies, you dominate the crap out of the societal dialog.

Shhhhhhh Shhhhh stop chatting in your magazines and on Opera etc etc... Quiet please quiet..quiet down chat chat chat...shhhh shhhh.

Ok here we go......

Women really are gifted at commandeering the social fabric and societal dialog, men are very quiet about what we feel and think about this whole thing though our thoughts and feelings sure do show up in our actions, we just aren't chatty about why we do what we do. Men are starting to talk now and want to bring things to the table for discussion. Outside the internet it takes a special woman to find out what men are thinking. Here, in the blogosphere where it's safe, men have some things to say if your willing to listen..So here is what you have to say.....

"Where are all the good men"
"Men are afraid of commitment"
"Chivalry is dead"

These are all definitive socio-cultural memes that have come to life in our culture. Did you know that these social issues did not always exist? Did you know that this all began about 40 years ago?

Read on ladies, read on. Welcome! Welcome to the place where men feel safe from judgement! Welcome to the place where we can critisise you and you will not be able to shame our mouths shut with your fragile male ego insults etc. Welcome to the place on the internet where men talk about and say what we are really thinking and feeling!!! These things you HAVE NEVER HEARD BEFORE ABOUT THE MALE EXPERIENCE,isn't that exciting!

Here in the nether regions of the internet, where no one will know who we are, we share our thoughts and feelings about you. Here I give you gold ladies! I give you the dark corners of the blogosphere where men talk about our frustrations, our hopes our dreams our helplessness our vulnerabilities, our anger, our pain, our suffering, our thoughts and our feelings....Here we say things we don't dare say elsewhere yet shows through in our actions in the real world. the blogosphere you will find valuable insight into the answers to the questions above that have become so prevalent that virtually everyone in America knows them.....

Do you think you have what it takes to put YOUR ego away and really listen to what men have to say??? Do you think you can listen without getting defensive? Do you think you can listen without resorting to putting the blame back on men? I wonder if you really are as interested and gifted at relationships as you think. Woman can do no wrong yes? It's men who are not good listeners yes? Here in the internet underground where it's safe from your shaming, men will talk. Here, in the quiet, away from the social cultural dialog you dominate the crap out of men are talking. I don't know if you have what it takes. Men speak here in the blogosphere ladies, men give you the answers you have always wanted to know. Do you have the guts to listen???

Stick around a while, I give you a warm welcome ladies. Put on your comfy socks, grab a nice hot cup of coffee or your favorite tea and explore with me, explore with us the MRA. We are not big bad men but some of us are very expressive..can you handle it? Don't worry, men now a days may be fiercely independent from you now and keep our distance from you but we don't hate you. Though there are men who do, deep down I venture to say that even they want to like you and feel....only if they could.......

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Women Provide To Men?

Well as you may know the vast majority of people who end up homeless are men. The vast majority of health issues plague men. You really wouldn't know it because the only health advocacy you will see in our culture is for women. Men for some reason feel inclined to provide for and protect women and women for some reason feel inclined to provide, protect and pamper themselves. They really do expect to come first and this goes for a state of emergency as well.

Can you imagine if the social code was "men first"??? Why couldn't it be? How is it that women have "choices" and men do not? How is it that men are not allowed to be considered or even put first? Is chivalry really now dead? Maybe anti chivalry sentiment is growing in the hearts of men, but no, chivalry or women insisting that they are first is not dead by a long shot.

In a time of imminent danger women expect men to die for them. Isn't that strange. What is it exactly that makes women of value? What are women expected to do for men?
Please can someone tell me what women are supposed to do for men??? I'm not talking about "choices" but obligations. Can someone tell me what obligations women have for and toward men?

Women actually have 7 Federal Offices on their health. It blew my mind to hear that President Obama's Council On Women and Girls wanted 3 more Federal Offices for women's health added to the healthcare reform package. I was hoping that since men have no gender secular advocacy within the Federal government that maybe The Council On Women and Girls would ask for an Office of Health for men. I've always found it strange that the dynamics between the sexes plays itself out in women's relationship with the government. The government will provide and protect women. I think women love the government so much because they actually have secular representation to tell the government just how they want it to provide and protect them.

It makes me think of the very different forms of government that men and women have in mind for themselves.

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Can anyone imagine women saying this? I can tell you that women hold the majority vote now and this is now their government.

