Sunday, April 25, 2010

Anatomy of Matriarchy & Gynocentric Consummation

J-D said: “We still need a coherent message on traditional masculinity and it’s place in the MRA movement.


–”Traditional masculinity (specifically the protective male instinct) is the reason for the rise of female supremacy”

Absolutely,..and precisely because females are now able to and indeed seek to legislate and personify the male within government. I believe instinctually males tend to avoid competition and conflict with females and are actually quite responsive to female demands, screams and otherwise female demands or perceived need for more protection and provision. I do believe that males are predisposed to look after female general safety and well being. As you have noticed deference to females has become legislated by law. This is inevitably what happens to the political and social system when females are given power over it. They actually commandeer the social fabric and legislative policies to serve their own ends. Female authority and power is not protective or provisionary to males as male power and authority is to females.

It is no mistake that the Stimulus Package was devoted to females upon the request of Women's Party Feminists for protection and provision though 80% of all jobs lost have been to men.

Essentially and unfortunately our essential natures are personified within the political system and further reinforced by the dominate female 54-56% majority vote.
Through this model provision to females becomes dually compounded. The system essentially becomes matrifocal, gynocentric and Matriarchal.

Males will actually turn on other males and the well being of males as a group to accommodate the needs of females. I believe this is why females as a group vote overwhelmingly for male candidates. The system very quickly becomes matrifocal and begins to cannibalize itself of male enfranchisement. Political leaders are rewarded with power for serving the dominate female voting block.

"A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world's greatest civilizations has been 200 years." -Alexander Tytler (attributed)

Our Founding Fathers hated Democracy! They referred to it as the "tyranny of the majority" They believed, they hoped that the foundational laws of our Republic could save us.

This is why Matriarchal civilizations do not and can not progress beyond the communal level. In larger social constructs the system actually cannibalizes itself of it's own means of production and the associated enfranchisement and productive incentive of males. Females actually seek to create and personify the male within government,a government husband if you will.

In terms of mate selection males are a class divided especially in relation to the government husband. When these forces are acted upon and introduced systemically and politically the results can be and have been disastrous for males. Call it chivalry turned against itself, chivalry institutionalized and legislated, the best aspects of males used against us as a group by the government and reinforced by the female voting block. This is in fact the greatest weapon of feminism.

Female authority is not protective or provisional like male authority is. When female gynocentrism becomes systemic as it has, civilizational decline quickly follows, historically it always has. I am not so sure our Republic can recover from this…. But we have the duty to understand what is happening in the hopes of correcting it….

Female power, being gynocentric in nature advocates for the consummation of resources around the well being of females and females alone. Women as a political group will not stop this, it is simply female nature. Systemically speaking female authority and power consumes the system of itself.

”The idea of men gathering in groups to discuss their problems as a gender flies directly in the face of traditional masculinity.”

Absolutely, Males will not do this as we are in competition to distinguish our own value in external utility from other males. We will not advocate to help other males UNLESS we realize what I'm trying to outline here which is that MALES AS A GROUP are being systematically and politically disenfranchised. UNLESS, males are able to respond to this and organize as a group for our own wellbeing and enfranchisement the Matriarchal system will continue to grow.

Unless this is achieved it will be business as usual i.e. males particularly those in power will actually turn on other males to accommodate the needs of females especially when females have the dominate power in the political system. Again, the system turns matrifocal very quickly. The males who serve the needs of females the most are voted into power. In terms of mate selection males are a class divided. In terms of the well being of males Vs institutionalized Government Husbandry \ Chivalry \ Matriarchy we can not compete. The goal essentially is to nullify the necessity of husband and father all together both at the personal level in family and divorce law and at the political level with Federal law.

This agenda is in fact what women meant when they said “The Personal Is Political”

The idea is to systematically direct the resource support construct ordinarily provided through marriage to themselves through the political process, from family law to the Federal level. This is done by two primary methods, forced resource provision by Isolated Resource Producing Males after no-fault divorce at the family level and through Government Husbandry.

In terms of political power males can not compete with the homogeneous and gynocentric tendencies of female nature and the related political disposition of it's voting block. Again, we must remember that females are programed to look after themselves while males are a means to an end for herself and “her” offspring. When you observe the social systems that females build, when you observe their behavior within these institutions this becomes very clear.

The female carries inherent value and does not seek to be worthy of the well being of males, she is in fact inherently worthy. In essence, her biological value can not become systemic, institutionalized transferable and stolen from her in the political process or even to the level of family law as she can do to males. Male value after all is heavily weighted in "external utility"

Male enfranchisement and voting participation has been on the decline ever since….

This is the natural result of Matriarchy and female institutional power. Male voting rates have declined sharply since mid-1960s i.e. the beginning of the Matriarchal social and political construct (feminism). Between the 1964 and 2000 Presidential elections the male voting rate declined from 72 to 53 percent.

All male fitness and well being indicators are in a drastic decline.


