Monday, January 12, 2009

Feminism in popular culture

In the following video you will see the subjection of men to the privlege feminism has given to women to brutalize, humiliate and devalue men. Between these examples you will see quotes from leaders of "gender feminism" which has taken over many women's studies programs in our schools as you may know I have experienced first hand. This radical thinking has also taken over our culture. I would like to say that although many women have refuted the radical ideologies these gender feminists have done tremendous damage and modern feminism is plagued with these ideologies such as the creation of an androgynous society and presentation of feminine identity defined as the same as men and the intent to directly attack and become "equal" with men while defining us as oppressors and themselves as victims.

In the following videos you will see how men are beaten to submission by women and placed in the hospital. You will see stick figure shirts that are now sold to little girls telling them to beat, kill, and dispose of men. You will see them portrayed as and compared to useless animals, jerks, dogs, immature idiots incapable of taking on responsibilities or being a father and in some cases as an actual ass (donkey) or literally a horses ass. Granted I give sony credit for trying to convince us that fathers are not horses asses but it must be understood that the premise of the video would not exist if men were not viewed by pop culture as horses asses and as such creating the opportunity for Sony to make a commercial refuting this common view.

Emasculation of men is common practice in my country. Messages like this are the cause of great harm in our society and to men and boys. I fear that in attempting to emasculate men, feminists may very well be creating an angry and resentful enemy of women and the destruction of society. In a culture in which men are told they are not needed they are likely to behave as such and worse. In effect feminists create the very monsters of men, dead beat dads, dogs, jerks, and pigs of which they speak.

Ultimately the rejection of men in our society by women, the increasing dissolution of marriages, the alienation of fathers from their children and subjection of men to lives of servitude through government mandated support in the form of alimony will lead to the destruction of my country, especially in the health and well being of our boys and men. We will see an increase of violence and that toward women as well. We will see a backlash in all regards from men toward women and the respect for women. Men have and will become withdrawn, despondent violent and self destructive. Men and women will continue to be pushed apart.

In my country The United States men are taught "not ever to raise a hand to a woman" this is especially if she is beating you! Joe Biden the author of VAWA and vice president of The United States was beaten severely as a child by his sister and states "he has the bruises to prove it" He was raised to lay still while he was beaten. Men are taught that this is ok and to take the pain as if she can't hurt you. I am not sure of the psychology behind it but Joe went on to author VAWA or Violence Against Women Act to protect women from men who "raise a hand". (Please see my blog below entitled "divorce and marriage" & VAWA as well)


Feminism in Schools-

Below is a recording of a young man expressing his general view of himself as a man in our culture. This was originally a video and the young man's identity has been obscured. He speaks of how easily it is to feel shamed by women and society for being male and compares it to the power of female shaming from the important women in his life. He explains that such messages of his uselessness, monetary exploitation, and incompetence permeates our society. He explains how men are portrayed to him in the media. I speculate that "misandry" became apparent to this young man but was not presented to him. I envision that he intuitively and actually felt that something was not right in his cultural experience and started seeking answers on his own. This boys experience tells us so much about the state of our men and boys. !!!!


Another video of man as useless animal jack ass and on par with the children: FATHER AND HUSBAND AS USELESS ANIMAL JACK ASS.

On another note: Ahh yes I love the show "TO CATCH A PREDATOR" on dateline NBC. The premise of the show is to illustrate to us all that there are an endless line of dangerous predator men out there who are out to prey on children. If you want to know the truth read my blog "1 in 4 raped?" scroll to the very bottom and read about statutory rape and NATURAL male attraction to youthfull, fertile females. Yes that means young teens!! The lowest statutory age in the United States is 16. Most Americans don't know this. The premise of the show is to bypass entrapment law by using TV network and civilians to lure males into copulation with a young fertile female and then to watch him humiliated and punished for our amusement and entertainment. The overall portrayal of men to your growing boys is a very bad image. These are the modern day role models for young men. This is what he is told he is day in and day out. This destroys men's lives for gain and profit and the show has lead to at least one suicide.

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Feminism is just American rubbish and should be treated as such.