Monday, March 26, 2012

Should We Pay For Women's Birth Control Pill

Birth control gives women control not men. My mother warned me, "never believe a woman who says she's on birth control...even your wife, always where a condom". This is something I live by as should all men. The recent national debate over whether payment for women's birth control should be socialized under Obama Care mandates is interesting.

Heeding my mother's advise and taking into account those men who don't yields two results.

#1 For smart men, it does nothing but raise our insurance premiums. What would we be paying for, women and women's control not only over reproduction but over men....the stupid ones that is....which brings me to the second effect upon men:

For stupid men it provides women a form of manipulation or means of enticement for men not to use a condom and the ability to practice invisible deceit without accountability. It grants full control over a man's reproductive choice in this instance. Another woman told me well..."you have to trust in a relationship". While true, trust is important in a relationship the word and action of trust is synonymous with handing over control to another.

It is important for men to realize that women's birth control does nothing for men and as such I do not want to pay for it. It is important for men to realize that at best is raises our premiums and at worst will manipulate others into unplanned pregnancy. It serves nothing more than to strip men of our money and to control, deceive and manipulate others to revoke their rights to reproductive choice.

The only way it should be covered under insurance is if a company decides it wants to and allows the free market to decide. The only way any religious institution should be forced to pay for it would be if they are willing to surrender rights of religious freedom to the Federal government. The only other way it should be covered is if the people are willing to surrender the 10th Amendment of our Constitution and hand control away from the people and the states.

Women want to remove these state rights, individual business rights of free commerce and freedom of religion.

It must also be noted that when women release these hormones into the municipal water supply and waterways it has the unfortunate effect of lowering fertility of all males in the environment, including humans while also feminizing them: The effects are compounded over time as much of municipal water supplies are reconstituted.

“I’ve heard a little bit about the bad things that birth control can do to the environment,” said Casale, 26, who lives in New York City. “If it’s causing major problems, I guess I would stop. But, to me, the (positive) "health" effects (for women) of the pill are a much greater concern than the fate of fish".....or the effects on male health and the environment in general. What matters to me is myself and my gender class interests.

If by chance we lose these freedoms in my country at very least it is women alone who should pay the higher premiums for the elective control they seek over reproduction and consequently over men who are stupid enough to give them that control.

Only believe or trust a woman and her birth control if you are willing to have none and to face the consequences of handing over what little reproductive choices and control men have, especially over the children that may come of it, your body and the fruits of it's labor. Marriage and marriage law is not about you, it is not even about a family, it is about a woman and her children. Men are simply an accessory to reproduction, an accessory utility to society and an accessory to women's families while having no place in it...just as women wanted....right? Behave and make your choices accordingly.

Peter is correct. He makes good points but fails to say that men will be paying for it as well. He is correct in that it will drive up cost through increased demand. He also makes another good point, men apparently will not be provided free condoms. Men will not be given equal access to birth control. He said that men will get their condoms through women...BIG MISTAKE FOR MEN TO DO THAT!

If the bill is not repealed or amended men need to file a class action discrimination lawsuit against the government. If passed condoms should be provided to everyone in the land. If costs goes up just increase communism by forcing the manufacturer into price controls as other regimes have done or make the manufactures State owned. Ultimately communist price controls or state owned manufacturing will bring down the system but we will all have a good time until communism really takes hold and centralization of power to the State is complete.


Anonymous said...

You can get free condoms already at any Planned Parenthood, most doctors give them away, and online.

Clearly someone who is such a crazy condom advocate hasn't done his research.

Bwec said...

This conversation is about men's socialized healthcare coverage under The Affordable Care Act. Condoms from PP are of the poorest quality including the poorest quality latex formulation available.

However, it may be all that men are left with as I just found out that male access to birth control will not be covered. As condoms are sold over the counter they are not considered a health care item.

Furthermore, if men were to be covered we should be afforded adequate access to said birth control, this means being able to purchase condoms of our choice at any location with a pharmacy.

It is also my contention that if the ACA does go into effect, Federal Funds to Planned Parenthood should be rescinded and directed toward the new healthcare system. Funds given to private organizations add unnecessary overhead costs to the efficiency of a centralized healthcare model. Again, this is not about whether a private organization is willing to provide men condoms, this is about the equal right of men to obtain birth control through the proposed healthcare plan. As is current men are denied coverage.