-workforce participation

-voter participation

-suicide rates

-incarceration rates

-college attendance, educational attainment and admittance policy
-educational attainment graph #2

-marriage rates

-divorce rates annotated* for cohabitation

-general health & health care & life expectancy

If history is any lesson, I do not think it will be much longer before a patriarchal civilization finishes us off….. this is the way it has always been….

Of further note it is important to recognize that Matriarchy goes hand in hand with polyandry. Females are just as adamant in regard to increasing their genetic fitness and diversity, she will in fact move from male to male if the resource support construct is available. This is what women have sought and accomplished in their changes to family and marriage law and increasingly are doing so with their representation at the Federal level. Such is the central course of action female political and social power has taken and will continue to take. Such is the course of the female biological imperative and thus its representative political ethos. It is the end goal and central modus operandi of feminism. Such propensities are increasingly enforced through such organizations as N.O.W., The Feminist Majority and other large feminist organizations. This is done so increasingly through the Federal Council On Women and Girls as well.


Though all aspects of male health and well being are in decline there is no Council On Men and Boys nor a Federal Office On Men's Health while women now have 7 the last time I checked. Though it is thought since it is males who are our public servants that males are adequately represented as a socio-political class but this is not the case for the reasons I've outlined above. Quite frankly our founders never intended to have separate and unequal representation and laws within government by gender, race or religion.

The solution would be to remove representation by gender within government altogether or add representation for the male gender. The end goal should be to somehow restore rights, advocacy, representation and enfranchisement of men, boys, husbands and fathers in society, family, divorce law and in governmental policy.

The above blog post was inspired by conversations had at The-Spearhead.Com and Mensnewsdaily.Com

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Woman I Extoll Our Sacred Bond

I am not the most religious man in terms of organized religion but I believe religion and associated writings are rooted in morality. Morality is a higher form of reasoning. It is the ability to see beyond the self and the self in relation to what can be described as the eternal.

Morality extends from a type of existential understanding, philosophy and both from complex reasoning, it in fact elucidates the not seen, the other half, the complete picture. Confucius taught that the opposites make the whole, they make the equal, the eternal. Other men of great intelligence and standing have understood this as well...

"Man and woman have each of them qualities and tempers in which the other is deficient and which in union contribute to the common felicity. Single and separate, they are not the complete human being; they are like the odd halves of scissors; they cannot answer the end of their formation." -=Benjamin Franklin=-

Morality allows us to grasp the very context of truth. In many ways only from a moral context can one understand truth. From truth, from knowing the eternal come all things good.

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty, that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."
-John Keats

Love is truth and truth is beauty, this is all one needs to know.

Men are beginning to fight to restore our sacred bond with you, a bond that has been sullied, desecrated, demeaned, profited off of, humiliated and exploited. You have made chivalry toward women a for profit industry and done incredible harm to men, boys, husbands, fathers and the family itself in the process.

Woman it is you and your beliefs. Woman it is your actions, your Women's Feminist leaders who are killing something within men.You seek to kill a sense of respect, duty and honor toward women and family, the chivalry you are killing in him, the father and husband in him.

I ask you what is woman to men if she is not honorable? What is woman if her station and social identity is not wife and mother?

What is woman when she becomes men's liability and
responsibility outside of the married bounds of reciprocal
obligation, duty and commitment?

What is she when she is our competition socially, politically and economically?

Beware your Feminist Leaders Women, watch closely what they are doing.....

Evil always presents itself as good. True evil is always the
exact opposite of what it purports itself to be and this is how
it hides. It is said that the greatest trick evil or (the Devil if you prefer) ever pulled was convincing the world that it didn't exist. Our difference, dependence, bondage and servitude have come to us as equality (sameness), independence, freedom and liberation.

Woman you have been deceived so that such things come through you and by you upon men. You have forsaken his body and the fruits of its labor. You have desecrated our sacred bond...

You have been lied to, we are mutually yoked yet not equals, we are different and not the same.

You are not "independent" from him but dependent and he to you.

You are not free but bonded, and he to you,

You are not "liberated" but in servitude and he to you.....

The powers that be have deceived you. They seek to destroy us. I realize now that the story of Adam and Eve is metaphorical. Woman you have been offered the apple once again. Do not partake, do not cast him asunder from you.

The most treacherous of evil has always come to man through woman and the most evil of forces knows this and uses you against men to rule us both........Woman, the future of our Republic is at stake.

"Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included." -Karl Marx

"Destroy the family, you destroy the country." -Vladimir Lenin

From the comments section:

"What is woman if her station and social identity is not wife and mother?"

An adult with dreams and ambitions that don't revolve around someone else?

Response: Family is not something for you then. For you, it is the self you love.

For you it is equality (sameness to men), independence, freedom and liberation (mutual dis-need) that reigns.

I can only tell you that if women as a class are not a part of the family of men then you are my competition socially, politically and economically. You are "equal" and the same and will be treated no different than my competition. You are independent and deserve nothing from men. You are free and I will be free from you. You are liberated and so men shall liberate ourselves from you. You, as a separate socio-political and socio-economic class are my opposition. I will compete against you for my own wellbeing.

