Friday, May 13, 2011

Female Choices

What a white knight..How charming. Women should have "choices" and men responsibilities. The epitome of "women's liberation" isn't it. Choice to work, not to work, to pay on a date or not to pay, to have a the only choice to conceive and bear responsibility for unplanned pregnancy or not conceive, to divorce with no liability or reciprocal obligation, to have default parental rights, to not serve her country in any fashion through military Selective Service, to simply be valuable for the simple fact she exists while competing with and even disenfranchising men by social, political and even economic policy for what men are valued for...worker bees to enable female choices. Who is it that bears responsibility and consequences to enable these female choices? Guess who.

What liabilities, responsibilities, reciprocal obligation and accountability are women expected to have exactly?

I was just talking to someone about the church. Don't worry we all know that religion in outdated now right? I'm certainly not a member of a religious institution. Religion is founded on maintaining a social construct that no longer exists. Anyone who is familiar with the state of religious institutions has realized that women form the mass majority of church members now and men have left the church. If you search online you will see the church trying to figure out why and some are quite amusing in attempting to explain it. It is men's fault of course.

By responding with the mantra of "men need to man up and show some responsibility" for a societal structure we no longer have interest in maintaining, men run further away from the church. The church needs to ask itself what interest do men have left to contribute to maintaining something we have no vested interest in increasingly matriarchal social structure where men have no rights, no enfranchisement and thus no vested interest in contributing to it.

The church needs to realize what it is trying to maintain and enforce that has been taken from men not only by the weakened church but by government. These institutions were once the only thing that stood in between men and complete female domination. The only thing left at the disposal of government and the church now is coercion and shaming...and not enabling male enfranchisement. Male enfranchisement no longer exists. Men must ask, what are the rewards for sacrificing ourselves and enabling the choices of others?

Men are withdrawing from maintaining civilization itself. Increasingly the only people or duties we have vested interest in "manning up" to serving is ourselves.


Cam said...

Seems to me like he would have the same view as you in that he's talking about the role of men and women in a traditional family.

Bwec said...

And due to feminism itself and other intentional factors,...this is no longer tenable for many if not most out to work bitch. Lol.

How could women be allowed this choice when they pass policy in the public realm to disenfranchise men from serving them well in this position. Take the diversion of the Stimulus Package to women when 80% of jobs lost were to men...this was by women's request. Take Affirmative Action "women first" laws in college admissions. Take any type of policy designed to unequally provide resources to women in the public realm.

We must acknowledge that women are now a separate socio-political class..many of their socio-political policies are in fact designed to make it harder for men as a gender class to support women. How this has happened I don't know. Separate representation under policy and law by gender..or race and religion for that matter are all forbidden by the Constitution of The United States.

A choice to work or not, a choice to divorce with no reciprocal obligations or liabilites, default parental rights to children, complete control over a man's body and the fruits of its labor both in and out of are a means to an end for women and their choices.

The only gender who can abandon responsibility for an unplanned pregnancy, the only one who does not have to register to serve her country by force, to pay on a date or not pay.

The point of feminism is to give women their cake and eat it too. Is their anything they can't just walk away from?

Anonymous said...

Its quite true I must say, but that's the country that men have created for themselves. western women don't realize how good they got it, like steve martin said and will believe till I die. men have responsibility and women have choices.