Monday, March 9, 2009

Alimony (woman support) for life

I was in a bar spending time with my brother when I overheard a man speaking of to his friend than he has to pay Alimony for life. I as well as my brother took the time to approach him and informed him that the men's movement is growing and that I feel for him. That my brother spent $120,000 to get joint custody of his beloved child. That when he was out of work he was threatened to be thrown in jail if he did not come up with money for her. That he is now employed and must pay her at 22% interest for his failure to support her. I promised this man I would post on my blog the states that have laws on the books that allow for the mandate of payment of wages for woman support for the rest of a man's life.

Here this man explained to me that he was from Oregon and that the shackles of male slavery were placed upon him there by the state of Oregon. He explained to me that his children were grown and out of the house. I don't understand. I don't understand how it has gotten to this point. I will be researching state laws and will be posting a list of states that male slavery is legal. I hope to bring awareness of this issue to my people and to young men especially. Many a young man in love has not been informed of the obligations and risks he bears to todays "independent" woman. He has no idea of the entitlements and choices women have in courtship, marriage and divorce.

If a marriage fails he stands to loose everything and his children as well, as joint custody is still not the norm. If marrying, young men should be taught that a prenuptial agreement should be signed, that marriage is not about love in governments eyes but a legally binding contract of risk and obligation to a woman.

I hope that someday men will be freed from the bonds of servitude to women who have left them and are not their wives. It must be made known that it is very difficult for men to be in servitude to them as a provider as we once were and wanted to be. I am sorry but there is no turning back. Women have taken this to far. They now have all the choices. If divorce takes place in modern times, each self supporting individual should go their separate ways. I am afraid that men will continue to have obligations to provide resources to women in courtship, marriage and divorce, that things will not change unless we demand it. That women now have all the rights and choices. They now have the best of both worlds. Women initiate 2/3 of all divorce.

Feminism has made it so that male resource provision in courtship is demeaning to men. Obligations of such in all regards in marriage and divorce is demeaning to men. I wish it was not this way but it is.

I spend time at the local pub on occasion and I speak to men there. I inform them that I'm a Men's Rights activist and they open up to me, they tell me their stories. It is sad but fortunate how many men have told me that they never have been and don't plan to get married, that they have seen the devastation of fellow men. Men are withdrawing from the risk of commitment to women and it is very sad.

Others simply lead a relational life with women of rogue vagabonds brought in and out of the lives of mischelanious women and single mothers and that of the children of these women. Women who check their online dating profiles as if it were a bank account to exchange the 12 to 15 men they have lined up when they tire of the current suitor and his resources. Women who are living the independent, empowered, selfish and delusional feminist ideal of a woman who has it all and needs no man or family. Who's children need only the myriad of "positive male role models" that drift in and out of their lives.

These men do so while supporting an ex wife and the children they only get to see 4 days a month. Men relegated to the shadows of a family once their own and dreams of fatherhood deferred. Never again they tell me, "I can't afford to commit to another woman anyhow" "I lost everything".



-------------LAST NIGHT GOD MAY HAVE SMILED UPON ME-------------------------

The very same night (last night) I approached three young ladies and began to speak with them in friendly conversation outside the pub. I noticed one of them wore a pin on her jacket that proudly stated "What does it take to do the job of 3 men? - 1 woman!" I immediately knew she was no sort of woman for me and a feminist. I spoke to her more beautiful and endearing friend instead. I found she loved horses as I do and liked to help disabled people and children as I do. How wonderful is that! It became clear that the ladies were getting cold outside and wanted to go in. I said "have fun ladies" and left with my brother to another pub.

Before entering, just outside the next pub I stopped to speak to a man in a wheel chair who had Cerebral Palsy, was mainly paralyzed and could barely speak. I spoke to him for awhile, had a few laughs and found that he loved horses and had ridden one once. I saw the half of his face that was functional light up and smile and a light in his eyes. I told him I knew of a friend that had a van and that we will all go together to an organization that helps disabled people by letting them ride horses. I gave him my email and made plans to hang out soon. We all went inside together grabbed a seat and a beer for my brother and I while my new friend sipped his vodka and cranberry juice through a straw.

Soon it was getting late and time to leave. We walked out and perhaps out of divine providence the beautiful endearing girl was there. She liked me I knew as she exclaimed excitedly with a smile "heeey!" I said "heeey there!" and gave her a hug. "Guess what I said" "I just met this man inside with CP and we're going to get him up on a horse at the center, perhaps you'd like to come to!"

She gave me her number and I hope to spend time with her soon to help a fellow human being, spend time with horses and a beautiful nurturing, kind and incredible woman! God was smiling upon me this night!

I hope to one day cohabitate with a woman. I will of course have the proper legal documents readied by lawyers to protect me from Common Law Marriage she is entitled to by living with me a certain amount of time. She will go from "independent woman" to a child like being that will fall into my care. If she leaves I will have to care for her as a parent and loose my children as well. I hope that I can have a family someday. I am afraid of loosing my children but I want so much to be a father. I am tortured by my desire for wife, family and children and the great risk that I bear that a woman can hold over me of fatherlessness, financial devastation and indentured servitude.


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Read the Marriage=Fraud essay for a more holistic look at the previously fault-based institution of Alimony during the No-Fault era:

Also the Don't Marry Essay has some interesting things to say about it.

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