This also makes you and "your" children a liability to me and something that I as an "equally" "independent" and "liberated" man refuse to support. In this model women and "their" children should be left to their own devices, men should have no honor or obligation to you as individual women and as a separate class. Men as not a part of your family owe you nothing. Men as a separate socio-economic class owe nothing to you. If you are not a member of the family of men then you are my competition and in terms of our ongoing fight for representation under law to acquire the ends of competitive advantage you are my enemy.

Woman I implore you to understand that I am a student of science and history. In regard to the below my countrywoman, I ask you to recognize that this is the end of a civilization and to the Republic unless we do something about it.

Maam, with all due respect, the mating dynamic has taken a drastic deviation and has done so very quickly. Do not be alarmed by the development of Male Studies. We are trying to ascertain the damage and formulate a response the the situation. We are doing so particularly in regard to finding out and defining what our relationship to women actually is and how to deal with the death of fatherhood, marriage and being a husband.

In discussion among men at the moment for which you might find interesting is the change in our mating strategy from long term commitment based structure to a short term strategy and hook ups.

Of particular interest is the development of a profound change in male behavior patterns known as PUA and GAME. The black community is also of particular interest as primary exacerbating factors to this dynamic are much greater and prevalent in the black community and thus the mating strategy of black males. I believe the black community now has a 70% single woman birth rate.

The specific relation to the development of the welfare state and it's associated resource support construct for females is of particular interest. At the moment, it appears that the variables proportionally correspond. You will notice on the graph above the sudden down tick of single mother birth rates in 1993 and beyond, this was when one element of the resource support construct given to females i.e. welfare was reformed. Though the level of single mother births is still rising, elemental changes in how women are supported by government reduced the momentum of this rise.

Also of significant importance is the advent of the "Isolated Resource Producing Male" as a resource support construct for the female, particularly in cases of no-fault and the associated conditions placed upon the male by changes in family law introduced and successfully implemented by feminists. The combination of the two resource support constructs for females were implemented simultaneously in the 1960's and 70's. The idea was to support females financially from the public treasury while also making male financial support unconditionally transferable to females through no-fault laws. The results of pseudo-independence for females has come at a great cost and at the civil and essential liberties of men, their bodies and the fruits of their labor.

I do apologize for the poor quality of the graph but it serves it's purpose for graphical representation of the two corresponding variables in question.

There are many questions that need to be answered. Men are starting to ask ourselves what our place is in relation to women and "her" children.... In short the genders are collectively divorcing and men are seeking to find our place and rights in this new order. Equal representation under law and the right to our own bodies and the fruits of its labor are paramount in establishing Men's Liberation. Meaningful contact with our children is also paramount.

However, increasingly I believe it will be in men's best interest to secede from our sacred bond, our union, to in fact become independent and liberated as women seek to become from men. To withdraw from responsibility, obligation and liabilities female dependency and choices without equal reciprocation and liabilities toward men has brought us. This will end in one of two ways, men as part of the family and the lives of our children or men as not.

The ramifications of having separate socio-political and socio-economic interests between men and women has and will continue to place men and women in diametric opposition and competition with each other in the social, political and economic sphere. We are, and will continue to have, our own separate class interests in all realms. Men are quite aware of "women first" provisions and female only laws, as well as gynocentric resource distribution in government. We are aware that nothing has changed for us and are now seeking the change you desire or to solve the problem.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Female Hegemony .... Male Cultural Expressions

It is my belief and I've heard it to be that of others that women side with who ever is winning, it is their nature and understandably their adapted nature over the last 7 million years or more. In essence females are more group oriented and are swayed by the herd i.e. communal mentality to reach their own individual prerogative and thus the resulting mutual consensus.

Politicians know and it is the case that the female vote is the most swayable but in general women will side with who provides for them the most. Historically, shortly after women began voting they have voted almost entirely Democratic. Women survive by eliciting resource provision and protection from others both privately, by ensnaring a male in the now one sided exchange of marriage and communally through government husbandry or outside marriage with forced male resource provision of an "Isolated Resource Producing Male"

I believe that NO OTHER CLASS OF HUMAN BEING BESIDES CHILDREN could ever be provided such unequal representation under law in so many realms and facets of day to day society and under the guise of equality. None other than woman could have managed to divert the Stimulus Package to themselves during one of the most dire Recessions this country has seen since the Great Depression..Not to mention one in which 80+ percent of all jobs lost are to men in this Mancession. None other than woman could do this, I assure you of that!

Anyway, they don’t break from the herd to distinguish their status or by pushing the limits of their external utility and capability, they don't seem as driven to take risks and distinguish themselves from the group, they simply don’t have to, females, as it is, are inherently valuable, why expend effort, energy and risk where one does not have to i.e. where there is no pressure sexually selectively speaking or not. Females are in fact the constant XX while the male XY is the variable subject to selection and change. As we know, males are represented at the top and bottom of the bell curve, which goes to illustrate the heavy selective pressure upon the male.

