Thursday, May 12, 2011

Helping Women Along To The Grave

Source: Thomas G. Mortenson is Senior Scholar at The Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education

I’ve been curious as to the marginal decline starting in 1990. It didn't decline so to speak but simply snapped back to it's upward average momentum trend. If you have any suggestions let me know. I do know that this peak in the 1990 is the time where male suicide was recognized as an epidemic and suicide help lines along with other suicide resources began to open shop. Around 1920 the rate was just over 1 to 1. Now for every female suicide there are 5 male suicides.

Interesting to note is that between the 1964 and 2000 Presidential elections the male voting rate declined from 72 to 53 percent. (Info not presented here)

I think it would be a great idea to create a list and measurement of general male health and wellbeing indicators. From what I gather though, it seems male health and wellbeing have been on the decline.

You will notice something particularly interesting about the below graph:

Controlling for what I believe to be known variables I will focus on the white population. 1991 was when the first generation feminist \ single mother divorce product of boys entered the world as adults. Looking at the rise in single mother birth rate the 90's were when an ever increasing mass of single mother boys entered society. What you will notice is the trend momentum for boys hit a reset point and lowered in 1990. It literally flat lined from the prior trend momentum.

I have read several studies which show a connection to single mother homes and the ratio of boys and girls from these homes that go on to attend college. Controlled for variables the studies found that although both boys and girls from single mother homes showed lower rates of wellbeing in virtually all areas, boys showed a much lower wellbeing than girls from these homes. I believe this is why it is only the boys college attendance rate that flat lined. I’ve got the studies but will have to dig them out (So in that case this blog post is still under construction).

Anyway, The 90′s were an important time period. It saw the plague of results from the earlier stable family structure fall out, divorce, fatherlessness, boys raised by single mothers, alienated men with no families etc. The term “latch key kids” was also coined. Women began demanding that the State provide affordable child care facilities to help raise children. School shootings, mass shootings and violent crime skyrocketed for what appeared to be no reason. Suicide became rampant. Many feminist generation young boys were now young men turning 18. They were being turned out of the starting gate of society all at once. The 90's were the beginning of our current societal nightmare.

You know I must admit that as it is the case that men and boys simply don’t seem to matter to society I find some solace in the fact that women are and will continue to suffer from what is happening. Of course it will all be blamed on men and boys themselves but doesn’t that validate feelings of righteous retribution? It does for me.

“Man up” “Man up” they say to no avail. Mass dating destruction, “Deadbeat” “Deadbeat” they say. “Child-Man” “Child-Man” they say as a once great civilization sinks into the abyss of destruction. The famous Roissy weighs on the dating destruction and child-man articles above.

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Anonymous said...

I would speculate that the 90's is where feminism really grew to a peak - Lorena Bobbitt, Clarence Thomas & Anita Hill, it seemed to make an extreme comeback on college campuses...

I think that then, people (men and women), finally started waking up to the fact as to the damage that feminism has done to our society.

I meet plenty of women on a daily basis who would get called a misogynist before I ever did. Yes, women started waking up to this to.

The jagged edges you see: that is the battle going on right now.