Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Debate With A Feminist

You say: "Kids stay with their mothers because children are drawn to their mothers."

More than 79% of Americans feel the most significant family or social problem facing America is the physical absence of the father from the home. Research shows that the lack of a father in the home correlates closely with crime, educational and emotional problems, teenage pregnancy, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Source: Ad Council United States

You say: "Pop culture shows women as sex objects"

And pop culture shows men as success objects, horses asses, pigs and jack asses (donkeys), thrown into garbage cans by women, beaten and humiliated, so what is your point exactly, that only women deserve advocacy and are oppressed??
HERE are a few examples for you.....


You say: "And only 40% of college degrees are male because 40% of college *students* are male. Its not that men arent given degrees, its that they choose to not go to college in the first place"

No see, men are not admitted to college because they are not given equal opportunity under Affirmative Action, Title IX and women only loans and scholarships. Furthermore all competitive\resource reward based learning models have been removed from schools and are now cooperative learning models.Statistics also show that boys that come from fatherless homes do more poorly in this regard than girls.

"Women are 51% of the U.S. population and the voting public."

No they are 51% population and 54% of the voting public

"But there are 82 male Senators and only 17 female Senators. There are 44 male Governors and only 6 female Governors. 83% of House representatives are men, only 17% are women."

Again women do not run for office at ANY level of government in the proportions men do and furthermore females tend to vote for male candidates..No one is holding women back especially since women are the voting majority and decide elections. In politics the politicians serve and cater to their voting base, in America this is women, politicians strive to appease and perform the bidding of their constituents. It is women that dictate laws and policy from family law to the federal level.

You say "Womens success and ascent in the business world is determined less by their actual ability compared to men and more by their appearance."

Men's success in the mating world is determined more by their ability and less by their appearance. Can you see how sexual selection and female preference play a role here??? Besides, this is the first I've heard such and assertion, can you provide a empirical study or data showing women are promoted by their looks and not how much money they make for a company. Your assertion is counter intuitive to basic economics.

I can tell you that intelligence has been correlated with bodily symmetry and proportion or what is also know as the golden mean or ratio or Fibonacci Sequence i.e. good looks or beauty. However certain people are specialists in a specific adaptive trait. By enlarge though the two are indeed proportionally related and in general selected adaptive traits are aggregated and expressed.

Have you measured the mean statistical variance of the good looks of males that are promoted or how tall they are? Perhaps intelligence is the trait being promoted and it is the correlation to good looks you notice only in the female. Correlation is not causation. Furthermore as always you feminists are only looking at one half of the picture.

You say: "and they should not have the system of support and education set up for them to combat the fact that men keep women down?"

Most certainly NOT given that women keep men down by these very policies such as Affirmative Action and Title IX and earn 60% of college degrees because of them. Also can you demonstrate to me "how men keep women down" ?

I can certainly demonstrate to you how women keep men down and then demand we give them the fruits of our labor anyway...
"Women are kept out of the business world"

"Not true...next

"they are kept out of politics"

Women do not run for political office at ANY level of government in the proportions men do and furthermore women overwhemingly vote for men, that's a fact.

"and despite being half the population, they are (except for a handful) excluded from any stereotypically male-dominated or higher echelon positions in life"

No they are not....next

No this is a hybrid society or a full blow matriarchy. You cansee this in terms of men's rights especially in relation to marriage.

You have to understand that in no time in our previous history were women objectified and sexualized than they are now in our post feminist sexually liberated society. Female sexuality used to be part of her private married life and now it is public and promiscuous. Sexual availability of unmarried females is now common fact.
"professional women receive 75% of the money men do for the same job."

Actually the Raw Wage Gap is a measurement of the disparity in earnings of all men and women in the workforce and not "the same job" Many factors account for a slightly lower female capitol production capacity as a whole of the workforce. Hours worked, industry of employment, full time or part time, maternity leave etc etc etc. Please learn more about the "Raw Wage Gap" of 76 cents to the dollar.

"9 out of every 10 cases of sexual assault are against female victims."

For the sake of argument I will assume your statement is true and in that case:

96% of all workplace deaths are males.
85% of the homeless are male
80% of suicides are male
98% of combat deaths are male
40% of college degrees are male

So what is your point, that men should not have equal rights and protections under law? Men should not have advocacy and that the only problems that matter are women's problems? That men are responsible for everyones welfare and women are not? That the pain and suffering in this world is the fault of and responsibility of men to solve?

I will tell you this maam, I have never seen women as a socio-political class dedicate their energy to the welfare, well-being, material, physical provision and safety of men and boys but rather quite noticeably to yourselves in ENTIRETY.

Given what I've seen of female social and political activity the forementioned is noticeably absent in regard of men by women. In contrast men have been known to drown themselves in sub freezing water so that women may live.

The influence of the general female nature or ethos in politics and social policy in general is of grave concern to me... I don't know how much longer men can be your beast of burden and yet say nothing...Maam, trust me when I say that when men are complaining of pain you had better listen as he will not do so until his back is nearly broken and many times I FEAR only after the fact will he do so. As you may know male value is heavily weighted in external utility and do our best to bear our burdens in silence by self terminating our own lives, taking it like men, getting tough or dying, sucking it up, manning up etc...

It would be wise for the sisterhood to listen and act on behalf of men. You must not forget your men. You must remember the men in your social policy or we will all suffer...we already are.......

I can only say that I am not alone in my sentiment. This will become apparent to you in time, I can assure you of that.......



As much as I do love your blog, reading these kinds of entries just makes me realize how hopeless our cause is. We're simply too deeply entrenched in the matriarchal order to see any real change in either of our lifetimes, and I'm only 20...

The facts and statistics are readily available, obvious and easy to interpret, and yet they get absolutely no mention in the dialog of gender relations. It's like the best we can hope for is something drastic and likely catastrophic for the problems facing men and fathers in our society to even be noticed or acknowledged. Even in their early stages, feminists were never as utterly invisible as we are now. Put quite simply, nobody gives a fuck about the obvious and severe problems men and fathers face, nor are the massive privileges of being female recognized.

Talleyrand said...

They're going to care, soon enough.

There is going to be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Gogonostop said...

Sometimes, I almost wonder if the only way to combat a radical ideology is with another radical ideology. I bet it'll happen before long, if things don't change.


Anonymous said...

Enough with the negativity - the 'we can't win, we can't get organised'. Absolute nonsense.

Recognise that our ideology (rights for men) presently has a huge vein of depressive thinking present within it in.

Why? Because the men who write for the movement all had to hit rock bottom emotionally to start thinking this way. They were/are feeling depressed!! Bad things happened in their lives, and it caused a change in thinking. This is natural, and understandable.

However, there is *way too* much depressive, defeatist talk (self talk) going on.

The movement has to stop just 'reporting bad news'.

The movement should begin to set goals. It should plan a jointly organised public awareness campaign. Those sorts of things.

Be proactive, not reactive.