MORE:Helena Cronin: Philosopher, London School of Economics; director and founder Darwin@LSE; author, The Ant and the Peacock explains the gender dimorphisms above and those mentioned that caused the President of Harvard University to lose his job and subsequent social execution by Women's Feminists

You will notice that a primary element of feminism involves attacking and legislating against men at both the top and bottom of the dimorphic curve. Essentially women have a deep disgust toward and revile the beta males below the "Glass Floor" and seek to legislate heavily against them while simultaneously looking above the "Glass Ceiling" in contempt of the men at the top of the curve, the alphas as well, again seeking to heavily legislate against them.

Remember, when feminist women or the Women's Party speak of men, they are usually referring to some aspect of the top or bottom of the curve. When you hear about feminist legislation or hear their conjecture in the future, think of and identify which side of the dimorphic curve it is referring to or targeted against.

Note* This may be different from who is actually affected by it. Usually however it is the males within the curve, the vast majority of men, your average Joe that is affected most adversely.

There is not nearly as much sexually selective pressure upon the female. Heavy selective pressure is placed upon the male and carried through the Y chromosome. Again, the Y is the variable. XX Female is the base blueprint. The female has cross redundant backup mechanisms that repair damage to this. So pop Women's Feminists can stop SAYING MEN ARE GOING EXTINCT...This has shown your true character.

Likewise she is clustered around the center, the mean average and this is representative in her nature. She remains in the center of gender dimorphic differences from the standard deviation of variance i.e. the bell curve, is agreeable, socially attuned, communal, intuitively perceptive of her relational state to others and the acute emotional and relational disposition of those around her, this is how the female survives, it is her nature.

She is not likely to take risks of social rejection by distinguishing herself as much as males. The assertion of new and great ideas and concepts, as history has shown, are often times very risky endeavors socially speaking. Contrastingly to males it seems that it is the female hegemonic representation in the clustered center, her communal nature, her socialist tendencies, that gives her social influence and power. A tendency however which leads to the lack of female representation as comedians and in other such "stand alone" social status activities. She is homogeneous in nature, she, in general, is less likely to risk great failure or great success (something that just prior to predicating decided action, usually corresponds to the "size" or proportion of the risk the person themselves quantifies in their head.

Men by nature have a different threshold of quantification of sizable risk. Male risk taking is representative at the extremes, we are driven to magnificent display behavior, strive for feats and cultural expressions that make us of better "external utility" than the next man or otherwise displays our intelligence or utility, we are in fact the purveyors of and actors of romance and romantic expression, song, poetry, stand up comedy and magicians. We are indeed represented at the extremes of variance from which to choose.

Male are much more likely to be represented at the extremes of specific abilities as well, we are more likely to be specialists or abnormally good at a specific trait. We are also represented at the other end of the spectrum, we are, also the majority of the mentally retarded, physically deformed, least intelligent portion of the population as well. I believe that males are represented at the extremes of cultural expression for this very reason i.e. because of the unique place the male holds of being the primary or "more selected for variable" XY. We males sure are characters : ) Human male display behavior is really a treat to see and is a vital element of culture and construct of any great civilization.

I do think that with rescinding and dwindling prospects of male production incentive and general enfranchisement as part of the family and in society, male display behavior i.e. an intrinsic element of culture dies along with it. To me it is certainly an indicator of civilizational decline.

The differences between the two sexes goes to illustrate the importance of male “external utility” (as our value as a mate is heavily weighted in such) and the NECESSITY of having a strong critical mass of well enfranchised males, particularly in terms of incentive prospects to produce for his enfranchisement and the associated opportunity for mating and paternal investment..

Males, in order to thrive require a competitive, and often if not entirely hierarchical competitive echelon, males need to be enfranchised in an environment with equal opportunity for competitive advantage. I would like to mention that just such a construct has been removed from our schools and education system. Competitive and resource reward based learning models have been mostly and entirely replaced with cooperative learning models. By legislative and sanctioned handicapping, male disempowerment from this competitive advantage echelon is increasingly becoming the case in the public sphere of general society and in business. Increasingly the only place males will find that we can compete fairly is in sports and video games.

Males are increasingly marginalized in Western Society and thus this is another aspect of what can only be described as the Male Eunuch or termed the feminization and ostracization of the modern man from a place in the family, society, politically, judicially, educationally and even in his personal health.

I find it particularly interesting that two words have entered the American Lexicon in the last several years that I can say with utter certainty did not exist prior, "mangina" and "metrosexual". I believe that these additions to, what is at the moment, the growing list of emasculating lexicon is reflective of the disenfranchisement of males in society, the family and culture.

As male value is heavily weighted in "external utility" and precisely because of this fact, words of feminization and emasculation are not intended to belittle or make less of the female, rather, they are in a very real sense, intended to be the very antithetical definition of essential masculinity, what is and what will increasingly become, "THE MALE EUNUCH"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Male Studies Conference Symposium WAS A SUCCESS!

