Sunday, May 8, 2011

How Women's Gynocentric Brains Work

Sweden is doing everything it can to convince women they should be firefighters. I don't think there is a women first quota system in place for this yet but as history has shown it is probably not to far around the corner. Many European countries even have quota systems which require men give up their seats for women in many areas much like Affirmative Action and Title IX "women first" college admissions laws here in the U.S. This is simply what happens when women are given political agency to influence and dictate policy. I think it important to try and understand WHY women demand so much resources, protection and provision and otherwise can not accomplish things on their own. We know that equal opportunity is not enough for women and so they want to be favored. This is what women call "equality". Go figure, I always though equality was equal representation under law and policy but I guess not aye.

I surmise that women don’t necessarily want to be firefighters it’s just that their primordial brain tells them there are resources available that are not being given to women and thus naturally they want these resources to be provided to them. Women see themselves as deserving to be provided to.

I do imagine that there were marginal attempts to to use reason and logic with women to prevent these policies from being instituted but this is highly forbidden in a gynocratic society such as Sweden but also, very much so in the U.S.

When these marginal attempts to convince women they are already provided to well enough fail, the government caves into the female majority vote. The same thing happened when women demanded the Stimulus Package be devoted to women as a gender class here in the U.S.

All gynocracies seem to go this route. To me it is evident that when women have political and public agency it is always used to divert resources to themselves, it's just how women are. Again, women have the majority vote so there is really nothing we can do about it.

I believe men will simply have to let ourselves be disenfranchised until the Chinese or non gynocratic society takes us over. When you let women dictate the distribution of resources….well….eventually they consume the system of its own means of production. Perhaps we have no option but to wait this out until that happens.

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