Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Feminists for Life? Feminist for family?

THE FEMINIST MESSAGE: Women need housing provided for them, daycare to dump their children in, and paid maternity leave or they will be forced to abort their children.
To rely on marriage, family and a husband and father to help with these things in unacceptable to feminists.

College age, independent women need the above and not marriage or a family to provide these things? When will women be responsible for theirselves, their choices and their actions? The same old message isn't it. Abortions are the result of women who are not provided for or protected enough by the system. Motherhood and Family must be socialized, communized or capitalized to provide for the needs of women is the message. We have to do more to meet the needs of independent women so they can support a child with or without a family. So they can do so as a single mother.

NO, it is the result of "independent" women who have not met their OWN needs and that of children and a family. No one, including the government and society is responsible to help women raise their bastard children. Remember 40% of ALL births in the United States are now to single mothers. The message is clear, if only government and society can provide and protect women with entitlements we can raise that 40% even higher.


Porky said...

If the public has to pay up with housing etc in order to get these women to have kids that will make all tax-paying males someone's de facto husband, so even if you're smart enough to not get married you still end up supporting a woman and her children, courtesy of Big Brother. What a feminist dream that would be - the women control what their sons grow up to be( Bill Clinton and Barack Obama come to mind) while the male taxpayer provides the wallet!

Anonymous said...

"Without housing, daycare, and maternity coverage, it sure doesn't feel like I have a choice."

She has a choice: she can get off her ass and work for things, like everyone else in society does.