Top academics gathered Apr 7th at Wagner College. Among others goals the intention is to understand the social, political and economic experience of men and boys in order to provide an organized response to women in these realms. Academics are also concerned about male status and place in society and what has taken the name of misandry or the hatred and contempt of men and boys in our culture. Lionel Tiger, Christina Hoff Sommers, Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young were all there among many others.

This is just the beginning formation of the ideological and intellectual core infrastructure to establishing the rights of men, boys fathers and husbands. It is in fact the beginning of the establishment and representation of males as a separate socio-political class.

As women have intended and stated it is now apparent that "the personal is political" and indeed it now is. From the policies and actions of women it is clear to me and many others that we must form ranks and engage women politically, socially and economically if we are to compete and negotiate with them for our common and disparate interests.

It is my hope that men and boys will soon gain representation for our gender at the Federal level as women have. Again, women stated and embraced the mantra "the personal is political". As men we have no choice now but to take our politics to the personal level in regard to women.

Male studies will hold its first conference at the New York Academy of Medicine on Oct. 1 and 2, The foundation will launch Male Studies (not to be confused with the feminist "men's studies") and an Interdisciplinary Journal next year.

The entire symposium was recorded on video which I will post here or provide access to as soon as it is available!


Dr. Edward Stephens, chairman of the newly launched Foundation for Male Studies, which aims to raise US$2-million or more to endow a chair for the discipline at a major university. The goal is the creation of a new academic discipline that will be instituted in every university in the country as women's studies now is. It is a place where males will have a voice and even advocacy! MAKE YOUR DONATION TODAY!


Small step for men
'Male studies' the answer to overcoming 'lace curtain,' scholars say


Here: Academics Continue The Advocation for the NEED of Male Studies...V.S. Men's Studies who's leadership cuts off their own penises!


Thursday, April 8, 2010


Just thought I'd show you all what women are doing on the local college campuses these days.... Right this way boys, welcome to school :)

THANK YOU: Campus Feminist Alliance

WOW, Thanks for the info ladies.

I had no idea men were responsible for:

Sexual Abuse
Domestic Violence
Gay Bashing

We will get right on it ladies. We'll fix it all right up for ya.
Men, in case you didn't get the message you are responsible for all bad things and evil in the world.

Lets make a poster! We shall make this poster VERY LARGE, WEATHER PROOF, and hung with steel cable. It shall be a permanent poster, a permanent statement on campus for all women to see as they enter campus every day!

-sexual extortion
-sexual abuse
-financial extortion
-domestic violence
-paternity fraud
-legalized female adultery under Marriage 2.0 laws
-child abuse
-child murder
-parental alienation
-heterosexual bashing
-"women first" college admission polices like Title IX and Affirmative Action
-fatherless children

I'll tell you what, we will even send some men over to clear the area, gather and cut the lumbar, hovel down in filthy death trap holes and mine the earth for the concrete, aggregate and iron ore for the rebar, build a damn, divert the water to you, mine a years worth of coal, oil, plutonium and build a power plant for you....ALL FOR YOU, just so you can leave us alone! Who knows we may mine some diamonds for you while we're down commit to no no so you will leave us alone. Men are the only ones who lose and have responsibilities when women break commitments to us, you should know that....

Then we can finally have some peace. We can finally stop competing with each other for the privilege to do all these things for you. I blame YOU for the male condition. It is YOU who makes men do this to each other. YOU are the cause of our pain and suffering. Women, tell me you know this is true. How does that feel? Shall I make a poster? How dare you, you don't know what pain and suffering is! How dare you be so selfish and self centered. YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO DEFINE THE MALE CONDITION AS YOU, WOMEN ARE THE CAUSE OF IT! YOU ARE THE CAUSE OF THE HATED "PATRIARCHY" OF WHICH YOU SPEAK. IT IS YOU THAT DRIVES MEN TO THIS! SHALL WE MAKE A POSTER!!!


This cartoon is what you tried to tell myself and young women about the nature of men. A grossly simplistic and insulting insinuation, a character of a young, obviously progressive young lady rolling her eyes at the animal nature of males. You sold the notion that women are of a higher moral standing than men, that women can save the world if only male social construct of masculinity was eliminated, the male dominated "Patriarchy" of male violence, oppression and tyranny.


You insulted me and talked down about men the entire semester! "The Patriarchy" and males were the source of female oppression and all the worlds problems.... YOU HURT ME AND INSULTED ME FOR AN ENTIRE SEMESTER AND I'M HERE TO DEFEND THE HONOR OF MEN! FEMINISM DOES NOT BELONG IN THE SCIENCE WING OF OUR COLLEGE INSTITUTIONS, IT DOESN'T BELONG ANYWHERE!

I'll tell you what, lets erase all the lines between countries that are all drawn by the blood of men and the stacked bodies of dead boys and let you ladies decide who gets what..I'll tell you what, we can all share, that's a great idea. It would be interesting to see how much you leave for men. Anyway, just make sure you keep us restrained during this process otherwise you're likely to let us do everything for you as you have always done. We may also start brutally competing with each other for these things because it's what gets us mating opportunity with you.

