Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From Feminist Marriage 2.0 to Marriage 2.5?

I was reading an article at The-Spearhead detailing what was postulated to be a better future for men and marriage and for men as members of the family. The author postulated the same premise as Newsweek has... Namely that men and masculinity has become outdated ,redundant and that men should become the new women.

I and others took some time to help him out a bit:

The situation you describe (a society of lower earning, lower educated men, lower status men) or men who simply find feminist marriage 2.0 laws untenable to creating a family with women denotes instead the precipitating factors and elemental precursors to matriarchy. Remember, females are hypergamous. When these requisites are not met it creates a disaster otherwise known as a feminist utopia.

Matriarchy is obviously growing in society, it is becoming our default structure. With this comes the growth and centralization of power to the State as well as women becoming a separate and secular socio-political and socio-economic class. With this comes a synergy between women and the government that exacerbates and accelerates the process toward matriarchy along with accelerated advocation for female secular interests toward providing her increased "independence" "liberation" and "empowerment". As we have already detailed, this is done by simply providing for and protecting women by way of government along with allowing them increasing privileges and representation in all aspects over men and boys. Take Affirmative Action "women first" college admissions law (still on the books in my state of Colorado and many others)or the diversion of the Stimulus package to women as only two examples of many.

Her relationship and public contract with government precludes men from enfranchisement not only to create a private social contract with women in the first place but nullifies it. It is already happening now and at an astounding rate.

So let me tell you what we are looking at…. We are looking at rotating hypergamous polyandry even after marriage 2.0 is consummated. Marriage 2.0 simply does not protect against it. Unlike Patriarchy, matriarchy gives license for female adultery..(it's called divorce under Marriage 2.0 laws.) Given the opportunity women will increase their genetic fitness just like any other creature i.e. they will cheat if the system supports it (as it currently does and at male expense.)

Hypergamous polyandry will also leave a good portion of men marginalized from enfranchisement towards creating relationships with women altogether. These men, these "shut outs" will simply be played out of the game as it is the case that unfettered female sexual license dictates she mate up. This leaves us with a more animalistic mating structure where the top percentiles of males monopolize mating opportunity. This increases as you move up the scale of "male adequacy" towards female selected requisites. All of these things are currently happening.

We will increasingly find loose knit short term mated pair bonds\"hooking up"\cohabitation, single mother births, fatherless children, centralization of State control, high rates of abortion, single mothers with children from multiple fathers, low marriage rates over all but also high divorce rates (particularly female initiated divorce), increased STD disease etc. All of these things are measurable and already happening. They go hand in hand with matriarchy.

Our new reality is now and will continue to look much like the Chav community in Great Britain and the African American community in the U.S.(Matriarchies). The creation of Matriarchy is formulaic, measurable and its prerequisites are currently and increasingly being met. So it is wise to surmise that we are heading this way with momentum given the measurable data available. The results of feminism, women's secular representation and relationship with the State along with feminist policy will increasingly not bode well for us all.

Hmmm a friend sent me a reference to this book. He says it has much to do with my article. Though I would have named it The Garbage Future. By all observation, things will continue to barrel down the path to matriarchy. Anyway, should prove a good read:

Update: The below book is freely available over the internet though I am not sure if copyright is expired. One thing I have found by my own observation is that as men become increasingly displaced from a place in the family they become increasingly loutish layabouts. Though women may deconstruct it in their own way (which is to say by contempt and though limited methods of analysis) you will see their wailing get louder as time goes on. The below book corroborates with my observation of matriarchy. They don't have incentive to produce anything. With little enfranchisement nor incentive to produce they simply do not "grow up" or "man up" as patriarchal culture would enfranchise them to. Expect to see more of this "man-boy" or "man-child" phenomenon within culture.

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