Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What obligations do women have to men, dating, relationships, marriage, divorce and in society???

I've been asking myself and my friends, "What obligations do women have to men in dating, relationships, marriage, divorce and society???" What are women expected to do for men? What choices of ours are they supposed to support that fall on their shoulders? What risks do they bear? What is expected or sought for in women to be adequate mates, to be marriage material?

Let me start with men's obligations and perhaps someone can tell me women's.

Actively pursue the affections of women by taking them on dates and paying for them. Open both car and all other doors. Bring them gifts especially on Valentines Day (which is overwhelmingly biased toward showing women affection and spending money on them.) The saying goes "I want a man who knows how to treat a woman" and "always treat a woman with respect". If I were to suggest on a dating site "I want a woman who knows how to treat a man" what would this mean?? Would it be considered wrong or negative to ask for such things? Allow me to continue...

Propose marriage and purchase the rings. Provide for her if she "allows" you to or perhaps she would like to get out of the rat race and rely on a man. It is improper to refuse her sex when you don't want it and thus a man is supposed to be most always available. Support her right to abort your child even late in late term pregnancy. Protect her and give your life should there be life threatening danger. Go to war and fight on her behalf and interests by force of the draft. Provide male utility of strength, physical labor, mechanical or fix it ability where needed. Accept that all domestic responsibilities of the home are demeaning to women and hold such a connotation that to even expect or make it known that you desire such things of a woman is socially taboo and unacceptable. If she is not happy with your marriage financially support her right to leave by giving her half your things and give her money to support her through alimony after she leaves. Surrender the right to be a father and custody of your children yet pay to support the children as well through child support (which is hidden alimony). Surrender your right to due process. Should there be a domestic dispute he is jailed automatically and if for any reason she feels she needs to have him restrained away from her, a restraining order is automatically issued on the grounds that she feels threatened. Should she decide to enact VAWA he is held without question and guilty until proven innocent. If she is a foreign woman she is automatically granted citizenship if such allegations are made. In Canada in any such case she is given property rights of his property and his possessions.

AND NOW I ASK, What are Women's obligations, risks and choice support for men??? Do men have choices or is our choice simply to court and give money and resources to what is now perfectly capable women. What are their obligations and risks they bear to a man in dating, marriage, divorce, to family and society?? What are they expected to do for a man in marriage and family? What ever they want is my answer.

Ask yourself If you were make the statement on a dating profile "I want a woman who knows how to treat a man" as so many women state the inverse, what connotation would this carry? Does requesting respect from women have any meaning? Would this be a good or bad thing to ask?

Feminism is about choices and benefits without obligation, cost or expected reciprocation to and for the graces that men, society and government bestow upon women. Grace, commitment, honor, sacrifice, reciprocation and obligation of any kind is not expected of them. They are to be served and taken care of in all aspects.

Modern women see men as expendable. We are expected to court women and prove devotion and for what? They still procure our money and resources in or out of marriage. There is no need to retain a man or marriage. Male resource provision is transfered to women in courtship, marriage and divorce. There is NO DISTINCTION between the three anymore. What man now a days is motivated to do anything but the bare minimum. There is no hope or reward of honor and commitment from women. Men bare all the cost and risk. Women are a liability and a risk to us. They can take all our things away and our dear children. They can jail us without due process of law by word alone through VAWA and in Canada obtain all rights to a man's property when doing so. Who wants that??? This is equality???

In other news the father of joint custody Jim Cook has passes away last week. Jim was instrumental in fighting feminist law doctrine stating that men are psychologically and emotionally incapable of being a parent. He was a true patriot for equal rights and fought very hard against the Feminist Party. May he rest in peace.....

"As late as 1971, the Minnesota State Bar Association's handbook advised lawyers and judges that:

"except in very rare cases, the father should not have custody of the minor children. He is usually unqualified psychologically and emotionally."

When James (Jim) Cook, a Los Angeles real estate lobbyist, divorced in 1974 and sought shared custody of his son, "the judge thought it was preposterous," he recalls. "He told me, 'I don't have permission to do it.'" Outraged, Cook and some friends organized the Joint Custody Association and in 1979 pushed through the California legislature the first law encouraging joint custody. All 50 states eventually followed suit..."

Men gained a right that brings us one step closer to
being allowed to have a child and YES!, to be allowed to be a Father, to not have our beloved children ripped from our arms!! We have a fighting chance to share the sacred bond of fatherhood with our children. Still this is not often the case and men have along way to go from being the sperm and money donors feminism and women have relegated us to. Be careful men, you stand to loose everything. Keep your heads up
and keep fighting. The Men's Rights Movement is growing and you can be a part of it. You can have a voice!