All for what???

WHAT RECIPROCAL BLESSINGS DO YOU BESTOW UPON MEN??? What's that you say, you build and conceive life itself from your body, initiate 70% of all divorce, take this blessing of our beloved child away from us and make us do all of the above for you and support you and "your" child anyway..

What's that you say, you nurture and care for us, how exactly do you do that? Nurturing, caring for and tending to men and your family is considered oppression of women, especially caring for children, that's what day care centers are for. What's that you say, food, nurturing sustenance no no no American Cuisine and family recipes died with your grandmother you should know that..Please, I implore you, what is it that you do for men??? What obligations and responsibilities do you have that you can't walk away from??? You talk so much about how many "choices" women should have. Lets sit down and talk sometime about who has "choices" and who has no choices but responsibilities to support and enable women's "choices" shall we...

Lets compare the exchange of your inherent precious value for male external utility shall we? Let's see who's body is who's choice. Lets see who is oppressing who...SHALL WE...YES WE SHALL LADIES.

Now, let me make something perfectly clear ladies...
Male destructivness is in proportion if not infinitesimal to male constructiveness. If men did mainly harm with our aggression we would be in a world of shit. Men are designed to utilize resources to supportlife. To build and support, provide and protect. This is male aggression at its finest and the side of his aggression that is most predominant. Men are wonderful and beautiful... and we all, especially women should be so grateful for the sacrifices of men, what a blessing strong, masculine, aggressive men are to women and to humanity.

"Traditional male traits such as aggression, competitiveness, risk-taking and stoicism—constrained by virtues of valor, honor and self-sacrifice—are essential to the well-being and safety of our society." -Christina Hoff Sommers- Anti Feminist and Men's Rights Activist

"Masculinity is the most creative cultural force in history. When I cross…any of America’s great bridges, I think—men have done this." -Camille Paglia-

We will just let you join these men below...Yes, this is where it all comes from, ALL OF IT, EVERYTHING you see around you came from male hard labor and 95% of all working deaths. Care to join the pain and suffering or end up one of the 85% of the homeless that are men....ladies...any takers??? How about 80+ percent of all suicides??? Come on, don't be scared but I've got to warn you it's a lonely place where no one cares for your welfare anymore. A FEDERAL OFFICE ON MEN'S HEALTH no no no those are for you my dear, you have 7 or more now as I recall. Is there any more male health we can sacrifice for you??? Look at the very very bottom, where you will find the majority of medical afflictions, deformations, retardation, learning disabled, poor and ill health, early death etc. Come on join the club of "male privilege". Ever look below the "glass floor" ladies?? It's a dark, desolate, lonely place that rarely a woman falls through.

AND FINALLY, men do what we do and our nature is what it is because you made it that way. Men have been selected for and breed by you to become EXACTLY what you needed us to be. It is YOU who places such value on male external utility. It is you who demands and makes us produce for you. You are the source of your own dependence. Men dominate what you demand we dominate. When women, will you truly be independent as this is the day you will not need us anymore. PLEASE STOP needing us for anything. STOP belittling men for your dependency.

When will you liberate men from our servitude to you that you call oppression...When? When will you stop competing with men for the vary things you demand from us? When will you stop enacting public policies to handicap us from doing so?

Women you can STOP laying around on your lazy asses while men do all the heavy lifting of providing and protecting, acquiring, building, fixing, maintaining and utilizing resources to support life. You can stop complaining, be "strong and independent" ladies AND LEAVE MEN ALONE! You can do so especially after you divorce us, take our property, our children and force us to financially support you and "your" child. You are the most privileged class of human being, along side children. Now, close your mouths and show some respect and reciprocal obligation.....

Are duty, honor, self sacrifice and commitment only something men do? Is it not your turn to get down on your knees in front of the feet of men and offer us gold and diamond rings you mined from the Earth??? Woman, it's your turn to drown yourselves in the cold icy waters of unyielding dedication to the welfare of men. I'm challenging your vaillantry (valor) woman. Hath not woman (valor) vaillantry? Will you not sacrifice for our welfare as we have done for you???

Is there a nurturing, compassionate ounce of dedication and servitude to men left in you?? I don't even need to express to you the legions of men who publicly advocate for your welfare and the men who do so quietly in their private lives SOMETIMES BY FORCE OF THE LAW. Little have I witnessed the same from women. Does your sense of victimhood and entitlement really run that deep? Yes, given your separatist, competitive, secular, political disposition and gynocentric focus on your own welfare it certainly does...


Give men the dignity and respect we deserve. Honor men and our place in society and in the family or simply stay far away from men as we want nothing to do with you otherwise. You should know that by the demands women place on us we do our best to bear our burdens in silence, taking it like men, getting tough or dying, sucking it up, manning up etc. We do so because it makes our external utility a slightly bit higher than the next man....Do you know why?

