Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Sword of The Tyrant

In the process of planning a camping trip with all male friends I received a remark that is very telling, it made me think. I was asked, "when you get to the summit are you going to have a circle jerk"

The circle jerk remark is the oldest one in the book and one of many typical male shaming techniques. When men decide to get together as men it is threatening to some, women included. The remark centers around validating a man in terms of how he stacks up to being worthy of getting laid but also being worthy of male "use" toward the ends for which culture seeks of him.

Biologically speaking, men and our genes have no right to be passed onto life unless a female approves. Lack of competence, acceptance and worthiness or lack of male use toward the ends of women in the present moment implies that your genes have no right to in the future. By getting laid, men are able to validate their own right to exist. In this way, acceptance by women defines us. In this instance the circle jerk remark suggests that the men getting together as men, for ourselves, as men, makes us so unworthy we must be gay.

Thinking like this is used by culture and many times by women themselves to invalidate men, male needs and especially male criticism of women. If you are not serving their ends you must be bitter and if you are bitter you must be unworthy and if unworthy you must be bitter that you can not get laid.

Men doing things to benefit themselves and for themselves as a man alone is threatening to women and culture. Everything in regard to what defines "being a man" is in fact defined as being so for anyone but ourselves. The only reason men cut down other men with it is for the exact same suggest that they are more worthy of women and for being of "use" than you are. It is wise to reject such notions especially so as seeing how men are in fact used to serve the ends of women and culture to our own expense and sacrifice. We are in fact the beasts of burden, the workhorses trained to forever be seeking to validate our own existence.

Men... especially now a days need to reevaluate the situation. We have to ask ourselves....what is in it for us? Are the things women and culture seek to goad us into being worthy of.....actually worthy of us? This is an important question that every man needs to ask himself. I have found that often times they are not.. especially when it comes to law and policy in regard to men's place within the family, marriage, our children and this includes our general welfare in all realms. I have found that this culture offers very little rewards for male use and utility to meet it's ends.

As such, I reject the social contract of marriage and I reject my own expendability and disposability to both the family and in warfare to defend something that will not defend or offer anything to me. My male use and male utility are to serve my own ends alone. The only thing I will offer such sacrifice for would be toward the ends of tearing out the lynch pins that attempt to hold me in place, to kick a hole in the wall to make a door where there is none and toward the ends of helping the nations men do the same.

When this nations men become disenfranchised....and we are becoming so without a doubt, the wheels come off the wagon my friend. Civilizations rise and fall on the backs of men. Systemically disenfranchise men from education, the workforce, in the family and to their own wellbeing and health and you are signing the death warrant of the Republic. Look around...the only thing keeping things in place is the continual sacrifice of men at our own expense. Expect the wailing set forth to emasculate men and the goading for men to man-up to get louder in order to keep them from waking up and still from others in the perilous attempt to get men to do so, to man-up to something. Expect the validity of men and this "masculinity crisis" the media has been shoving down our throats to get louder. Expect our women to get all the more goading, critical and inciteful toward men while their hands are stretched forth to the cold metallic arms of the government husband.

Give men nothing to fight for and the nations soldiers become something else, they become paid mercenaries not Patriot men fighting for their country. As with the Roman empire when the checks stop coming these mercenaries will turn upon the hand that fed them. Military dictatorship will follow our increasingly totalitarian State. The profiteers running our government will not survive the onslaught when this nations men turn upon them. Continue in the direction that we are and this will be our fate. I am prophesizing nothing here. It has all happened before and if we pay is happening now. However, it is not to late.

Though I do fear the course of this government will not be amended or overthrown, until it is to late. This nation is weak and it's men are confused. When they wake up, they will find the yoke of servitude strapped firmly around their neck and the sword of the totalitarian profiteering tyrant already at their throat.


Patrice Stanton said...

"...the cold metallic arms of the government husband."

That gives me a bad chill. Well said.

My husband's mother has made a disparaging comment to him on multiple occasions over the past several years [if it's stuffy in the house and he mentions being too warm she'll say, "You having a HOT FLASH?" with a sly grin of course]. This happens whether we've been at their house or in our own.

I couldn't figure out for the life of me just WHY it bothered me so much until it happened again a couple of weeks ago during a visit they made here for our daughter's home school high school graduation. [I attribute my insight to all the terrific 'MRA blogs/articles' I've been reading. I found yours just today.]

It is meant to emasculate him. Pure and simple. Whether she realizes it or not.

I said this to him - this last time AFTER they'd left - and he said he already planned to 'call her out' the next time she says it. I had thought it didn't bother him since he is so 'low key' but he too has finally HAD ENOUGH [and of his own mother at that]! Yeah.

Your thoughts on the purposeful confusion-propagandizing of males [so they won't become Men] are coinciding with some of my own. Without Men a country is defenseless. I, too, see it as near a tipping point.

Thanks for your valuable writing.

Bwec said...

"You having a HOT FLASH?"

Well, she is asking him to "man up" and take it. Male value is in fact defined by use and utility. One is not a man by default but must "be a man". This is because male "use" is for women and culture but oddly enough not something that is for ourselves.

On another note you may be interested to know that men have a higher metabolism and generate more heat. This is why on those cold nights your favorite way to beat the cold may be to snuggle up to that hot man furnace laying next to you grrrr lol.