Think hard about this one, have you noticed that women are willing to trade the Liberty of men for her own security, particularly in regard to the divorce laws women created in the 70's for Marriage 2.0?

CAN YOU IMAGINE IF POLITICIANS CATERED TO MEN LIKE THIS EVEN IF IT WAS AT THE EXPENSE OF WOMEN. I want you to do me a favor. Every time these men in the video below use the word "women" replace it with "men" and every time they use the word "men" replace it with "women". Pause the video if you have to. Watch it several times if you have to as it's loaded with good information.

Also while you do this I want you to observe their mannerisms, the winks, the lip licking of Obama toward the women when he debases and defiles men with a joke against men. Watch closely for the anticipatory lip lick just after Obama throws men under the bus with his joke. Watch closely in the opening scene of Obama's segment and you will see him give a special wink while he satiates himself with female approval.

I watch the discovery channel a lot and you may not realize it but body language speaks volumes..Obama is actually attempting to court the females, he wants their approval more so than anything else, all of these men do.

Could you imagine if men had this much representation and advocacy for our wellbeing in government! WOW!

Think very hard about this one....Exchange the politicians in the video above and pretend they are female politicians, could you imagine her catering to and advocating for men like this??? Could you see her winking at the men and going so far as to make jokes at women's expense? Could you see her calling this a chauvinist society (anti-man) and advocate that the money should not be used to create jobs for women but rather given to men and minorities, to in fact make economic decisions based on race and gender?

Government actually courts females. Given no restraint from this the system becomes gynocentric, matrifocal and matriarchal very quickly and at the expense of men.

Anyway, on average men are in poorer health than women and now die 7 years earlier than women. It sure is a shame. I've always been surprised that when working safety standards were lowered for our working men in industry by the Federal government that no one said a thing.. Isn't that strange? The men in the Virgina mine did in fact complain that they did not have enough air to breath. They complained that explosive gases were building in pockets while they were hoveled down in their filthy holes digging up the raw resources that power civilization.

I realize now that ALL raw resources come from men and that 98% of all on the job deaths are of men in working industry. I'm looking at everything around me right now and realize that everything around me was procured from the earth by men, these men.

Isn't it strange how the wives of these men don't gather in the streets with signs advocating for "safety standards for our working men"? Do you know how much more powerful that is than men advocating for protection and provision? Why don't women take care of men in any way?

Men are more subservient to women than anyone likes to admit. Put in feminist terms, men are more oppressed by women than anyone likes to admit. Though I do not frame it in feminist terms for a is because feminism, (which has become the dominant female mind set) wants to liberate men and women from bondage, servitude and dependence on each other, feminists want to destroy our sacred and complimentary bond. THEY HAVE DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE!

Isn't it strange how much men understand that our value to women and society is by what we produce and our pride in our ability to take pain and suffering to do it? Some men won't go to the doctor until the last minute. We are terrified of not being useful or of external utility, especially to women.

You see men don't get approached on the street by women for the simple fact that we exist, men have no inherent value. Men simply will not say or do anything to provide and protect ourselves first, we will not take care of, nurture and pamper ourselves. We have an inclination not to call out in pain until it is unbearable or in many cases to late. We will not look after our health as much, and women, for what ever reason, will not nurture the health of their own men??? Why don't women have reciprocal obligations to men, not choices, but obligations as men do toward and for women?

I never could figure out what it is that women are supposed to do and what obligations they have that they have not made "choices" for themselves.. If someone can please help me answer this I really can use some help trying to figure it out.

So now that I'm aware that it is actually men who bear most of the suffering and neglect of society I am proud to say that I enjoy giving a helping hand to my brothermen I see on the streets. I do not donate to any women's charities. Even though there are no men's charities or advocacy for any male issues in society I always make sure I give to the Boy Scouts.

Sometimes I sit and talk to these homeless men and many I find are not stupid at all but very resourceful and cleaver in the ways they survive. Other times I give them money as I drive by.

You can really learn a lot about the uniquely male condition of homelessness. I learned that these men are not lazy as people say and that many times they once had a life and a good job. This is not to say that they have not developed a drug or alcohol problem since then but if you talk to them and get them to talk a bit you will discover something fascinating about society that we don't want to accept about ourselves. Some even worked in manufacturing and construction. I learned that many of them are veterans and many from the Gulf War and even some from the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Some are missing arms and legs or walk on crutches and others are in wheelchairs.