I can assure you of one thing, when men start complaining that we are in pain you had better listen as the breaking point is near and in many cases has already passed and in some cases this passing of energy can be extremely violent, somewhat akin to a supernova, a self termination if you're lucky and something else if you are not. Increasingly I fear it will be a combination of both.


"The personal is political" you say? INDEED, it now is and as a result THE MALE GENDER NEEDS TO ORGANIZE AS A SOCIO-POLITICAL CLASS WITH REPRESENTATION AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL as women now do to stem the tide you have turned. You have made "the personal political" as you set out to do 40 years ago, 0 hour, D-DAY, the beginning of "SECOND WAVE" FEMINISM.

How long are men going to allow this type of thing without responding or reacting? How long do posters like this have to stay hanging in young men's faces before they tear them down and burn them? When will men have representation and a voice within our universities! For god sake, when are men going to start defending our honor? SHALL WE MAKE BLANKET accusational posters toward women? When are men going to form ranks and fight back? When will we formulate a response? When will we demand to enter the intellectual discourse that now pervades universities? When will we confront the feminist hegemony?

Do feminists fear their ideology is not compatible to even so much as a dialectical relationship? Dialectical Totality suggests that contradictions in a relationship are part of a unified whole and cannot be understood in isolation. We shall find out soon enough..Open intellectual discourse is on the horizon..Men will no longer have to fear losing their jobs when we speak openly in academia!....The time has come and MALE STUDIES NOT FEMINIST "MEN'S STUDIES" IS ON THE HORIZON AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT!

Men are beginning to fight to restore our sacred bond with you, a bond that has been sullied, desecrated, demeaned, profited off of, humiliated and exploited. You have made chivalry toward women a for profit industry and done incredible harm to men, boys, husbands, fathers and the family itself in the process. Woman it is you and your beliefs. Woman it is your actions, your Women's Feminist leaders who are killing something within men. You seek to kill a sense of respect, duty and honor toward women and family, the chivalry you are killing in him, the father and husband in him.

I ask you what is woman to men if she is not honorable? What is woman if her station and social identity is not wife and mother? What is woman when she becomes men's liability and responsibility without reciprocal obligation, duty and commitment? What is she when she is our competition socially, politically and economically? Beware your Feminist Leaders Women, watch closely what they are doing. YOU WILL DO THIS NO MORE!.............

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Body Her Choice......Her Body Her Choice.....A Child's Body Her Choice

Female or feminist political dichotomy:

I think it would be wise to take a closer look at some of the central tenets involved in the battle of the sexes. I read a comment at the other day which got me thinking. I'd like to borrow where the author left off and expound upon the inseparability of the general female ethos and feminism itself.

First and foremost I've come to the conclusion that all women are feminists.
What differs is the minute nuances in the general philosophy of liberal women (feminists) and conservative women (feminists).

Both in fact demand chivalry, but in different ways. Left women or left feminists want socialist chivalry, in which men and government in aggregate support or defer to women, ( take the "women first" laws in college admissions and business hiring or diversion of the Stimulus Package to women for instance). Liberal women don't want marriage or family to be necessary for women whereas “conservative” women favor enfranchising the individual man (i.e. husband) bearing the burden. The conservative woman wants to garner the fruits of an individual man's labor and liberal feminists want to garner the fruits of mens and societies communal labor.

In the current situation, we have a mix of both, but there is still a fight between these women over men's resources, as some of the working married man’s money and indeed women's own money goes to support single mother feminist types through the tax base, but perhaps not as much as left feminists would like.

The conservative feminists are for less socialized support but empowerment to transfer men's money to women directly under the theory that men over all produce more and have more incentive to produce under this "male employability" as part of the family model. However, both are agreed that the fruits of male labor produced by his body should be transferable to women outside of marriage after divorce and both are in agreement that females should be given primary ownership of children.

Neither left women nor conservative women favor easing men’s burdens, at least in regard to the private sphere but there is a fundamental philosophical difference concerning how best to extract male and societal resources in general to support women and "their" children. For men, neither system is favorable as both lead to male disenfranchisement and loss of bodily sovereignty, furthermore we will simply be and indeed are currently paying more to support women either way, both in the private sphere and public sphere in the general increase in "women first" policies and socialized support for women and "their" children.

So to me the illusion of female independence from dependency is simple, through manipulation of divorce law and social policy women are no more independent than they ever were. What has changed is the ways or "choices" afforded them as to how to extract this support, consequently and unfortunately at this point it is by both methods, both private transferability of male labor outside the bounds of marriage and public transferability of aggregate societal male labor and at the collective male expense.

In terms of male agency or shall I say lack thereof in the family as is current, the two female strategies work together in concert for male expendability by provider "resource transferability" or what I like to call an "isolated resource producing male" and of course the accompanied surrendering of fatherhood. This much is agreed upon by women and both see this as "liberation" and "independence" for women. What is not agreed however is how to best harvest male production output while at the same time maintaining female "freedom of choice" and autonomy, A fluid support structure for matriarchal (female and child centered social structure) polyandry or polyamory if you will.

