Sunday, February 1, 2009

candle light vigil and physical banner project for fathers and children

At some point it is imperative to orchestrate a National Vigil and men's march for the number of men who have committed suicide or acts of violence and desperation from divorce and custody. To represent the vast numbers of men who have lost their children and have otherwise been utterly destroyed, devastated and made destitute. We need to physically represent these men with candles or a quilt or banner of some sort. This march needs to be held in our nations capitol, Washington D.C. and hopefully in concert with men in the U.K. and elsewhere.

For men who's children have been ripped from their arms in the United States and Great Britain. I see stories of men hanging themselves and killing others after long custody and divorce battles. Divorce in both our nations is in fact the norm. To bring attention to all the men who have been emotionally and financially devastated. For all the children who loose their father. The epidemic of the destruction of fathers and family needs National and International attention. This is a pro family pro father demonstration. Hilary Clinton has stated that the number of fatherless families has reached a point of "critical mass" I expect that with my suggestion attention will be brought to this project by the leadership within the Men's Rights Movement to set the ball in motion for this.

In Great Britain 75% of all men loose contact with their children within two years as laws permit women to cut contact with the father with impunity by purposeful physical and geographic isolation. The situation is not good at all for fathers and children in the United States as well.

I hear stories like this and worse all the time::

"When the divorce case came to court he was told that his wife would be keeping the house, he would have to pay maintenance amounting to 75% of his earnings and he would be allowed to see his children only once a month. He has no record of violence or criminal behaviour, but his former wife still refuses to allow more access to their children.

After living in a rented room for nine months, Paul was able to buy a one-bedroom house in Essex. He is now recovering from a nervous breakdown."

The scenario above happens in the United States as well. Here we have VAWA which sets the events in motion for complete and utter devastation of the father and permanent separation of the father from his babies. It is recommended by lawyers to use VAWA to accomplish these ends.