Since I've been involved in Men's and Father's Rights I pay attention to culture more closely and the subtle nuances that can easily go unnoticed. I often wondered why it is only men who are standing on our corners and sleeping on our streets and under bridges. I understand are worth nothing to society and to women unless we produce and it also occurs when we sacrificed our bodies so much that we have nothing left to give like the veterans I've met.

Men actually pride ourselves on our usefulness and our external utility because women will not have us if we don't cultivate this and employ it the best we can. I find it so strange that women don't nurture men in anyway and that their representation in government is for women's interests only (which for some reason does not include men).

I've seen other men give their money to their brothers and it makes me feel good. "Here you go man", "here you go brother" they say. I know now that men must help men but most importantly men must help ourselves because women are not there to be dependent on, women will not advocate or support our wellbeing, safety nor provide or protect us in anyway. They will not come to our aid if we are in danger. They promised us that they would free us from having to do so for them. They gave us their word.

There could be no such equivalent to "a strong independent woman" for men. Male independence in fact is something that is required by default or you end up under a bridge. If anything, an independent man is one who can not only take care of himself and keep himself from the male condition of homelessness but one who does not have a woman who is dependent on him.. True independence for women can be defined by lack of dependency on men and most specifically for male resources. When women leave us as is most often the case (women initiate 70% of all divorce) why can't they take care of themselves? (of the 30% of divorces initiated by men, the vast majority do not involve children)

According to Los Angeles divorce consultant Jayne Major: "Divorced men are often devastated by the loss of their children. It's a little known fact that in the United States men initiate only a small number of the divorces involving children." The strange thing is that even when men did get custody of the children we never abandoned women and divorced them. Only when women changed the laws to no-fault did things start to deteriorate.

I am afraid to say that women lied to us. They will always be dependent on men and will not free us from our gender role. They will not pay for dates, they will not support us in marriage while we stay home. Come time for divorce as always it will be the man who has to financially support her when she leaves under the Marriage 2.0 law women implemented in the 70's called no-fault.

Essentially they want to be able to leave men when no breach of marriage contract has occurred and still be supported by him. I don't really respect women for what they have done. I want to respect women. Did you know marriage is about a man getting down on his knees and giving woman gold and diamonds as a symbol that he will be her provider both in and out of marriage?

Respect and earning respect is a very big deal to men and so is a cultivated sense of duty, honor and sacrifice. So can someone please for the love of god tell me how women show respect, put men first before themselves or employ duty, honor and sacrifice toward and for men in private and public life as men do for women??? Also can someone please tell me why men have no rights to our children or the fruits of our labor after a woman leaves us? Is she required to serve men with her body or the fruits produced by it's labor after she leaves us as well or is it only men who do not have control and choice over our body? Also, why are men's bodies the property of women and the State?

I've been playing close attention for the last several years and I've noticed something peculiar, everyone I see stick out their arm at the stop light to give to a homeless man are actually other men, women will not have them. I think women are disgusted by them and viscerally feel disdain for these men, men who do not produce.

I realize why women never give to them. First it is beyond her nature to provide and protect men. Women would never take care of men and support us financially while we stay home and take care of the children, and we most certainly wouldn't feel so entitled as to say that women were oppressing us by doing all this for us. Women in fact will never do the same for us, they just won't let us. They would never risk themselves to come to our aid either...Isn't that strange?

Women retain their inherent value even when they take on more masculine gender roles but male value seems entirely weighted in external utility. Women will simply not have men unless we produce. They simply won't let us engage in their gender role as we have allowed them to do along side us.

I don't think women will ever free us like they have freed themselves, they will never marry men who do not produce. I've known two women who actually married while living at home with their parents (in their parents basement) so to speak. I know that this simply could not happen to a man. Women would not date us and they would shame us for "living in our parents basement"

It really is true, women hold inherent value for the simple fact that they exist and men do not. Again, if we do not produce for women they will not have us. By law if we do not produce for women we are placed inside of a jail cage. Isn't that strange? If men do not sign our bodies away to the State in Selective Service, we are placed inside of a cage or denied our basic rights. Were I live men are not allowed to get a drivers license unless we sign the Selective Service contract. How did men ever reach such a deplorable condition compared to women. Why are men made to be expendable and our bodies along with the fruit of it's labors transferable to women and State by force of prison??? Why can't men have rights like women can?