One could actually surmise that women are infact married to the State, this is their real husband. This "Government Husbandry" is essential to maintaining the male expendability and "forced labor resource transferability" paradigm. It is essential to maintaining female "choices".

A woman can have as many husbands and families as the natural order of sexual selection by males will allow. She is given full control, agency and return on investment for her production value and the fruits of her bodily labor (her inherent value in mate selection terms). In fact the system is designed so that a female not only retains "ownership" of children but all of these offspring from different males are all supported by "isolated resource producing males" and by what is increasingly so "government husbandry".

Where as men can only have as many families or wives or offspring as they can financially afford because sovereignty over his body and the fruits of labor produced by it are transferable to women.

The key for women is to maintain as much and more control over sex, reproduction and most importantly conception but more importantly the property rights she has managed to associate with her bodily labor and the fruits bared by her labor.

The dichotomy goes to illustrate inherent, internal and soveriegn female production value as opposed to male production value which is is heavily weighted in "external utility", which is variable, external and thus exploitable and transferable.

The goals of both men and women are to maintain control over our own bodies and the fruits of our labor. THIS IS THE KEY POINT OF BATTLE.

The goal of women is to have control over both her own body, the body of a child prior to, during and after conception and the body of men by dominating and controlling in entirety female productive value and through doing so establish control over the productive value of men.

This is why abortion rights are the keystone to feminist rule. It is not about a woman's body or a woman's health, it is in fact about control of property. From the seemingly innocuous saying "my body my choice" comes "my baby my choice" which yields her the right of "a man's body my choice"

The idea is bodily sovereignty, property and ownership

The primary goal of feminism and the struggle for so called "equality" extends from this central issue i.e. control over property.

In other words feminism is about female control of:

-her body which leads to the end goal of control over
-the body of the child (both during and after conception) both in marriage and divorce
-and the body of a man through the fruits of his labor both in marriage and after divorce. If she can gain and maintain control over the first two she does in fact have full control over the bodily sovereignty of ALL HUMAN LIFE.

It is precisely the male value in external utility that women are able to exploit by law to support themselves and "their" children both in private family law policy and publicly through social policy to "empower" and "liberate" women, to give them "independence". It is in fact the lack of control men have over their own bodies that leads to male oppression. It is in fact the lack of control men have over their own bodies that leads to male expendability i.e. the end goal of female liberation and independence.

We ARE IN FACT the only sex which is required to yield our body over to the service of the other sex both in our private lives and publicly. We are the only sex who's bodily sovereignty is transferable to the other outside of marriage after divorce.

Men's bodies are for the service of women and country. Men have no bodily sovereignty in our private lives or public. In both realms the male body is expendable and the fruits of its labor transferable, it is fully put to use and socialized. You, a man can not gain so much as a drivers license if you have not registered your body to be drafted to military service. You, a man can not get legally married unless you agree to the marriage registration which entails the drafting of use for your body and the fruits of its labor by women outside of marriage. The goal is to create female "choices" facilitated by male liabilities.

However I must add that no matter how necessary our war with women has become, this war is deeply harmful. I feel viscerally that this is an unnatural fight. Under the natural order of things we are supposed to be mutually dependent on the other. I believe we are actually supposed to be mutually bonded, not in diametric opposition for control over our bodies and the body of the other sex and the fruits of its labor but in fact to give and yield to the other in entirety. We are in fact supposed to need each other. This however, is not the case by law nor is it the disposition of women to have such equality as many men have figured out. The personal has become the political and so we as men must fight women who are now our competition politically, socially and economically.

We to must fight for our true independence from women's dependency, not as they have fought for independence from dependency on men i.e. (through exploitation, ownership and transferability of male bodily sovereignty and male agency.) The only other suggestion I can think of is to enact shared custody of children, thereby eliminating child support and eliminate alimony as women are supposed to be working to support themselves and their families. The "choice" of women to "work or stay home" should no longer be something men pay for as a future capitalized liability of alimony and furthermore through such liability loss of the right to an active and meaningful role in the lives of our children. Women must have responsibilities that are not by law made to be liabilities to men.

To me it is obvious that the central tenet of war between the sexes entails bodily sovereignty and ownership of ones own body but most importantly the body of others, of which, at this point anyway women have complete rule, possession and authority over the bodily sovereignty of us all.

This dichotomy forms the basis for the paradigm in which women claim to be "sex objects". It is this same dichotomy that makes men "resource objects" "success objects" "external utility objects" But I ask you, who has more control over the bodily sovereignty of the other? Who has control over such by law?

I ask you all to contemplate for a moment who has more control, ownership, rights, individual sovereignty and liberty over their bodies and the fruit bared by its labors???

Which sex has more control, ownership, rights, sovereignty and liberty over the body of the other and that of children as well?

Answer these basic questions for yourself and I think we will be well on our way to understanding the rights of men and women as we relate to what is supposed to be but IS NO LONGER (yet what I believe should be) an ENTIRELY CONSUMMATE RECIPROCAL MARRIED BOND,A FAMILY.