Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Feministing: One Woman's Experience

Below is a letter a young woman wrote to the popular third wave feminist site It serves to demonstrate how women are being indoctrinated to view themselves as the victims of men and society, incites the view of relations between men and women as a marxist class struggle and furthermore cultivates misandry, hatred and contempt of men and boys. She is beginning to see "patriarchy" in all her interactions with men. Women have been put through these feminist boot camps for generations. I am thankful that it is finally coming to a head and creating utter destruction.

In fact it is my Women's Studies class that I took in college as well that led to my becoming a Men's and Father's Rights Activist.. Though I hope much differently for the future of the Men's Movement. God help us if we become like our enemy.

Feminist awakenining = Decline of my relationship?

I am almost twenty years old, a soon-to-be sophomore in college, and have been in a monogamous relationship for the past three years (and am now living with my boyfriend). This past year, thanks to the liberal musings of my boyfriend and this lovely blog, I have taken a great interest in breaking down society - especially the representation and treatment of women.

I am currently taking my first women's and gender studies class (Intro.) and have begun to question EVERYTHING. While rendering T.V., magazines, chats with friends, chats with my parents, etc. completely unentertaining (and often unnerving), it is somewhat affecting my relationship. My boyfriend considers himself a feminist, and while he plays into some gender stereotypes (likes when I wear makeup, dress sexy), he cooks meals, cleans dishes/clothes, is extremely giving in bed, and will call out the objectification of/stereotypical attitudes towards women (he was raised by a very strong mother).

Yet, lately I see him as the total enemy, undermining me to hold his power --- I'm not joking. For example, I found an advertisement in GQ that I found particularly offensive and stereotypical and posted it on the fridge door. He told me that I should take it down, that it wasn't even "that good" and that I misunderstood the context. Another example, I told him a project idea for my women's studies class, he immediately launched into how it was a terrible idea and that blah blah blah. Now, I am open to constructive criticism (I think), but I feel like his insensitive remarks are a way to debase my intelligence. It is as if he knows everything, and instead of softening the blow with "oh..that was good, but" he has to criticize every. single. aspect. He has to maintain his power, his authority, his superior intelligence.

I approached him after these events, calmly, and asked what he was thinking, why he opposes my idea, why he chooses to phrase it in a way that makes me feel upset, etc. But he tells me to lower my voice (though it really isn't loud!) and he gives me the shush face (we have roommates). When he talks about our relationship, it is not "talking," when I talk about our relationship, it is "bickering."

I'm sorry if this is a bundle of nonsense, or self-pitying reflection, but I wanted to know the opinions of other feminists on how to deal with this issue.

Thank you in advance!

While reading another article on an MRA blog I noticed I am not alone in my observation. I like the way this fellow MRA explains the social paradigm created in Women's Studies classes:

Patriarchy theory is the harness, the device which draws together all of that otherwise random energy, magnetizes it, points it in a politicized direction, makes it into a coherent cultural undertow, a galvanizing narrative unity. . .

Propagate this narrative among the masses, or even the camouflaged elements of this narrative, and women everywhere will take the idea on board, finding in it a convenient way to conflate their dysfunctional psychic tendencies with what appears to be a transcending rationale—something "bigger than themselves", a Great Excuse From Heaven that parts the clouds and descends to earth like a sparkling column of sunlight. The narrative, once internalized, spawns a multitude of spinoffs, sub-narratives, sub-memes and hybrids, all of which make their way from mind to mind through a variety of channels, dispersing randomly, like a fog, through the mental environment. Soon, it becomes difficult to define the source, or to occupy any kind of external standpoint.

The "personal" becomes the "political", and so every encounter with a male person becomes (potentially) a politicized moment, framed in the rhetoric of power imbalance. This instills women with a vague, almost mystical sense that some manner of recompense is owed them simply because they are female—and traces of this feeling can percolate into the smallest transactions of life.


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It's good to see that you like the CF product line. There's nothing like having satisfied customers, eh? ;)

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Anonymous said...

"he cooks meals, cleans dishes/clothes, is extremely giving in bed, and will call out the objectification of/stereotypical attitudes towards women (he was raised by a very strong mother)" castration of males one wave after another build a foundation on deceit and the raise pillars of feminism on top of it. she is writing as if it is a acceptable that the self neutering attitude of the boyfriend is given and the "strong mother" is aka feminist bitch. what were you doing hauling brick for construction?

Anonymous said...

"Was raised by a strong mother." BS translator: Man-hating feminist.

Notice (again) that he was raised by a single mother, so naturally he's a little pussy boy.