Everything in society and social customs are designed to provide and protect women from courtship, to marriage and after divorce. She will not free us from this, she will never be independent as she promised but rather has afforded herself all the more freedoms and choices. ISN'T THAT STRANGE!?

I can not figure out for the life of me what mandated obligations women have to men?
I'm absolutely serious here and am hoping someone can help me answer this in the comments section.

What is it exactly that women do for us? I know they conceive children but children are women's sole property before and after birth and even after divorce. Beyond reproduction I can't really think of anything women are supposed to do for us. It really kills me but I know they must have something they are supposed to do but what? Is is simply that they exist and maybe we can have sex with them? What is marital rape? Why are women allowed control over their bodies and the fruit of it's labor?

Why do women get access to men's bodies and the fruits of our labor after they leave us? Why does the State control men's bodies? Why do men have so many responsibilities and obligations? Why are we the Workhorses? I can't really figure out what makes women valuable. What is it that they are supposed to do?

So I and many men have begun to ask ourselves, over all, is marriage a liability or an asset to men? Are women themselves a liability or asset to men? These are very good questions to ask ourselves.

I ask myself, since we have to pay women for their services in all aspects of life are they worth the liability? Are the mandated obligations that men have toward and for women worth what women give us in return? Why are women so dependent on men? Why can't they support themselves after they leave us?

Is their dependency on us worth it, even if the only thing women do for us is provide company, reproduce or have sex with us? Now a days, can't we get this without marriage at a much lower liability and cost? What is the difference? Why would someone feel compelled to get on their knees in front of a woman and offer her gold and jewels? What is the trade in this transaction????

Who is marriage really about, a man or a woman? You know, the proposal, the ring offering, the wedding, the choices and benefits to work or stay home, choices and benefits after divorce to be provided for by force, ownership of children etc. Who is marriage really about? What exactly are men supposed to get out of it? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME...WHAT OBLIGATIONS, (not supported "choices") DO WOMEN HAVE TOWARD AND FOR MEN IN THEIR PUBLIC AND PRIVATE LIVES?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Male Chauvinism Or Simply A Perfectly Functional Search Engine

I came across the above image the other day on a feminist website and wanted to explain to women how search engines work in order to clear up the confusion here. This is not some patriarchal sexism designed into the system by men but simply a perfectly functional predictive analysis algorithm at work.

To explain it in basic terms the google database algorithm continually scours the entire internet and finds every reference on the face of the planet it knows of in relation to the word "invented" and found that the overwhelming results did not match the search query which was proceeded by she. The predictive analysis algorithm was functioning properly. It is simply that in all the known world of human knowledge it found that proportionally speaking "she invented" was a statistical anomaly and suggested what it knew was the actual case....which was "did you mean, he invented"

Now upon women's complaint the google engineers specially altered this just for you ladies! Who ever said you were not special in men's eyes? Men are not mean and evil creatures and are sensitive to your feelings. I think it was quite nice of them to do this for you... We even give up our seats to you like gentlemen in "women first" Affirmative Action policy within STEM (Science Technical, Engineering and Mathematics) college admissions. Now who said chivalry was dead?

Oh they are watching alright. In H.R.5116 The Act contains the requisite demand for gender equity and data collection for keeping track of the workforce by race and gender. The Council On Women and Girls is always watching, always acting. We almost defeated preferential treatment of women by Affirmative Action here in the State of Colorado but lost by a 2% margin. Telling this to the 40% college minority that are boys is of little consolation to them. We should let young men know that maybe next year they could be selected by grades and merit!!!

HERE the Council On Women and Girls discusses the extension of Title IX for women to the STEM fields. Has anyone seen what Title IX has done to male sports programs and scholarships!?

Anyway, we must understand that search engines are completely non subjective to human perceptions of things but entirely logical in function. Search engines will tell you the brutal truth about things which can be a very useful tool. I'm not sure how many politically correct alterations have been made but I'm hoping the alterations are cataloged for scientific reasons (I'm kind of a science geek so the whole thing concerns me).