Anonymous said...

One, and only one obligation: spread the legs.

That's the only thing women are good for. That's the only reason why a man should get close to a woman.

But for marriage and commitment and all other related BS, a man is not obliged to do a damn thing. You don't have to open car doors for a bitch you screw with, she's a big girl and surely possess enough strength and ability to open the car door herself and get out.

Boycott marriage.

Manifold said...


A valid question and a very good text!

I'm going to translate this text into German and publish it on my masculist blog "Die Söhne von Perseus", if you don't mind.

I will mention you as its creator of course.

I'm sure that it will help the cause of the global Men's Rights Movement.

Greetings from a Brother,

Die Söhne von Perseus

Bwec said...

"One, and only one obligation: spread the legs."

I am very sorry you are hurt, angry and mistrustful of women. I understand that as divorce, custody law and your social obligations to women in general are not equal, your resentment and distrust have come forth. I understand and I am doing what I can by speaking out. I am doing all that I can for us...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Marie Duggan said...

What do men and women expect from each other today? One thing is that there is social pressure to look out for number one and to become entirely self-sufficient, which is not a model that works well for family life. The first thing then is probably to figure out if both partners are on the same page in terms of being willing to make sacrifices for a family. You sound like you were willing to work long hours to earn money, but expected a woman who would be willing to raise children. Many women are dissatisfied because they marry a man who wants them to earn a lot of money, and does not value children. It sounds like you do value children, very much. If a woman wants a man to support a family, this is what she seems to see as her obligations these days: she will earn some money (25,000?) per year at a part-time job, and she will be mainly responsible for cleaning the inside of the home (he must be Mr. Fixit and take out the trash), and she will mainly meet with teachers, call in sick when kids ill, etc., but he must be home by 6 to give her a break from the kids and say thanks for what you've done. On the other hand, if the woman expects to do her career (as I would have), too, then she will earn much more, but want the man home a lot more, and she'll expect him to do half the housework inside (cooking), half the calling in sick, meet with teachers, etc. But that's not the default model, and it doesn't sound like the model you were looking for. That's my sense from talking to people I know about obligations between men and women in modern family life.

Anonymous said...

I agree with virtually all that you say, except for this. The people who are suffering from feminism are mainly women, not men. Men know that life is unfair and are generally better equipped to live in a brutally unjust society then women are. In general, women are weaker* then men. Always have been, always will be. Eliminate gender roles and one gets brutal dog-eat-dog society where the weak - especially women are hated and oppressed.

Men suffer too...but I think the main way they suffer is by the abscence of healthy relationships. Women are much better judges of character then men are. Women are much better at creating social structures and sustaining all kinds of relationships. Without women - real women, not women pretending to be men - we men are no better then beasts or devils. Good men know that being and animal or demon is a fate worse then death, and so we will relate to women even on feminist terms. Eventually western society will acknowledge that men and women are equal but play different roles. We will tell both the feminists and cheuvanists to take a hike. Because if we don't, our society will simply collapse - and even feminists are too smart to let that happen.

*Note that when I say that women are generally weaker then men, I am speaking only about competitive situations. Women are generally just as smart and just as good as men are. It is just that men have an inbred competitive drive that women can't and never will have. It is only when men and women cooperate that the female gender's strengths come into play. Feminism makes things worse for women by trashing the social structures that make such cooperation possible.

Anonymous said...

OP is correct.

When flight 1549 landed on the Hudson a couple years back do you know what the first words out of the captain's mouth was? "Women and children first". Same as it ever was.

Even our lives are less valuable and will be thrown away to allow women a better chance to escape death. And in return are we respected and loved? Hell no. We are scapegoats and villains enjoying all the privileges of patriarchy.

It's all a lie. Women only value men for our utility. If we are useful to them they may keep us around. Failure to make ourselves useful or show an unwillingness to sign up for marriage (slavery) and she'll dump us for sure.

There is absolutely nothing a woman has to offer a man that is worth marrying her.

There are NO obligations that women have towards men that they cannot abandon on a whim.

Women will like the ones above will equivocate and say you just haven't found the right girl. What girl will be obligated to me in the same way I am to her?

They are all liars and dream themselves princesses living off the hard work of a man.

The moment you accept that is the moment you can feel comfortable in telling them ALL to go F' themselves.

Anonymous said...

I agree with virtually all that you say, except for this. The people who are suffering from feminism are mainly women, not men.

You are a f'ing idiot.

Colingwood said...

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Anonymous said...

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