It's kind of like having to create a flaw in a perfectly functional airplane part in case the statistically improbable were to happen. In short it's very bad engineering especially when other systems rely on it. The google algorithm is capable of SO MANY THINGS BEYOND THE USE FOR A SEARCH ENGINE. It has been used for predictive analysis of disease vectors etc... Anyway it's very important to note the intentional flaws introduced so that the errors won't propagate when using the database for other forms of scientific analysis.

If you don't believe me that the algorithm is so brutally honest take a look at the screenshot below.

So when you ask it where it thinks men are going it responds with "their own way" which is actually very true and related directly to Men's and Father's Rights or what is known as the MGTOW sect of the Men's Movement. Last time I checked it was the leading indicator but I'm sure it's well past the 52 million 500 thousand result mark by now. Here we go, just had to grab it real quick it's now 63,700,000.

Oh and just ignore the "men going extinct" part. That was simply some info propagated by pseudo scientists who are just starting to understand human genetics. It has since been debunked my MIT and others. Never the less women LOVED THIS INFO and used in in all sorts of feminist publications such as "Are Men Necessary" by the New York Times writer Maureen Dowd..Women are so brave speaking openly about men this way I swear...

Many in the femisupremacist sphere are really hoping that it's true. DON'T FOR A SECOND believe that this is a niche group of women but instead feminists have a tremendous amount of funding behind their ideology. Women routinely speak openly with anti-male hate with impunity in main stream culture and academia as well. These women now have representation at the Federal level within The Council On Women and Girls.

Here is a comment from When you are as passionate about understanding feminism as I am the connections are astounding. The date on this comment was just the other day in fact 6-10-1010. It is regarding the article The End Of Men in the main stream magazine The-Altantic (for which I've done a separate blog post upon below). This sentiment has become a feminist cultural meme.

Anyway I hope I wasn't to long winded in explaining this whole misunderstanding. So in reality this is most likely where men are going...The google search engine algorithm is quite a useful tool in predicting social trends etc... It's really used for all sorts of interesting things besides doing internet searches...

Anyway it's called women's liberation and it's worked out for the best wouldn't you say!

Never Married Men

The momentum behind these trends is simply undeniable : )

Strange that women compete directly with men for territory and resources and legislatively handicap men from producing such things which make us eligible to you but such is the case in our gender war. Strange that you diverted the Stimulus Package to yourselves though 80% of all jobs lost in the Recession have been to men in order to to handicap males from producing but such is the case in the gender war.

Don't worry though, the coffers of the public treasury that are stocked by male labor and incentive to produce will run dry very soon. We will be wiping our ass with the dollar soon and then men are going to have to kill each other over territory and resources when the system collapses. Have you seen the graphs on male labor force participation lately...ouch! And this graph only extends to 2005, you should see it now! Economists predict that the trend will continue and that 1 in 5 men will be without work. This should make for a solid 18 to 20 MILLION MAN REVOLUTIONARY ARMY!

Women actually make up the majority of our labor force now and the trend is continuing. Now it's time to celebrate just look at the cover of The Economist magazine "WE DID IT" ladies, we beat those filthy pig men! You know ladies, when the ship is sinking you should really consider thinking about the welfare of people other than yourselves. Men could have used that Stimulus money. Now my brother is getting his unemployment garnished to give to his ex who takes vacations in Europe while my brother and other men struggle to feed ourselves. If we don't provide to you we are placed inside of a jail cage like an animal...isn't that nice ladies! I know I know, women first right?!

Women I hope there are some of you wise enough to understand that you will pay for your gynocentric focus in regard to the social fabric and your gynocentric representation in government. You will pay for this. Thanks ladies...Thanks a lot...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The End Of Men (A Syndication)

Another Triumphalist Piece Consigning Men to Irrelevance

Wow, a truly powerful piece by The Atlantic but most importantly some absolutely fascinating commentary on The-Spearhead and The Atlantic in the comments section regarding the article. This is a must read but most importantly the comments on both sites.. Men must continue to make a full withdraw, organize and form ranks and go on the offensive politically, economically and socially. Men must form ranks NOW!

UPDATE: I would recommend my readers partake in the comments section on The Atlantic article as well. Some splendid commentary regarding the matriarchy is present there as well! Women will pay dearly for this celebration of male demise. The Atlantic is no side cart media outlet but a respected main stream publication. This is one of many publications I've seen as of late celebrating the victory over men... Again, women it is you who will pay the price for this, we will all pay the price!